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Duma wrote:Letter from the Ministry of Education to its homonyms of the AU & partners

Far Eastern Union of Soviet Republics, Vashnal, Eulumia, The Republic of Dhan, The Mashriq Khilafat, Infiny

Subject: Asian University Students Mobility Program and other projects

The Ministry of Education of the ROC would be happy to propose the creation of a project to implement the movement of university students of Asia, to give the possibility for students to study or do an internship in a member of the Union for a period ranging from from 3 to 12 months.
The basic idea is that, by studying abroad, students can improve their communication skills, knowledge of foreign languages ​​and intercultural skills, which are particularly appreciated by future employers. In addition, the comparison between different education systems enriches students, providing them with new perspectives and useful insights for their educational path.
In case of your acceptance we will be happy to organize a summit to discuss the matter further.
We also propose the creation of a common fund to subsidize projects in the educational field: the Asian Youth Found, for which China has an initial budget of 2.4 billion yuan (380 million dollars).
Still in the field of science and education, the ROC formally appointed Dr. Emma Lin, a graduate in computer science from Zhejiang University of Technology as Chinese representative to the Pan-Asian Scientific Ethics Committee.

Waiting for your reply, please accept my best regards.


Tan Tu, Minister of Education of the Republic of China

Follow up from Ministry of Education to The Republic of Dhan
To: Asian Union Member States and Partners

The Republic of Dhan is pledging 20 billion Baleers (1 billion USD) towards the Asian Youth Fund. The Ministry of Education is formalizing the transfer of the funds to this worthy endeavor that may help many Arab youth out of the poverty caused from civil war. Truly the youth are the future.

Signed: Minister Khosrow Mehrian

Far Eastern Union of Soviet Republics wrote:Ministry of Education - AU Communique

The Ministry of Education of the FEUSSR wholeheartedly endorses the creation of the Asian University Students Mobility Program (AUSMP), alongside the Asian Youth Fund (AYF).

The AUSMP is an exchange program meant to support education, training, youth and sport within the AU. It would allow for students to study at universities in fellow AU member states for set periods of time, ranging from 3-12 months, and covering a wide variety of subjects. Besides from simple learning, students stand to advance their language skills with a view to working in the international sphere. Additionally, AUSMP students can participate in internships and/or professional networking opportunities as part of the provisions stipulated within the Asian Union Closer Economic Relations (AUCER/AUER).

A standardisation process with regards to academic credits will proceed, allowing academic credits earned by AUSMP students during their time abroad to count towards one's qualification. The system works by providing free movement and education exchange between a compendium of registered universities and institutions for eligible students, and AUSMP students are not required to pay extra tuition fees or payments to the university they end up attending overseas. The FEUSSR will pledge $5 billion USP towards the AUSMP budget, and the following institutions will formally participate in the programme:

  • Nankai University

  • Civil Aviation University of the Far East

  • Northeast Forestry University

  • Institute of Disaster Prevention

  • Northeast Electric Power University

  • Far Eastern Agricultural University

  • Jiangning University

  • Soochow University

  • Southeast University

  • University of Mining and Technology

  • Lüda University of Technology

  • Lüda Maritime University

  • Northeastern University

  • Far Eastern University of Petroleum

  • Ocean University of the Far East

  • Shuntian University

  • Shuntian University of Aeronautics and Astronautics

  • Renda University

  • University of Posts and Telecommunications

  • Tongji University

  • Shencheng Jiaotong University

  • Donghua University

  • Shencheng International Studies University

  • Kum Jing-In University

  • Kum City Medical University

  • Huichon University of Telecommunications

  • Wonsan Agricultural University


  • Chosun University

  • Kum-sok National University

  • Yonsei University

  • Birobidzhan State Pedagogical Institute

  • Pacific National University

  • Far Eastern State Technical University

  • Far Eastern Federal University

  • Amur State University

Meanwhile, the Asian Youth Fund (AYF) aims to support youth entrepreneurship and youth development activities through collaboration with non-governmental organisations (NGOs), startup businesses, and MNCs to enhance the skills and Human Resources of the AU. The fund will subsidise a variety of start-up assistance and incubation services that befit the needs of young people, while also helping them meet their initial capital needs through investments and grants with a view to support youth start-ups and strengthen the AU's corporate governance, adaptability, and digital competence. The Department of Economic Development (DED) will supplement the fund with $3 billion USP in funding.

