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Orange-Bourgogne wrote:Private correspondence
"Red Rose"

TO: "Red Rose"
FROM: Directorate of European Affairs, Ministry of State Security
Subject: Political asylum

Dear comrade,

the Ministry of State Security has received positive word concerning your identity and has now superseded the Foreign Affairs body in regards to your asylum request, to ensure a rapid conclusion of the pre-approval bureaucratic process and, to minimize as well the potential risks to your physical integrity by attempting an extraction as soon as the circumstances allow us to perform an operation with the greatest possibility of success.

Our next meeting will be at a date and a place - in Westminster - of your choosing as well, but we request you to be prepared for an evacuation on that very same day. Our personnel will brief you on the operation in person, and then proceed with the extraction process on a immediate fashion, undertaking all necessary measure to ensure furtiveness at all times, given your status as an objective of interest.

We must inform as well, that the extraction process for the rest of your comrades will be arranged at a later date.

We await for your reply.

The People's Media Agency/人民媒社/인민미디어대행사/ピープルズメディアエージェンシー/Агентство народных СМИ

FUSHAN — Beloved Leader Kum Jing-In has visited Fushan city, in a bid to rouse public support for his plan to exterminate the foreign reactionary radicals from our sacrosanct Asian nation.

His arrival was marked by hundreds of thousands of loyal citizens gathering around his entourage, all of whom firmly resolved to remain loyal to the guidance of our Dear Leader in his attempt to bring about a brighter future. Thousands applauded his arrival, with many becoming so emotionally overwhelmed that a sea of red faces was observed. Slogans were chanted and cried out in support of our Everlasting Revolution to seek self-improvement.

In Fushan, our Dear Leader had met with the head of a Christian delegation, comprised of various clergymen across the various churches of the country, in an effort to reach a peaceful resolution. It is our Great General's ideal that "peace should come before war", lest a war against Christianity. Noting that many local religious sects had assimilated to the nation's traditional way of life, and that many are nation-loving patriots who would sacrifice all for the progress of our peoples, our Supreme Leader has annulled his doctrine of State Atheism with Asian Characteristics, instead pushing for the total extermination of the following heterodox Christian cults: Shincheonji, T'ongilgyo, the World Mission Society Church of God, the Victory Altar, and Eastern Lightning.

Various important figures from the FEUP were also present, including the Party Executive of the Chosun SSR Chapter, and so on, who provided a petition requesting that our Beloved Leader remedy clerical abuses which had caused many issues between the Christian movement and the Revolution. Signed by 3,000 physically and 45,000,000 digitally, the petition asserted that the lack of taxation for churches, the use of ex-communication to blackmail believers into following religious law before national law, the collection of excessive tithes and 'donations', the abuse of minors amongst the clergymen demographic, and Christianity's promotion of violence, corruption, superstition, polytheism, bigotry, pontification, and sectarianism were incompatible with the national ethos of the nation. Furthermore, the religion's association with white colonialism, female subjugation, religious intolerance, condemnation of homosexuality, and support for slavery in both Old and New Testaments has been called into question. To many, including some believers, this code of faith continues to run into one ethical hurdle after another.

Consequently, the Executive Committee of the Supreme Soviet decreed that figures on behalf of the foreign Christian clergy class will not be allowed to travel in and out of the FEUSSR's borders, use the FEUSSR as a transit point, sail into Union waters, or fly over the Union's airspace over pain of death. In addition, assets held by the Roman Catholic Church, Anglican Communion, Eastern Orthodox Church, and other Christian communions will be seized and expropriated for the public interest, and websites or literature published by them will be blocked. All Catholic Dioceses within the nation will also be dissolved as they are subject to the Vatican's direct and exclusively authority, which has been deemed to be an unacceptable threat of allegiances within the country, as their exclusive allegiance to the Holy See places them in a position where they can act with dangerous levels of autonomy without fear of recourse (should they cite "freedom of religion"). All members of the clergy are now required to take a new oath of allegiance, pledging themselves to the State over their religion.

All churches are hereby ordered to thoroughly, permanently and completely sever all relationships with foreign entities, thus realizing self-government, self-support and self-propagation. With various churches now reorganised under the Christian Confederation of the Far East, members of the Christian faith shall practice their religion without fear, emboldened by their love for country, leader, and the Everlasting Revolution. Consequently, Christian cultists shall be hunted down and scourged, to ensure that no radical is ever fit enough to attempt another attack on our nation's governance once more.

