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Very few survived the explosion, half of the survivors would be picked off by the rifle fire. 2 remained, hiding in cover, 1 was injured in his leg, and bleeding out fast. The other was giving stiff resistance. The SWAT teams burst through the door, riot shields in front of them as to prevent them being picked off.

Grenades are thrown under the shields from the soldiers' own cover.

Surprised, they retreat as fast as possible, however, those who weren't fast enough, would be engulfed in the explosion, likely dying from the explosion, or getting incredibly injured, unable to receive immediate help. The Teams retreat

Thirty minutes later, the power is shut off in the building. And another wave arrives 3 teams push into the loading bay, a line of shields forming with the rifle men behind them, sort of like a Roman line. (That is, if they make it) 2 teams advance through the doorway, 4 of them walking ahead, in bomb gear as to prevent being exploded.

The soldiers inside regroup, planning an exit. They contact the Den and ask for them to hijack a satellite. The connection being fuzzy prevented the message from being transmitted well.

The line forms, and the SWAT team, wearing night vision goggles, would look for targets to fire at.

They would place themselves inside of shipping crates and anything else that provided cover and had a door, which was left ajar so they could slightly see out.

The teams advanced forward, and began to search the building

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The police, bewildered that the SWAT team couldn't find them, begin to send out patrols in a mile radius in order to locate them

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The SWAT team enters the room with the slightly opened door, and began searching the room for hiding spaces, not inside the crates, more behind them and between them/on top of them.

One of the soldiers sets off a creaking sound on top of a ladder-accessible room.

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Vonihove wrote:One of the soldiers sets off a creaking sound on top of a ladder-accessible room.

The team investigates, bursting into the room as they sweep it

Some People on Planet Arcadia wrote:parker i will castrate you and cauterize a shirt into your back

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Nothing out of the ordinary is found. Something that sounded like running is heard from above the room.

The team checks out the source of the noise

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