The Republic of Dhan
The Mashriq Khilafat

Communication to Asian Union Member States and Partners

The Al-Jinab Administration wishes to pledge 80 billion Baleers (4 billion USD) to the Asian University Students Mobility Program (AUSMP). In addition, The Ministry of Education would like to include the following Dhanian institutions as candidates for the Asian University Student Mobility Program:

-University of Tehran
-Ferdowsi University of Mashhad
-The Imam Astronomers College, Istafan
-University of Babylon, Al Hillah
-Kuwait University

Minister Khosrow Mehrian would like to propose that the Asian Youth Fund set aside at least 25% of its grant money to be set towards the arts and humanities. It is a concern that the money will be granted more towards scientific and business oriented projects, leaving youth arts and humanities on the backburner.

Hello everyone! I'm here to deliver this week's edition of the League's Chronicle

Read here and upvote if you enjoyed:



Prime Minister Daria Shchegolyayeva as well as Foreign Minister Viktor Volkov set off from the border town of Roshchino in Romanovskaya by car to attend the planned summit in Leningrad, CCCP-. They are accompanied by a small security detail, with a total fleet of three black government cars taking them to their destination. Photographers took their place at the border checkpoint to capture the moment a Romanovan Prime Minister steps foot on Soviet soil for the first time. The convoy is waved through by the Romanovan border guards as they advance to the Soviet side of the border.

Once past the Soviet border checks, the convoy then made the hour long drive to the city of Leningrad. The city was chosen as the meeting point for a couple of reasons. One being is relatively close proximity to Romanovskaya and secondly its historic significance as the capital city of the former Russian Empire and the residence of the former Imperial Families. Once they arrive at the destination, the delegation get out from their cars and make their way to meet the Soviet Premier and his delegation.

          ~~ Министерство иностранных дел СССР ~~

Title: Romanov State Visit

Moscow — The delegation of Premier Tomsky awaited the convoy of the Romanov Prime Minister and her entourage. The convoy made their way to Palace Square where they would be met with full honors of state. The meeting and the luncheon was set to take place in Winter Palace. Once the convoy arrived, Tomsky and his delegation greeted the Romanov group. A historic day that was met with a flood of flashes.

    Premier Tomsky: Welcome to Leningrad, Prime Minister Shchegolyayeva. We are elated to have you and your delegation visit, for the first time in Romanov history, Soviet territory. I hope your trip was unforgettable and that the people of the great city of Leningrad welcomed you with warm arms. Your visit signifies to us another step in the arduous but rewarding journey towards normalizing our relations.

Varkia-Sologaria wrote:

OOC: Just to confirm - you want to meet with the FEUSSR?

People's Defense Force - Classified

The PDFAF has begun to upgrade its fleet of 100 Boeing F/A-18E Super Hornets, which currently are produced under license domestically by Chosun Aerospace Industries.

The main goals of the upgrade programme are to increase the aircraft's combat capabilities, and make it compatible with a wider range of domestic weapon and avionic platforms, such as missiles, munitions, and datalinks.

The $750 million USD project will render the Super Hornet - designated domestically as the Red Hornet - compatible with the NCTDL, JSIDLS, and DL2020 datalinks, on top of its pre-existing compatibility with various other communication systems. The NCTDL is a next-generation two-way encrypted datalink with support for UAV, electro-optic, and laser-based targeting systems, while the DL2020 and JSIDLS serve as a secure, jam-resistant, integrated high-speed digital communications link and an equivalent to Link 16 respectively. Meanwhile, the aircraft's baseline AN/ALR-67 radar warning receiver, AN/ALE-47 countermeasures dispenser, and jamming systems will be replaced with domestic pieces of equipment that yield equal capabilities. Work will be performed by Hanhwa Techwin, DoDaaM Systems, and LiG Nex1. The KG600 electronic countermeasure pod will also be integrated into the Red Hornet to improve its ECM abilities.