Ministry of War

Currently, the Hellenic League armed forces sit at 200,000 strong with 400,000 in reserve.

We have proposed to the Hellenic Parliament and the Hellenic League Executive Leadership to expand the size of the armed forces to 300,000 with 500,000 reservists.

This will enable the Hellenic League to deal with matters of security in the region far more effectively.

These additional forces would be spread through the Hellenic Army, The Hellenic Navy, and the Hellenic Air Force.

The People's Media Agency/人民媒社/인민미디어대행사/ピープルズメディアエージェンシー/Агентство народных СМИ

KALGAN — The People's Defense Forces have communicated that they have successfully assassinated General Chao Kungong, one of the notable commanders of the Boxer movement, in a drone strike as he attempted to escape to Ulanchab.

According to military sources, the General was identified through a network of informants as he left for Ulanchab in a convoy of three armored vehicles. He was killed at around 12:30 a.m. according to the PDF, citing footage from security cameras. The general and his aides headed down a country road; 2 missiles struck the vehicle carrying the General, while the second SUV carrying his security was hit seconds later. The last SUV was hit after that.

As a commander of the Boxer movement with military experience, Chao was a key figure in formulating the Boxer radicals' military strategy to drive the PDF liberators out of the countryside. Prior to his membership in the movement, he spent years serving for the Qing Armed Forces. The attack on the general sparked a sudden collapse of morale and military discipline within the Boxer rebels, as well as outrage and vows of revenge by remaining fighters, which responded with a rocket attack on Kalgan. No one was killed or injured in the strike after the rockets were intercepted.

The death of the Boxer commander has aroused public support for the PDF across the nation, coinciding with the revolutionary applause gained by Beloved Marshal Kum Jing-In in his purge against the reactionaries.

Office of the Prime Minister

The Hellenic Parliament has called for a vote of no confidence in Archon Nikolaus Dellinger.

This call for the vote of no confidence has been delivered to the 16 States for their consideration and approval.

The reason for this call is due to The Archon’s neglect of the Hellenic People and its constituent states in our confederation.

President Andrew Collins

President Andrew Collins has a high approval rating of 96 percent according recent polls. His approval rating is mainly due to the expanding of the previous underfunded military. His approval rating is also high due to defending the Canadian Embassy in Shuntian from Boxer Forces the previous month.

Canada pulls out its troops from FEUSSR

Due to the Boxer forces fighting decreasing Canada has decided to pull out its 500 Canadian Troops to Guam. The 500 Canadian Troops will be stationed in Guam. A undisclosed JTF2 sniper has established the worlds longest sniper kill using the C-14 TimberWolf. He shot a Boxer fighter from 3,700 meters.

Canadian Navy establishes a new special forces unit

The Canadian Naval Service has established a new special forces unit called the Polar Bear Special Forces Unit. It will be for Sea, Air, and Land Operations.

The People's Media Agency/人民媒社/인민미디어대행사/ピープルズメディアエージェンシー/Агентство народных СМИ

KUM CITY — The Executive Committee of the Supreme Soviet has formally endorsed and enacted into law a tripartite system of economic planning, steering the nation's economic development plan away from a centrally planned direction and towards one that is more conducive towards labor unionism.

Under the Executive Committee's decision, the nation's trade unions, employers' organizations, and the Federal government will convoke once every three years to come up with policy documents, which cover worker's salaries, pensions, unemployment benefits, and worker welfare. These policies represent collective bargaining taken to its logical maximum, reaching virtually all wage-earners through a series of decentralised negotiations between workplace Soviets (acting as trade unions), employer's organisations, and the governments of the Union's constituent Republics or territories. These agreements are voluntary - individual workplaces can choose whether or not they wish to participate in this tripartite system - and are not considered government legislation, although they are highly encouraged to better improve the health of the nation's workforce. If the three parties involved cannot agree on terms, no agreement is signed.

