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Post by Democratic poppern anatovids suppressed by a moderator.

Post by Democratic poppern anatovids suppressed by a moderator.

Fresh shiny new update ready for pinning:

Update #2. Falc's one still doesn't count.

Population Milestone

At the time of our last update, our population was not very much. We've now smashed our recruitment target and hit 100 nations - and we're still growing! Next target is to overtake Lone Wolves United oh wait, we already did that. Hmm, The Order of The Grey Wardens are on 160 nations - it's about time someone knocked them off their "3rd most significant defender region" perch 8)

Founderless population or Onder's blood pressure?

Regions infiltrated, invaded, destroyed, and re-founded as a glorious trophy of our might: one; Regions defended: not sure

On January 12th, Founderless welcomed new nation Gorlend to the region. Pretty soon after, we realised we shouldn't have. After a short period of hyperactivity, he declared war on Falconias (which to be fair, we can understand), then left to found his own region World Authoritarian Nations dedicated to our destruction. Well we couldn't let a slight like that stand, so we activated our crack intel agents, who used years of experience in the field to infiltrate the region deep undercover as Dnelrog, Saipotgnimmel and more.

Utilising all their cunning, within minutes our agents had risen quickly to key Regional Officer positions - and we might have left it at that. Except Gorlend then started flying a Nazi-esque swastika, so at update he and the rest of his puppets were booted, and the region World Authoritarian Nations refounded as the first outpost of the glorious Founderless Empire (next up: The New Inquisition - we keep teasing it, you'll see it happen some day. If we keep this up they may even declare war on us!).

We did actually defend some places

The Rangers have been hyperactive at update, with a steady presence on chasing and detagging ops. The standout op was the liberation of The New Commonwealth Society, for which our Foreign Affairs Director Velvet Elvis/Witchcraft and Sorcery was trigger. He's also been running around 50 detags per update, putting our new recruits through their paces so we actually have something to back up the smack talk.

Elections Incoming

Founderless has elections - sorry, a "Members General Meeting" (thanks for that enthralling name, Falc) coming up in February - our first proper set of elections, which will choose the new Board of Directors. Five positions (Executive Director, Foreign Affairs Director, Recruiting Director, Communications Director, and Social Director) are up for grabs (Defence Director and Intelligence Director are apppointed by the Executive Director) and we've already had several regional members express interest in running for positions.

The current term has been a success so far, with Falconias' term as Recruiting Director probably the standout. Yes, I said something nice about him. FRAME IT AND PUT IT ON YOUR WALL, FALCY BOY!

Minor Stuff:

  • Our Intelligence Director Numero Capitan has gone so deep undercover, we haven't seen him for months.

  • We sent out this telegram to residents of NationStates. If you aren't aware of the situation, get out from under that rock and scroll back a couple of pages.

  • In a disgusting abuse of power, Falconias has moved the Voice Chat to the top of the Discord server's channel list, clearly demonstrating to all his unsuitability to holding any position of responsibility.

  • We were going to theme this update around RiderSyl's "Fun Removed Alliance" comment from last month, but we didn't have time between hosting mandatory moralising classes for new novitiates and memorising all 72 verses of Klopstock's Ode to the Rangers.

Read dispatch

- or read it / comment on the forums: viewtopic.php?p=38209637#p38209637

Pinned! Did this some time ago. But a fantastic update, thanks Mr. Comms Director!

Post self-deleted by Lemming.

Sorry folks, little bit behind on WA things just now...

Latest Security Council vote though is Commend Northrop-Grumman.

Voted in favour but let me know your thoughts. Close fought battle this one...

What team are you on? For or Against? Or do you don't even worry about that?

Northern Chittowa wrote:Sorry folks, little bit behind on WA things just now...

Latest Security Council vote though is Commend Northrop-Grumman.

Voted in favour but let me know your thoughts. Close fought battle this one...

I'm doing against.

Post self-deleted by Lemming.

Post self-deleted by Tedifroh.

Well, did you know that I had to move 4 times to get here?

4 times? O.o that's a lot. But welcome!

Looks like I found my new home! My men aren't intruders, those are my army soldiers, so my men will bow when they enter your safety. The president of my nation is as happy as possible to see a new home in Founderless. So they'll bring personal happiness in this border.

Velvet Elvis wrote:4 times? O.o that's a lot. But welcome!


I have some news...

Some of the TDS news says that war is coming to my nation!!! Bad right?

Aren't you answering?

That depends! Is your nation militaristic? Do you want war?

In general, please avoid posting multiple messages in a row on the Regional Message Board. Your enthusiasm is awesome! But we ask to refrain from double posting. Thanks! ^_^

Post self-deleted by Kindom of Antofolo.

War is bad

I didn't want war, and I'm also not militaristic. Sorry for not asking for refraining, and not avoiding multiple messages in a row.

Post self-deleted by Tedifroh.

WARNING: Several news reporters say that in my nation population is 31.7 zombies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can I please refrain?

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