The upgrades include moves to deflect radar signals from seams and edges away from the aircraft. Serrations will be created on the upper layers of the 3 aircraft landing gear doors, and more perforated panels will be added to make the aircraft appear opaque to radar waves at the frequencies used. The 100 units will also be painted with low observable coatings, with 40% of the aircraft's airframe to be refitted with dielectric composite materials to make them more transparent to radar

Weapons hardpoints will be edited to be compatible with both the original provisions, along with domestic munitions. The new Red Hornet multirole will be able to carry combinations of the PL-series and YJ-series of air-to-air missiles/air-to-surface missiles respectively.

Varkia-Sologaria wrote:It has now been 3 weeks since the election. Blue Harper is in the Executive Headquarters, he is catching up on all the latest happenings in the world of Geopolity. It has been not a very easy transition of power. After he won, Charles Hoenn had declared the election illegitimate and tried to convince the National High Courts that the election was illegitimate but instead was banished from politics for this maneuver. Then, he had to endure 6 attempts on his life from both left-wing and far-right Varkian and Sologarai ultranationalists. He knows he will soon have to find a way to heal the country but first, he must pull the country out of an ever growing recession. Blue Harper looks out his window... maybe... just maybe...

He asks that his Head Diplomat of External Affairs', Joseph Ono to come to his office. "Yes, my Arch-Chancellor?" Asked Joseph when he stepped into his office. "I want you to go to the nation of Far Eastern Union of Soviet Republics and ask them about something I am planning on doing. Tell them that if they have time... if they would like to set up an alliance between our two nations." Said Blue. "What kind sir?" Asked Joseph. "... All encompassing. Economics, Political, Military, Cultural, Immigration, Trade, Technological, Scientific. All of that." Said Blue Harper. "... I will send them a telegram at once sir." Said Joseph walking out of the office. If their Supreme Leader agrees, it could become the start of another plan in the back of Blue Harper's mind...

... a Geopolity Union... but that is for later.


I've received your application, and I appreciate your enthousiasm to get started and build a meaningful presence in this region! However, to keep the RMB clean, it is policy not to post on it before you are accepted by the Roleplay Coordinators. We'll let you know once you are! I'm looking forward to having you here, but this post is for now invalidated due to the rule 9 of the OOC rules.

Gol Eid wrote:Greetings Comrades I am The Fiefdom Of Gol Eid,we hope that we all shall become good allies,also I am happy to be involed in RP’s so you can ask me whenever you want.

Sincerely,The Fiefdom Of Gol Eid


Hi, welcome to the region! Nice to have you here. We keep the RMB reserved for roleplay, so if you want to join it, please join the World Assembly and submit an app, the procedures for which you can find in the World Factbook Entry. If you want to hang out with us, feel free to join our Discord!

Far Eastern Union of Soviet Republics wrote:The People's Media Agency/人民媒社/인민미디어대행사/ピープルズメディアエージェンシー/Агентство народных СМИ

PDF: Exercise Silver Shield a go

MANADO — The PDF will hold its first joint missile defense drill in the Indo-Pacific region involving all AU member states. The drills will be held in eight locations: in the Gulf of Thailand, Banda Arc, Zanzibar Archipelago, Bohai Sea, Tsushima Straits, Celebes Sea, Gulf of Tonkin, and the Riau Islands.

The PDFGF has confirmed the participation of the following units in the exercise, which has been dubbed ‘Exercise Silver Shield’: the 28th Air Defense Army, 31st Air Defense Army, 32nd Air Defense Army, 1st People's Airborne Army, and the 5th Red Army. In total, 500,000 personnel from the Ground Forces will participate in the exercise. The PDFADF and PDFAF will cumulatively deploy 400 aircraft for the exercise as well, along with Missile Brigade 8 of the PDFSMF. Exercise Silver Shield involves the live fire testing of various anti-missile systems, such as shipborne and land-based CIWS, anti-ballistic defences (like the HQ-19 or HQ-26), the DF-17 HGV-based ballistic missile, area and point defense systems (such as the HQ-29 or HQ-16), and so on. It will also test the response times for road-mobile defense systems, particularly in difficult terrain such as jungle, beaches, and mountains.