In these agreements, local governments, the employees' Soviets, and employers' organizations attempt to reach a common understanding of the best choices for the workplace in terms of productivity, growth, and real wages. The basic conundrum is simple: employees want higher salaries, employers want no wage hikes, while local governments wants to maintain competitiveness and high employment while simultaneously ensuring sufficient tax revenues and checking inflation. These policy documents, as prescribed by the Executive Committee, will be valid for a period of three years. In that case, negotiations on salaries are carried out by individual trade federations with no government participation. Sometimes talks are not even initiated due to differences of opinion between the parties.

On the other hand, the Department of Labour has furthermore endorsed the creation of more worker's cooperatives across the country, noting their benefits in longevity, resilience, employment, and productivity. In a new decree released today and countersigned by our Revolutionary Leader, all business establishments which operate within the FEUSSR are required to scrutinise the pay ratio between the lowest and the highest earner, with that ratio being decided by a democratic vote with equal voting rights (one member, one vote) by all employees of the company. In addition, for public companies, company owners have been compelled to negotiate with their respective workplace Soviets to ensure democratic member control and member economic participation in the workplace, firstly by providing a flexible amount of ownership in the company for the workers, secondly by permitting the participation of workers in setting corporate policies, and thirdly by ensuring that profit surpluses go towards an inviolable corporate reserve before it heads to the employees of the company in accordance to a democratically-chosen pay ratio.

Far Eastern Union of Soviet Republics wrote:Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The nation of the Far East is welcome to this proposal. Effective immediately, we shall lower our tariffs in the spirit of globalisation. May our bilateral relationship be as strong as the market forces which drive the world.

If it pleases the Infinian leadership, we would also like to discuss the potential for an investment treaty to drive mutual investment as a force for good. With our recent sanctions, we may have to look elsewhere for business. Alas, the good thing about having a damaged economy is that we can restructure it to accommodate for such misgivings. Such an investment treaty would guarantee transparent processes, regulatory norms, and so on for our investors, permitting them to engage in commerce meaningfully.


Ministerixa ye Spraviyi Ibeceyi
~~TO: His Excellency, Supreme Leader Kum Jing-In of the Far Eastern Union of Soviet Republics~~

Your Excellency,

We most sincerely welcome the investments of the Far Eastern Union into the Imperial Federation, and thus, we would be more than willing to sign an investment treaty. For effective and humanitarian cooperation, it is critical that we regulate the businesses and projects in terms of transparency and social accountability, so that they benefit the people above all else. The offer of meaningful commerce and economic growth is an enticing one indeed, and for that purpose, we are looking forward to strong Sino-Infinian agreement in these domains, as well.


Ms. Xitan Minenko
Infinian Minister of Foreign Affairs

The Hellenic Parliament

In a vote of 251-149, The Hellenic Parliament has voted in favor of the No Confidence vote about Archon Nikolaus Dellinger.

Of the 15 various nations, that vote was 10-5 in favor of the vote.

Archon Nikolaus Dellinger will be replaced by UAN Representative and former ICC President Pericles Legeas.

The Hellenic Parliament has also voted 280-120 in favor of installing Nikolaus Dellinger as the Prime Minister.

Athens Daily News
Hellenic Triumvirate?

The Hellenic League has seen the rise of Pericles Legeas to the position of Archon, a position he has long sought. Mr. Dellinger has assumed the role of Prime Minister. And our Basileus, Dimitrios Atredai, is a man in his prime.

While it is largely unknown about Basileus Atredai’s political beliefs, we do know that the other members of this modern triumvirate are ambitious. Both have worked together on the building projects and modernization that has been seen in recent years, most notably the Byzantine Canal.

Sources in the Ministry of War say that Pericles Legeas himself had ordered the Minister of War to submit for an expansion of the armed forces. While the Hellenic League has threats close to home, they had been largely handled by the current size of the military. The reasons for the expansion of the military have been vague.

This is the beginning of a new era of Hellenic Politics. Time and history will tell the success of these men.

(Part two of two)

Site Hotel,Classified location Central Federation

As guards walk and grabbed certain imates NTF agents guard the cell with a integration room connected as the president and one of his agents are currently torturing the same imate he visits


the agent picks the imate up place him in front of the president

"Why so I can die or let my allies suffer sorry no can do"

The president takes the offered sidearm from his agent and shoots two rounds into the imate's legs

"I want names a list or I'll go after your weakness"

The imate glares but doesn't speak

"Fine there deaths are on your hands"

As president El'Snake walks away the agent throws the imate to the side and follow his leader with the NTF agents all following to his helicopter


as they exit the building El'Snake looks to a agent on his right

"Get Delta for the mission"

The agent nodded as they board The Mii-24

Office of the Archon

“It is with a great and humble mindset that I assume the office of the Archon.

