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Eh, it's all right
Seeing the failures of asteroids, escalations are made in the plan to increase the spread. Cargo ships carrying crates of the infected land at harbors. However, upon inspection, they appear to be full of trade goods. See, whent eh ship enters the Arcadian atmosphere, the ship sends out drones that carry the crates to unpopulated areas, as to remain secret. Weight restrictions/regulations are discarded, as when the ships land, they have the correct and exact amount that was in the trade.

The virus is fast acting, almost like an enhanced form of the RAD virus. It's resistant to most modern medicine, however, Ro (A common drug found on Amasa) is able to treat the disease, and slow it down incredibly. However, it doesn't stop it, and shouldn't be for an immediate medicine, as it's highly addictive. However, it can be used and modified into a vaccine

The trade ship thing applies to Derika as well, unless trade has stopped already

agh thats a lot ._.

So a oversimplified version is, Ro (A drug on Amasa) is very effective against the virus, and can be formed as a temporary vaccine until a new and better version is made. Only Rothella has it, but doesn't know it's effective against the virus.

All air traffic would be able to be monitored. It appeared strange that ships were randomly doing the stopping thing. It also became apparent, through the anti-collision & scene investigation branch of the national transit authority, that some ships were opening hatches on the crafts in midair. Satellite imagery would aid in helping as well.

Everything is monitored closely due to the fact that the disease/virus was identified as foreign. It was unknown, however, what the drones' purpose was. Military recon teams are sent out in aircraft to find the crates.

Arcadia's defense was up by this time, and foreign toxins were detected in the commercial crafts landing at the harbors and ports. They are ordered to leave, or they will be shot down.

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god, wrong account
The ships would stop, however, the damage was done. The infected gathered in hordes of 50 now, and soon began to attack anything that made a sound. Protests would probably be a bad idea, as well as many public gatherings. Buses are attacked by wandering infected.

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Military recon teams would find groups of 30 infected on average, sometimes, the containers had held 80 of the beasts. It was clear someone was causing this intentionally.

[void what i said about ordering them to leave cause im shooting them down before they can lmao

City borders close, and civilians are kept inside. Food/water deliveries are made via drones. Public gatherings were made available over social medias and the internet. Bus, metro, plane, ship/ferry, and taxi systems are stopped to civilians, as if they could access them anyway. It became a regular occurrance to see the national guard and the army in the streets.

Protests, if any, would be swiftly shut down, and citizens would be carted back to their homes. However, if they had somehow caught the disease, they would be taken to army bases to be held. No mistreatment would occur for these people.

Concerns and rumors about the disease being intentional increase in popularity. Citizens would take to the internet to voice their opinions and such. What they didn't know is that the AHO and the ASB already came to these conclusions. Their own concerns are voiced to the United Nations Colonial Health Organization. They use the recent events [warfare, etc] to evidence their claims.

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An internationally-recognized name is given to the disease:

Chronic Neurological Edema-Respiratory Deficiency, or the Honeycomb Virus

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Soon, the only ones on the streets were the creatures. However, with the noise inside houses, they began to tear at doors, break through windows (Where they could reach) and begin to attack those hiding inside their homes. Large enough groups could even break down doors, and some showed enough intelligence to throw/bash rocks against windows in order to break in.

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The infected continue to rain down on Derika's capital planet, while they begin to attack cities.

[oh ashfnsvc

National guard patrols begin to "shrink-wrap" infected groups via infantry, drones, and trucks. The process included putting them in a shallow, restrictive layer of cellophane that was porous enough for shallow breathing. Sometimes, it squeezed so tightly that it might crack a rib or 2. Water cannons are also used to knock the infected away from buildings.

Arcadia's gun laws were pretty lax, so many people would have weaponry if they decided to. This would aid in defense against the zombies for two reasons: The national guard could not be everywhere at once, and it helped to diffrentiate where the alive people were.

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They didn't feel any pain. If they did, they didn't show it. The "Taking Away" doctrine that Arcadia exhibited would likely decrease the amount of stragglers. However, with bigger hordes, this would be a rather large problem, as it would be incredibly difficult to grab one at a time a horde of 80 or even 150 infected.

[heres where the drones/robots come in

To decrease infantry losses and to deal with larger hordes, several robots are deployed.

N-CN9 Operators, called the "Blackbox", are specialized for the operation, as they are fitted with the Shrinkwraps and their stock energy beams. They could fly over hordes and whittle them down.

The "Mule" Operators are brought out to transport cargo through urban environments, as they were safe from infection.

80-X Boxguards are brought out to defend military installations and camps within cities from the infected. Boxguards sported 2 machine guns and 2 missile pods.

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[im absolutely retarded

Machines to generate noise are brought out onto the metaphorical battlefield. Soldiers and police officers alike relay the information that the zombies are attracted to a lot of noise. Soldiers begin to use loudspeakers to draw the zombies towards them. The catch is that it was on a frequency that humans could not hear.

Assuming the zombies can also see, illusion fields are set up as well. They were massive light shows and displays that would catch anybody's eye. The army could combat the lighting by polarizing their VISR-equipped helmets.

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They are obviously attracted to the robots, however, with the police making noise, the infected bgin to wander to the source of the noise. THe illusion fields have little effect, as their eyesight is limited (Hence the enhanced hearing in order to compensate for that) and only close movement (Around 5 feet) is visible to them.

This brings another problem, not because of the infected, but because it was super effective. The need for an assault began to grow by the hour. So, an assault was prepared to attack both Derika and Arcadia, while firebombing on Dwarka would be prepared. (It seems light for me, however, the firebombing would cause a massive famine that Rothella would have to take a few years to recover from, and cause them to join the UN for aid). Newer ships are prepared, improved battleships, carriers, cruisers, and other weapons are prepared for the massive assault on Arcadia. Robots, the infected, and a newer weapon is prepared. There's only one thing before it can start.

A cargo ship appears before the planet. And another, and another, and another, until a massive horde of cargo ships orbited the planet. They then traveled to the planet, landing in each of their respective harbors and flying over fields. However, a container (From each one) is dropped, and a chemical is launched into the air. It's highly acidic, and seeps into the ground, spreading around. This would have unknown effects on the ground (It's basically making it incredibly bad, poisoning the water table and making it agriculturally hostile, damaging food production.

hold on, hold on

you do realize you cant do that right?

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wait, seriously? Aight, I wont' do that, just ignore the bottom part.

thanks bro

not cause i dont mind the pollution

but because its iterally impossible for that to happen

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(Yeah, that is, unless it's like, a bombing run that's repeated multiple times across the planet

but any kind of naval invasion with weak ships like that cant happen

the procyon system is basically on defcon 1 rn

the c o m b a t ships can probably survive, but not some commercial ships

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Yeah, you're right.



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