The one-month exercise will be a good opportunity to simulate real-time events and test the AU’s joint response capabilities, as well as the AU’s ability to communicate on bilateral networks. Additionally, this marks a commitment by the AU to construct an improved multilayered missile defense system to counter missile threats from various foreign entities. Emphasis will also be placed on counter-battery and SEAD technologies to neutralize all hostile fire, with a separate SEAD/C-RAM component of drills for AU personnel.

The PDF will deploy Carrier Strike Groups 1, 2, 5, and 6 to the Gulf of Thailand, Gulf of Tonkin, Zanzibar Archipelago, and Celebes Sea respectively for the drills.

Infiny Eulumia
Vashnal Duma

Ministry of Defence

Here is the list of units that will take part in the Silver Shield exercise.
The 3, 6, 7, 11 squadrons of the Navy will be deployed in the Gulf of Thailand, the Gulf of Tonkin, the Zanzibar archipelago and the Celebes Sea respectively for training.

To these units will be added the 19, 27, 33 and 40 airborne brigades of the Air Force (~20.000 men), 14 aviation squadrons, for a total of 252 aircraft and also 11 brigades of the Marines Corp (~ 66,000 men).

This is the first of the joint exercises that will help AU armies increase their cooperation capacity and improve their offensive and defensive capabilities.

I should let y’all know that the Gol Eiden Government has been hacked into if anyone finds any loose information please don’t read it,return it to the Gol Eiden Government if you find one of the missing files
I may give you a reward

CCCP- wrote:
          ~~ Министерство иностранных дел СССР ~~

Title: Romanov State Visit

Moscow — The delegation of Premier Tomsky awaited the convoy of the Romanov Prime Minister and her entourage. The convoy made their way to Palace Square where they would be met with full honors of state. The meeting and the luncheon was set to take place in Winter Palace. Once the convoy arrived, Tomsky and his delegation greeted the Romanov group. A historic day that was met with a flood of flashes.

    Premier Tomsky: Welcome to Leningrad, Prime Minister Shchegolyayeva. We are elated to have you and your delegation visit, for the first time in Romanov history, Soviet territory. I hope your trip was unforgettable and that the people of the great city of Leningrad welcomed you with warm arms. Your visit signifies to us another step in the arduous but rewarding journey towards normalizing our relations.


Prime Minister Daria Shchegolyayeva greets Premier Tomsky with a warm smile and firm handshake as a melee of photographers scramble to get a shot of this historic meeting. The location of their meeting could not be more iconic. In the city which was the capital of the old Russian Empire, the city that saw the beginning of the Russian Revolution. It was fitting that a city so saturated with history would be once again the venue for another historic moment. This meeting was more than just a meeting between representatives of two nations, it was the reconciliation between Russians for a century old conflict.

Prime Minister Shchegolyayeva: "Premier Tomsky thank you from the bottom of my heart for hosting our delegation here in this beautiful venue. To be the first Prime Minister of Romanovskaya to visit Soviet Russia brings me immense personal pride, and something I hope will set a precedence for going forward."

The respective delegations then made their way inside the Winter Palace, where they toured around the lavish building once the home of the Imperial Family of the Russian Empire. Shchegolyayeva commented to Tomsky how she always dreamed of one day visiting the Winter Palace but never realistically expected it could ever happen. She also commended the Soviet delegation on how well preserved the palace was.

The two delegations then made their way to the meeting room, which saw the doors to closed to ensure privacy from the press. The delegations sat at opposide sides of a long table, with Shchegolyayeva and Tomsky sat in the middle directly across from each other. Shchegolyayeva then got the meeting underway.

Prime Minister Shchegolyayeva: "Members of the Soviet delegation, on behalf of myself and my colleagues I wish to thank you all once again for this opportunity to advance relations between our nations. As I am sure you are aware, there is quite a lot to discuss including the possibility of a formal peace treaty, the issue of the closed border between our nations and the issue of resolving trade embargos and punitive tarriffs. Premier Tomsky I wish to give way to you as to hear your own wishes for this meeting."

Good evening/morning everyone. I've made a mistake regarding my last post and I would like to apologise if it has caused any confusion. The link I've sent was an update from the Foreign Affairs which I mislabelled as a League Chronicle Paper. That said if you are interested in our foreign affairs please read;


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