The Hellenic League is in a unique position in its history to do better, and to be better. This office has long helped guide the league, and it will continue to do so. I will work hand in hand with the 15 nations that make up our great league.

We will continue on with the work we are doing with our allies, and I promise to pursue even closer relations with Donau-Bundesreich. The Balkans must experience a new era of not only peace, but unity and develop a bond. Projects such as increased trade connections, train lines, and more, we can achieve this.

Together, The Hellenic League can do great things.


Pericles Legeas

Treaty between The Hellenes League and the Imperial Federation of Infiny
Heshis zo Liga Helana y Federatsiya Cisarya ye Infiniya
Συνθήκη μεταξύ του Ελληνικού Συνδέσμου και της Αυτοκρατορικής Ομοσπονδίας της Ινφινιας


After Consulting in Athens, Archon Nikolaus Dellinger of the Hellenes League and Empress Valeria II of the Imperial Federation have agreed to a set of articles that will lay the cornerstone for a more fruitful and mutually beneficial relationship between the two countries. The treaty is part of a series between Infiny and the individual nations of the Soviet Union, the Danubian Federation, the Hellenes League, and Furstia.

1. Both sides will commit to a reduction of tarrifs to 3% on non-essential goods, to facilitate trade between the two nations and further improve economic ties between the two countries.

2. Both sides will commit to non-aggression, to further the elimination of hostilities and foster a positive atmosphere between the two nations.

3. A contract with the Hellenic Cultural Affairs Bureau to construct a campus dedicated to Greek culture and history. The institution shall also be the seat of the Hellenic Ambassador to the Imperial Federation. The Imperial Federation shall subsidize half the cost of the campus (62,5 million US$), the other half will be paid by the aforementioned bureau.

Department of Justice

Congress has passed a Bill and the President has signed it into a law. The new law makes it a Federal offense to desecrate the Canadian flag. It shall have a fine of not less than 25 dollars and no more than 200 dollars.

Trade deal with Infiny

The Canadian Government and Infiny have made a trade deal lowering all tariffs to 2%

Imperial Eagle wrote:Washington to see new building projects take shape

The City Council of Washington D.C has announced that a new building project dubbed Capitol Crossing has been approved and will start work next month. The Capitol Crossing project is privately funded, and will be one of the largest private developments in DC. This 2.2 million sqft project covers a 7-acre site above I-395 and consists of 5 mixed use buildings: 200 Massachusetts, 250 Massachusetts, 200 F Street, 600 Second, and 201 F Street. These five multi-use buildings will span three long blocks over the highway. The project is expected to have 75,000 square feet of retail, restaurants, and cafes, and below the project will be a 4-level garage with 1,146 parking spaces and 440 bicycle parking spaces. As a major infrastructure project, Capitol Crossing is expected to bring 8000 permanent jobs as well as contribute over 40-million-dollar tax per year once established. Developers of Capitol Crossing have claimed the project will create a greener, more sustainable city with Washington D.C.’s first “eco-district.” The five buildings are expected to be LEED Platinum certified and the finished site will feature cogeneration power, rainwater catchment, and eco-chimney filtration. The three blocks being built do not take land from Virginia or Maryland, but bring back land that was taken years ago. The neighborhoods of Capitol Hill and the East End, which have been long divided by the highway, will be reconnected in the near future due to the construction of a platform adjacent to Massachusetts Avenue. According to city officials, this $200 million platform built over the highway will enhance the vibrancy of east downtown community of Washington, D.C. According to Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development, the development project will provide 150 residential units, and over one third of them are affordable to most of the median income. The project is owned and developed by Property Group Partners, with Skidmore, Owings & Merrill serving as master planners. The team also includes Roche-Dinkeloo as architect for the North Block (200/250 Massachusetts Ave) and Kohn Pederson Fox Associates as architect for the South Block. Property Group Partners is the leasing agent. Work is expected to last the next 5 years pending any delays and cost 1.3 billion dollars

Parliament Crossing Project suffers minor delay following accident

Washington D.C.'s Capitol Crossing Project was struck with a revised building schedule following a work related accident at the site. Three workers, conducting ground measurements, were struck by falling debris and suffered moderate injuries to their bodies. Though not life threatening, the accident has slowed down construction while an investigation is conducted as to why loose building material was allowed to stack up on the 3rd floor of one of the complexes. A revised time table has been released and will pushed the completion back by at least 5 months barring any other delays, be they work related accidents or budget issues.

