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Bro, you think you can take me!!! I'm french. I'm an expert at retreating when needed. Even if you start winning, I will survive and undermine you in the future. You stand no chance against my nudity and economy rates. Surrender now or prepare to fight!! KOED

Alright then. I'll have the high council begin drawing up defense and invasion plans

Gl m8

I support the Empire of Conglomerate Unions

I have joined his coalition against the United Republic of Richomp

The Dictatorship of Sheev Palpatine would like to announce his declaration of war against Richomp.

It's treason then...

then you will die braver than most

United Republic of Richomp stands no chance against the biggest dictatorship and anarchy in the Minecraft realm. Surrender now. KOED

This is how liberty dies...with thunderous applause

(None of this is canon.)

Naz Sarrafi is a Socialist, right?

Who is on Richomp's side?
Sheev Palaptine and I will demolish whoever gets in our way

Conglomerate Unions wrote:Who is on Richomp's side?
Sheev Palaptine and I will demolish whoever gets in our way

Just him.

Can I call upon the help of the DA?

Rahul Raghuraman wrote:(None of this is canon.)

So no.

Fine then. As I am the only nation in this war with nukes, I send out 20 nukes to both nations ending this conflict


Dem debates in 25 minutes!

The government is frequently held to ransom by the increasing demands of bloodthirsty pirates, ice-filled coffins are ominously positioned in the corner of every hospital ward, it is mandatory to learn evolution in schools, and the national anthem is a rather effective sleeping aid. Crime is totally unknown. Rahul Raghuraman's national animal is the Zebra, which frolics freely in the nation's many lush forests.

It's better than nothing, right?


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