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Well, I was waiting around to say "hi" to Steenia, but alas it looks like Chazriel is in a prolonged nap. I'm going to head off on a bit of a walkabout before returning to retirement. See ya around, old man. ;)


False solomons seal

Hey guys. How's everyone? Seems a bit quiet.


False solomons seal wrote:Hey guys. How's everyone? Seems a bit quiet.

Not too bad...and yeah, I wonder how many of us are puppets?

It depends on how you define puppet. If you go with your first-founded nation is your "real one, and all subsequent nations are puppets, then perhaps a large percentage of us are puppets. In my own case, I have quite a few nations, but many of them have specific tasks, especially being ambasssadors. So I am the only one of my nations in this region. I think that's a bit different than having ten copies of yourself in one region just to inflate the census.


wakes up from an extended nap*
Sorry to have missed people


Thorbordin wrote:Greetings!

Hello there!

Hi, friends! Happy day :)


A Liberal Haven has been raided, many may now seek refuge. Although our embassy appears to be closing, the people of ALH will always remain close friends with Futaba Aoi, and we hope that as time passes we will restore order to our region.


Garchy wrote:A Liberal Haven has been raided, many may now seek refuge. Although our embassy appears to be closing, the people of ALH will always remain close friends with Futaba Aoi, and we hope that as time passes we will restore order to our region.

Thankfully, the raiders soon left, returning control of ALH to its natives. To prevent this from happening yet again and again, IMHO, ALH should seriously consider refounding.

Heklo3 and Garchy

*knock-knock* Is anyone awake?


It's quiet here, but yes we're awake :)


October 2 wrote:*knock-knock* Is anyone awake?

*waves from the shadows*


Finally, #1 in something.

And it's because I have wood.

Also, you fools! We can't find a cure at this point! Look at how many dead and zombified we have!

Okay on second thought I don't have enough dudes to keep slaughtering zambos, cure it is then. >.>

Hello everyone,

We are a new ambassador to Futaba Aoi from Forest. (Unfortunately the password on our old nation, False Solomons Seal, was forgotten).

If there is anything we should be aware of, please let us know. :)

óWith fern fronds from Forest, the Paper birches and new Forestian Foreign Minister Mount Seymour

Hello dear residents of Futaba Aoi,

The annual photo contest of Forest has officially started! As was the case last year, the contest is open to our region as well as to our embassy regions. We would be happy if we received photo submissions from your region as well:))

For details see

Finally it is that time of the year again!

No, I am not talking about a festivity that will require you to wear funny sweaters, eat turkey sandwiches or pumpkin pies, or to have boring conversations with obscure relatives trying to prove that their lives are better than yours.

It is time for Forest's annual photo contest!

As was the case last year, we are going to have 3 categories for this year's contest. Taking the suggestions on our RMB into consideration, we have decided to have the following 3 categories.

1) Trees (this may end up becoming a fixed category)
2) Macro photographs (Nature photographs that cover landscapes, forests, beaches, etc.)
3) Micro photographs (Nature photographs that focus on a detail. You could focus on insects, shoot close-up photos of plants --- I don't know, just let your imagination run wild and surprise us!)

The participants can post up to 5 pictures per category. I have already opened a topic for the contest in the regional forum. You can post your photos Linkhere. Please to go the relevant subthread to submit photos in a certain category.(Please no puppeteering. The photos must be taken by you.)

This photo contest is open to all residents of Forest, as well as the residents of the regions with which Forest has embassies.

The photographs can be posted until December 23th, 23.59 GMT. The voting will be accomplished via a forum poll. The voting will start December 24th, 23.59 GMT and it will end December 31, 23.59 GMT. In this way, we will have chosen this year's best photos in the first minutes of 2017! (Needless to say, please no puppeteering in the voting.)

Acknowledgments will be given to the photographers in the first 3 ranks of each category. The photos will be published and the photographers will be publicly acclaimed in our newspaper, LinkForest News Leaf.

Additionally, a collage of the 1st photos of each category will be prepared for interested nations to use as a primary banner to applaud the winners. Re-setting the primary banner to the collage is recommended for the participants, but not obligatory.

OK, I guess it's time for me to stop talking. On these beautiful crisp autumn days (or beautiful warm spring days if you're in the Antipodes), take a stroll outdoors and capture wonderful photos, and then share them with us.

Good luck!

Read dispatch

Happy photo-hunting!

*emerges from the shadows*

Happy (belated) New Year, everyone!

*returns to shadows*

Garchy and Paper birch

*<awakens briefly from hibernation>*

*<rolls over, & goes back to sleep>*

Heklo3 and Garchy

Any chance of approving the embassy with A Liberal Haven? We lost the embassy when they were raided months ago, but I believe there is a request from them pending.


Beagles about

Wiffle Wiffle Wiffle Wiffle Wiffle Wiffle Wiffle Wiffle Wiffle!

Hm, wonder how we got to be fourth for the most people nude? Oh well!

Hey all!
I met some of you ten years ago when this region and Dun Eideann had embassies :)
I'm really happy that you guys are still active, everybody else I used to know is long gone
Imma just chill in the corner for now though!


My apologies for my extended absence and continuing inactivity. I have come down with a bad case of RL, including a 3-week honeymoon abroad and bringing back nearly 9,000 pictures, which still need to be processed.

Thorbordin and Heklo3

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