Hermes Aerospace Systems

We are pleased to announce that the American Companies Ad Astra Rocket Company & Aerojet Rocketdyne Holdings will be joining Hermes Aerospace Systems for a combined total of $1.2bn dollars.

These companies offer a large portfolio of experience and unique technological development such as Ad Astra’s development and research of Variable Specific Impulse Magnetoplasma Rockets (VASMIR).

These companies will remain located in The United States.

Additionally we are happy to report that revenue rose to $62.4 billion.


Imperial Eagle

Ministerixa ye Spraviyi Ibeceyi

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The nation of the Far East is pleased with the Infinian agreement for the establishment of a bilateral investment treaty. We propose the following terms as a means to improve the welfare of our investment networks and equity in the markets.

Under this investment agreement:

  • Each Party shall accord to investors of the other Party and covered investments treatment no less favourable than that it accords, in like circumstances, to its own investors and their investments with respect to the establishment, acquisition, expansion, management, conduct, operation, and sale or other disposition of investments in its territory.

  • Each Party shall accord to investors of the other Party and covered investments treatment no less favourable than that it accords, in like circumstances, to investors of any non-Party and their investments with respect to the establishment, acquisition, expansion, management, conduct, operation, and sale or other disposition of investments in its territory.

  • Neither Party may require that the board of directors, or any committee thereof, of an enterprise of that Party that is a covered investment, be of a particular nationality or resident in the territory of the Party, or have a particular composition, if that requirement would impair the ability of the investor to exercise control over its investment.

  • Both Parties shall permit all transfers into and out of its territory relating to a covered investment to be made freely and without delay in a freely usable currency at the market rate of exchange at the time of transfer. This includes the principal investment, profits, dividends, interest, capital gains, royalties, and other monetary earnings.

  • Both Parties shall accord to covered investments treatment in accordance with the customary international law minimum standard of treatment, including fair and equitable treatment, and full protection and security of investments.

  • Neither Party may expropriate or nationalise a covered investment either directly or indirectly through measures equivalent to expropriation or nationalisation, unless it is for a public purpose, in a non-discriminatory manner, on payment of prompt, adequate, and effective compensation, or in accordance with due process of law.

  • Nothing in this Agreement shall be construed to require either Party to allow access to any information which it considers to be contrary to its essential security interests; or to prevent either Party from taking any actions which it considers necessary for the protection of its essential security interests.

  • Nothing in this Agreement shall affect the rights and obligations of their investors to public morals, financial solvency, taxation, and other civic duties.


The People's Media Agency/人民媒社/인민미디어대행사/ピープルズメディアエージェンシー/Агентство народных СМИ

CHUNGMU CITY — The Chosun SSR has announced that it is building a 1,500-bed hospital for patients to fight a surge in injuries from the Chungmu Crisis with assistance from the Liangjiang SSR. The local government had largely contained the damage that first occurred several weeks ago, but has suffered a surge of injuries in the coming weeks due to bottlenecks in medical infrastructure for that region.

The hospital*, which can house 1,500 injured people, is located in the outskirts of Kum-sok city. Made with prefabricated components, it is expected to be complete in 10 days. The prefabricated components are based on 'flatpack houses', which are made off-site and can be assembled very quickly on-site. They can be made into different shapes, and the structure can reach three stories high. Each flatpack can be assembled by three professional workers in 3 to 4 hours. This new hospital is meant to be temporary, so the prefab construction of the hospital is the most suitable as it allows for a quick assembly and dismantling. The Chosun SSR has said that it would dismantle them after the sudden wave of patients subsides, then put them in storage for re-use in other disaster scenarios.

The PDFAF has begun to airlift patients with 8 Y-20 airlifters, while an LST from the PDFNF has been repurposed to transport patients. A Type 920 hospital ship has also come to Chungmu to treat patients, taking in 300 patients.


