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Cyborg holland

Alright, let's get going!


Cyborg holland

Racing, get your nation in here!

Cyborg holland

Greetings United & Racing!

Hello :)

By the way can anyone help me make a better flag?

I promised a puppet here to help the new region find its feet, so here it is. --Aels


Hello. :)

Yarr, maties. This be Astograth's new puppet, migh' be o' some use in the same vein as Aels thar.

Hello all

Hello... Another Rushmori-exile (although I chose to did everyone else..not really an exile)

Cyborg holland

Cyborg holland

I've written up a nice short recruitment TG, just ask me (via TG) for it if you want to use it.

Cyborg holland

Okay, as first sporty act, I'm opening up the Ligėtasse Esportiva (Rush uses Spanish-y stuff, so I thought German!) which is the international club competition for Esportiva. I will set it up and create a nice logo. Three teams from each nation, just post them here and I'll process it. The league will go in the Esportivan Sporting Thread. Where other international tournaments.

1) Continental FC
2) Manchham United
3) Nations Sport Club

Yes, sir, it's Carmadin's puppet,

And heres some teams for ye:


Nub masduhshdshdgsfd

Nethertopian puppet, reporting in.

Cyborg holland

Greeting Nub, & Cyprardeos, enjoy yourselves

Hey, almighty founder CH??

as I (carmadin) already have 2 UICA leagues, can the Cypies use this new-fangled thing as their UICA qualifying??
Pleaaaase?? :)

Cyborg holland

I don't see why not, but other teams from other nations will have teams in it...

Cyborg holland


The Esportivan Sports Thread is now up, but with only the Ligėtasse Esportiva up, but others will come later. You can send me your teams via TG, ICly post them on the thread (that is favourable), or tell me here, I will get round to scorinating the 1st half of the season soon. We need somewhere between 14-20 teams. Danke!

Cyborg holland

Could we also have stadiums, I want this up and running soon!

Carmarthen JJC
Owstery Falcons
Llandugan FC

Jenbridd Park (32,990)


I put in one team. Because of our size, we'll enter our national side. Montonovia National XI.

Segiussųr Standak (8,000)

Yes, I know. As long as no UICA associations enter teams, this league should be able to follow the normal rules, and that could be fun, having one nation's team in the CC, seeing who won, and with the GC, Cygnus, and SBCC, every nation could probably get at least one international qualifier. Or maybe i'm just rambling. Anyway, heres a stadium:

Mumatimu Stadio Natunam (45,000)

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