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Oh god, lmao, rereading this letter is absolutely hilarious. You've probably seen it, but it's still funny.


Redwood mercenaries wrote:This could possibly spread the disease more, infecting those who weren't infected.


People who become infected and return home would likely infect other people. Those that die not under watch would begin to attack bystanders.

Living in a nation that actively promotes healthy living, people would be encouraged to take loved ones and friends to the hospital for ailments.

Several citizens who were actually not treated would cause local disturbances. The nature of them would escalate police encounters.

This could possibly increase the amount of the infection even more, causing "Interesting activity" from the citizens, and made them hostile to anyone human

Infection starts to spread across Mu and Eire. People are asked by the Arcadian Health Administration to stay home for health concerns and to not travel off-planet. Checkpoints that were in orbit and space alike frequently monitor the locations of spacecraft and their occupants' health.

Mari Hela and Elizabeth DuClare [director-general of colonial health organization] give a speech concerning the new virus on the planet of Arcadia. With the confirmation of Jerome Harrell, they state that travel to the planet will be heavily restrictive.

Security on the borders and outposts in the atmosphere's are ramped up

A soldier fires it's pistol at the creatures head, as back-up is called.

The small fleet that was sent to monitor Vonihove has its first violent encounter. Several fighters are lost, and Vonihove seemed to have not lost anything, despite pulling back from the battle.

The Redwood diplomats sent to Atlas Vigilance are shot down upon entering the atmosphere.

Redwood mercenaries

The creature dies in the Derikan medical outpost

The illegal immigration ramp up on Derika.

In Atlas Vigilance, meteor showers are sighted, many rocks crash, with infected people coming out of them, already reanimated. They'd travel in the direction of most noise.

i forgot respond fuksnfcsa

Civilians and soldiers (martial law) would see this. The civilians were told to go while the army opened fire on the weird creatures.

Redwood mercenaries

The creatures would likely continue attacking, unless they were struck in a manner that damaged the brain. If struck, shot, or in any other manner of strike to the head occurs, the abnormal figures would die.

Redwood mercenaries

The creatures continued to attack on Arcadia, as more and more of citizens became infected. Soon, small groups of the beasts would roam the streets, attacking areas where the noise was the most loudest.

On Derika's capital planet, meteors fell, landing the infected civilians outside villages and cities.

On Dwarka, hordes of clone/volunteer beasts begin ravaging battlefields, becoming a rather large obstacle in battle. This would raise casualties, and shorten battles. While on Amasa, infected civilians began to trickle in slowly.

Fighting on Dwarka continues, with light air support being granted as to continue the push against the Eclipse forces.

Oh no, are you all right?

alright i think i resolved the situation

thanks for the offer to help, i appreciate it

Hospitals would especially experience damage from the patients inside wreaking havoc. Emergency systems are put in place to lock down the patients, and generally they are a success. Failed attempts to contain force SWAT responses. Responses could also be seen across the continent.

Affected Economic/Governmental/Physical Factors

- Environmental Beauty: N/A

- Means of Production: Slightly halted; Still running because of automation

- Exportation/Importation: Still running; Under strict control

- Tourism: Declining immensely

- Government Resources/Police: Majorly active to deal with crisis
[this also means heightened defense]

- Healthcare: Running on overdrive

Affected Civilian Factors

- Public Transportation: Running; Have armed police

- Private Transportation: Heavily restricted

- Purchasing/Deliveries: Purchases are made online; Brought to homes via automated trucks

[should be noted the rest of the procyon system is not dealing with this crisis as of now]

National guard units could now be seen in Pirth City and Nacona, especially around government areas. They work the streets, capturing as many infected as possible without killing them. Civilians are encouraged to stay in their homes unless they need otherwise; If so, they are placed in lines near bus stops and metro stations and spread out. Masks are encouraged, and those with rebreather augments were safe.

Redwood mercenaries

The attempts to detain these infected civilians would likely increase the spread of the virus, while the groups of the creatures begin to grow. Groups of 5 turn to ten, while the largest consist of 30-40 of these beasts. In order to increase the spread (That has begun to slow down as a result of the recent crack downs) asteroids containing the infected begin to pelt the surface of Arcadia. These mostly land in/near populated centers, while some land at oil refineries and metal mines.

National guard would also either have the aforementioned augments or have gas masks. Atmospheric nanites would attempt to de-escalate the virus' spread. Captured zombies would be sent to military bases nearby, where the virus couldn't be spread. The guard would also face slight problems from the increased groups of zombies, with the increased need of killing them.

The asteroids would never even make it to the planet, as they would be shot down due to the recent increases in planetary defense.
[that even stems back to when redwood and vonihove were starting out, so]
[though i guess i can let a couple slip past]

Experiments begin on the virus samples gathered from the infected - no harm was done to obtain them. Small bits of information came through eventually [a little of what u said before]. The scientists also try current vaccines to help the infected.

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