Construction of the Worlds Largest Mall

Canadian Construction Company PCL has announced the construction of the worlds largest mall in Toronto. The mall will have 20,000,000 sq ft of leasable space. It will also include a 4 indoor olympic size swimming pools, a sauna, 6 hockey rinks, 10 basketball courts, tennis courts, a gym, a hotel complex, a butterfly garden, zoo, a 30 screen cinema, a aquarium, a tree farm which will include Christmas trees and maple trees, a hunted house, a Lego World, a museum, indoor skiing area, a garden, a haunted house, and theme park. The cost is expected to be around 2.8 billion. The mall will also be runned by green power using solar panels to power it. It will take 4 years to construct.

The People's Media Agency/人民媒社/인민미디어대행사/ピープルズメディアエージェンシー/Агентство народных СМИ

KUM-SOK CITY — With the FEUSSR's First Five-Year Plan in full swing following a year of internal crisis and conflict, market and business confidence has largely been restored, particularly in the northerly peripheries of the country, which remain relatively peaceful and tranquil. The Chosun Composite Stock Price Index (CCSPI) rose by 0.7% today, with renewed hope in economic stability following a new energy deal, the formal conclusion of a months-long conflict with the counter-revolutionary Righteous Armies, and new market reforms across the country. Now, with a recovering economy charging ahead, the Chosun SSR government has announced a raft of new measures to continue its momentum.

The Chosun SSR people's government has handed a $500 million USD subsidy to the Chosŏn Minjujuŭi Inmin Konghwaguk Ch'ŏldosŏng, a the premier railway operator in former North Chosun, aimed at renewing investment into the region's railway lines, many of which have fallen into disrepair. The Federal Government has also provided the company with a $120 million USD contract for the renewal of the region's railway infrastructure to supplement the $500 million USD handout. The Commercial Aircraft Corporation of the Far East (COMAFE) and Chosun Aerospace Industries (CAI), two notable aerospace companies in the country, have also said that they will invest a cumulative amount of $3.5 billion USD into 22 big construction projects, all concentrated in an Aircraft Industrial Park located in Nanhwei, Shencheng. The construction of the first project in the aircraft industrial park has formally begun, with the entire industrial park to be completed within 3 years. The new Aircraft Industrial Park aims to become an important platform to bolster innovation and industrial capacity in the FEUSSR's aeronautical sector, while providing all-round support for the establishment and improvement of the country's commercial aircraft industry system. The project is expected to contribute around $100 billion USP to the local economy within 14 years via its planned R&D offices, professional factory buildings, and other properties to meet the needs of the aviation industry. Both COMAFE and CAI hope for the project to become the core and source for the high-quality development of the nation's hi-tech industries.

Meanwhile, to the south, large amounts of work still need to be done as the PDF bravely combats the Boxer threat. The destruction of one of the Boxer's most senior commanders has caused for morale to dissolve, allowing our valiant troops to press deeper into counter-revolutionary territory, and liberate it from the clutches of monarchist reactionaries. Citing potential future threats, the PDF has begun the construction of a new naval facility at Jinshangting (襟裳町) in Beihaidao, with a plan to construct a facility that berths nuclear submarines in 5 years. Four trestles for submarines, each 229 meters long, can accommodate 16 submarines, along with a sheltered berth for surface vessels and areas to host remote-sensing equipment.

Although industrial activity may recover strongly in the coming future, the Executive Committee of the Supreme Soviet remains apprehensive about consumption among the general public, which has significantly nosedived as people living in conflict-stricken areas remain fearful of leaving the safety of their houses. The Executive Committee has argued that "the most significant threat to consumption patterns is physical security", formally authorising the deployment of 300,000 members of the Internal Troops across the nation to patrol the streets and "make the people safe", specifically targeting public areas such as shopping malls and public transit lines. To further promote safe consumption, the Liangjiang and Zhili SSR governments have disbursed subsidies cumulatively worth $2 billion USP towards promoting cusiness-to-consumer e-commerce startups, while spearheading a nationwide ad campaign to promote the use of online retail. Online deliveries have also been encouraged among businesses, as members of the business community call for the integration of local establishments with delivery systems - although it has not come without its own risks.

