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Tarentorous, RMSboatymcboatface, and South onzin

Featured Region Day
2019 August 27th

Visitors are welcome. Embassy offers are also welcome. I will continue to accept embassy offers for yesterday's featured region Federated States of Micronesia as they are being sent, as well.

Hi, my country is the newest in this region. Please visit and tell me how I can improve my terrifying reign over the Onzinians.

Beep beep! Congrats on being the featured region of the day! Anyone for some cake?

Hey Hey! You’re featured today! Congratulations my friends! :D

Congratulations on being featured!

Great having all of you with us today.

Fantastisk at have dig med os på denne dag.

Configurations on being featured my friends!

Great having had all of you drop by.

If you guys are ever looking for a WA Delegate you know who to call. I am very active on NationStates (maybe a little too active). I also know how the rules of this site very well if you need me to do any border control.

Congratulations on the feature~

We really need some WA nations to liven up this place.

In appreciation for opening our embassy, breakfast is on us:

**Sets up a table of muffins, butter, jam, pancakes, bacon, ham, scrambled eggs, strawberries, Hershey's kisses,coffee, tea, and hot chocolate**

Hej! Jag är tacksam för våran ambassad! - I appreciate our embassy!
(Jag kan inte danska men jag kan svenska :) )



i like fire trucks and moster trucks


Walterclements wrote:i like fire trucks and moster trucks