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The lightly armed ships would probably not penetrate the ship, their cannons more suitable for other speeders and cars.

[this is a boat btw, just in case

The boat would be 1000 feet away from ramming into a port, and subsequently the city.

The boats wouldn't be able to do anything, as a helicopter strafes the ship with its machine guns, not having missiles for obvious reasons.

The bullets could be seen and heard striking the hull, to no avail.

Hitting the port straight on, the boat zooms ashore, smashing anything in its path. It eventually stops in the middle of the port. Several of the hijackers were wounded. The team members offload themselves into a nearby building in a weary and disoriented state.

Police arrive at the port, with firefighters and Paramedics assisting the best they could. The police enter, attempting to secure the area

They hole up, waiting to make an escape.

They request for them to get out

[dang theyre good

Being janissaries, they would not surrender.

wrong nation my bad

They set the place with demolition charges, and blow the place up. If the men wouldn't surrender, they would die in a fiery death.
SWAT teams arrive, and enter the building, clearing each rooms. They searched for the men.

Some People on Planet Arcadia wrote:wrong nation my bad


The soldiers in hiding would be spread out among shipping crates and catwalks. To fight against the approaching SWAT, they deflect their own bullets against the floor and off walls.

Clicking sounds audible to the SWAT could be heard around the building. Lasers could also be seen across doorways.

well i missed alot

yes u did lol

synopsis please

ok one minute

- Racketeer's Den, Amasa outposts are established

- Supplies begin to go missing on Amasa

- The Racketeer's Den stars growing as a trade outpost [unknown to anyone, its operated by vonihove]

- The crew bribe Rothellan officials

- A Vonihovean ship [unmarked] attacks a Rothellan patrol, dealing some damage and breaking off

- Botched criminal operation in large Amasan city

- High-speed cargo boat chase

- Boat crashes into another port, hijackers are holed up in port

fun. now where can i nuke



Military spending starts to gradually increase, as forts are sprung up across Derikan territory

i can involve derika if you please



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