The recent death of an e-commerce giant staff member from overwork has exposed the vulnerabilities in the toxic '996' work culture, which trades productivity for health. In state-owned factories, the workload for the workers was never excessively intense, with a maximum of 40 working hours a week, and overtime beyond that was always paid for. However, in private companies, particularly tech and e-commerce giants where competition is intense, bosses demand long hours to stay ahead of the curve. The prevalence of this toxic overwork culture marks the triumph of bourgeoisie class over their vulnerable workers - the future masters of our nation. Working to this punishing schedule makes it impossible to spend much, if any, time with family, meeting friends, consuming goods and services, or enjoying a hobby. By proxy, overwork harms the nation's consumption - leading to the Executive Committee's issuance of a verbal warning to over 50 companies. In this verbal warning, insider sources said that the Executive Committee "demanded that overtime workers be compensated by the end of the month", while also communicating that "it has opened anonymous tip channels for workers to report abuses of workplace regulations".

Ministry of Regional Development

The Karasu Waterfront Project has been approved and will move forward as planned. The Ottoman Design Firm has won the bid.

The project calls for a restoration of the Karasu waterfront, new and updated residential areas as well as Restaurants, pavillions, terraces, square, a promenade, housing, and an info center.

Karasu is a popular beachfront destination and this project aims to improve residential and guest experience.

Timeline for the project is 1.5 years (78 RL days) at a cost of $3.5million.

The Hellenes League wrote:Bureau of Infrastructure Development

In part of the larger efforts to develop the country, BID will be working with major Hellenic data network and cellular network providers to install a 5g network across the country.

Low band, mid-band and high hand 5g networks will be part of the overall installation. BID is dedicating $300 million over 2 years (104 RL days) to make this project a reality.

Further internet and other communications projects will be announced as The Hellenic League moves towards a more technological future.

Bureau of Infrastructure Development

After working closely with the telecommunications industry, we are proud to report that the 5G Hellas Project has been completed and is reported to be working very well.

This update to our nations telecommunications network enables the Hellenic League to move and communicate faster then ever before. E-commerce capabilities and the economy overall will benefit.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

At the direction of Archon Pericles Legeas, we have submitted to the Hellenic Parliament a list of new ambassadors to represent The Hellenic League at various European nations.

The list is as follows:
Donau-Bundesreich: Dr. Rea Lazili
Labyrnna Alexis Nicolea
Badeuria Dimos Lamprelis
The 4th royal germanic reich: Aristoteles Christiades
Orange-Bourgogne: Haris Antonias
Romanovskaya: Katerina Gerotzi
CCCP-: Melina Georgeli
Krogis: Phoibe Panagili
Holy Roman Republica: Kassandra Lazopoulou

We seek to begin a new era of relations with our neighbors in Europe, and to look towards the future with eyes focused on peace.

Romanovskaya, Central America Federation, Duma, The 4th royal germanic reich, and 1 otherBadeuria

Romanovskaya wrote:

Inside the Chief Executives office sits Igor Ivanov, owner of the Romanovskaya Gazette. His phone rings, he picks up and its his secretary. She informs him that the Ministe of Culture, Media & Sport Vladimir Slyshchenko in on the other end. Ivanov informs his secretary to put the Minister through to him.

Ivanov: "Hello, Ivanov."

Slyshchenko: "Igor, this is Vladimir Slychchenko here. I wish to discuss a few matters with you."

Ivanov: "Ah Vladimir good to hear from you again. What can I do for you?"

Slyshchenko: "Igor it has come to my attention that the government is receiving very little coverage in your paper. What is going on?"

Ivanov: "Oh really? I had not noticed. You guys have not been causing any controversy so unless you want to leak a scandal there is not much I can do."

Slyshchenko: "Cmon now Igor, we have done good work and I think that deserves some recognition, don't you?"

Ivanov: "Maybe it does, but writing about what a great job you have done doesn't equal more sales for me. You are still involved at SNC, why not ask for some favours there?"

Slyshchenko: "I am indeed, which is exactly why I don't ask for favours there, its too obvious. I can however work something to make it worth your while."

Ivanov: "Is that so? What can you do for me Slyshchenko?"

Slyshchenko: "I know you have advertisment space on the SNC network, I can look after that for you."

Ivanov: "Hmm, well if you personally will look after it, that would be most helpful. I do believe it is our civil duty to report the full facts on the achievments made by the current government. I will pass on that sentiment to our journalists."

Slyshchenko: "Very good. I am sure you agree as well that Illyushin and Yevstigneyev could not do as good a job."

