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hey guess what.... I hit 500 million on this nation! Finally I get a custom pretitle!

Beautiful. Truly.

Karputsk wrote:Yeah I'm much the same, it's completely renewed my interest in the game.

They've got Rainn Wilson and Daniel Negreanu playing this year and it's been really interesting seeing them play. Daniel was more of a newbie before the tournament, he was just narrowly knocked out by arguably the tournament favourite last night. Then Rainn is apparently affiliated with and is a bit of a dab hand at Chess. He's one of the better players and I'm all aboard the Dwight victory train.


Alzo yay custom pretitles. I was so happy when I could officially make Buffy a Vampire Slayer nods

Wow. Says you.

How's everybody doing anyway? It's almost the weekend and I can't wait for work to be over.

I'm feeling the same. I actually have more work on the weekends... but today is the last week of that. semester starts properly on the 1st of March so mentally preparing myself for that :P

Excited though. Lot of cool classes to teach.

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