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Hello all you wonderful people, just letting you know that all of you are beautiful people deserving of love. <3

And also letting you know that you are worth it. You have value, and you matter. Please never forget that! <3

United states of sully

Good day everyone,

As an embassy of The Region Of Gargery, you all have a voice in the future of it. And, with the current inactivity and problems our region is facing, it has never been more important for us to request help from our allies.

That's why TRG: May Gargery Thrive has been enacted. This will be a policy, written by people on a task force, that will aim to get Gargery out of it's rut. If you want to join the task force, and help us (with as little or as much involvement as you wish), then follow this link to join a Discord server:

You can also join, and just oversee operations. Whatever you want.

Once you join, just read the last part of the welcome channel to get special embassy privileges.

I appreciate all of you,

The Constitutional Monarchy of Aredita
Founder of The Region Of Gargery

P.S. We've been having some trouble with the Discord link, so just let me know if you can't get it.

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The new cordian empire


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