Ivanov: "Most certainly. Good day to you Minister"

Ivanov hangs up the phone and goes to his computer to begin typing up an email...


Prime Minister Daria Shchegolyayeva sits at her desk with her morning cup of coffee. In front of her is todays paper. She flicks open the paper and is greeted by the main story, an article about herself. Her interest peaks as she begins reading:

18 January 2021

2020: The Rise Of Shchegolyayeva

How The Budget Queen Has Embraced Being Top Dog

Prime Minister Daria Shchegolyayeva (right) speaking with Tatiana Konovalova (left). Konovalova was appointed by Shchegolyayeva to succeed her as finance minister.

By Anatoliy Lobanov, Vyborg

Daria Shchegolyayeva was hardly a surprise when it came to the question as to who would succeed Timofey Shevelyok as Prime Minister. Having been the Deputy Prime Minister under Shevelyok, she was the natural choice to step up. Her colleagues agreed, receiving multiple nominations to step up into the governments top job.

It had been a long road for Shchegolyayeva, having first been appointed to the Imperial Duma by H.S.H. Princess Marina Vasilievna Romanov in 2001. Shchegolyayeva had been working within the Ministry of Finance since the late 1980s, a time when Romanovskaya's economy saw a surge in growth which continued into the 1990s.

Once a member of the Imperial Duma, it didn't take long before she found herself in a ministerial office. Appointed by the then Prime Minister Artemiy Rabrenovich to the post of Minister of Health in 2003. Her time there saw many positive initiatives and programs enacted, once again increasing her stock. Before long, she landed her dream job at the Ministry of Finance.

When she took over, the Romanovan economy had contracted for 3 years in a row, she immediately enacted a budget aimed at stimulating the national economy by targeting more foreign direct investment, as well as other measures including encouring more female participation in the work place. This saw continued economic growth for a number of years, peaking at 10.1% in 2007. She was faced with the major challenge of the global banking crisis of 2008/09, resisting austerity measures and instead borrowed money to keep the nations finances afloat.

Having been Finance Minister for some 15 years, Shchegolyayeva had become an institution in her own right. The sight of her presenting the yearly budget became tradition in Romanovskaya. This, coupled with her skilled handling of the state finances earned her the nickname "Budget Queen". But in 2020 that all changed upon her election as Prime Minister.

Not a whole lot was expected to change under a Shchegolyayeva led government, and nor did it. Of course, that is a positive thing. Shevelyok was a popular Prime Minister, stabalising the nation both socially and economy following a difficult few years elsewhere in Europe. Shchegolyayeva kept much of the popular politicians in her cabinet, including promoting well respected Aleksandr Eybozhenko to the post of Deputy Prime Minister.

Even though Shchegolyayeva and her supporters got their needed majority in the Imperial Duma (getting more than double the amount of seats than the next challenger, Yuriy Illyushin), their majority was slim. So a significant minority of Romanovans didn't want Shchegolyayeva as Prime Minister, preferring the alternative candidates. Its hard to know what this is based on considering the track record of the other two candidates. Illyushin who served as Foreign Minister, oversaw his department which ended up spending beyond its means, which in turn ultimately lead to the closure of multiple diplomatic missions. Not exactly the best form for someone who wanted to oversee the next Government. As for Vsevolod Yevstigneyev, its best we don't even imagine life under his rule.

As we begin 2021, we can look forward to a year where the most experienced politican and qualified economist is running the country. We can hopefully look forward to more positive economic news when Shchegolyayeva's apprentice, Tatiana Konovalova reveals the next national budget. Furthermore, we can look forward to Foreign Minister Viktor Volkov continue to advance Romanovskaya's already prestigious position on the world stage as a champion for peace, liberty and democracy. Really, it is hard to imagine a better suited cabinet than the one Prime Minister Shchegolyayeva gave us. Romanovan democracy once again proving the people are a well informed electorate capable of making the best choices for our nation as a whole.

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Shchegolyayeva smiles and picks up the phone:

"Hello Slyshchenko? I say you have proved your worth. I knew including you in the cabinet would have its benefits. I'll make sure you are rewarded for your good work."

New look to the national newspaper for a new year! I worked pretty hard to make it look presentable on both laptop and desktop screens so hopefully I succeeded. I would appreciate you guys checking it out!

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