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"No. We are merely attempting to keep the peace. When the law is broken, however, it needs to be dealt with. We can't just have people with weapons running at officers. It endangers themselves and everyone around them."

The Rockport situation is figured out by now. The island is quarantined off. Nothing with the body shape of a snatcher is seen moving in the waters.

"Regardless, they were evacuated, confused and distressed, you didn't think to set up camps? To help instate them into proper food and medical assistance? Or even, tell them what's going on?"

"We had been trying to assist them, and we did get people who wanted nothing to do with the riots out of there. But the rioters remained, still. And as has been said before, the situation cannot be disclosed to the public. All they know is that something bad has happened."

"Yet you provided them with nothing? No food, no water, no housing units? You didn't even attempt to screen them if they had been contaminated by the problem?"

"Here's the thing. The "problem" wasn't "produced" yet. We got all the people off the island before the gas even started pouring out of the crater. Though, we did have disaster recovery staged on the mainland in the event people needed such. However, I feel I do not need to repeat myself, as you know the situation as much as I do now."

"And have you done anything to discover what this 'gas' is?"

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"With the situation at hand, we cannot risk anyone going near that noise. When the threat is gone, we will immediately pursue research. From what has been seen, my scientists believe it is an acidic compound."


"Is this another outbreak? The last one was taxing on my nation, but we quarantined in time. If there's anything possible, let us know, and we'll mobilize, and smother the outbreak."

"Not officially. Though, we have seen one of these things infect a person. We also apologize for that, but terrorist attacks are not always expected. We have upgraded our security measures all across the planet. If anything 'taxing' happens, we'll call on Derika."

Arthur Ney would nod, and faced his HoloDesk (A desk that projects Holographic images, well, 3-D face time with a desk) He made orders for troops to be on standby in case of attack, he, of course, muted this portion of his orders, for obvious reasons, and turned to the Derikan entry to the conversation.

Acre turns on his HoloDesk, joining the call.

"What is going on, gentlemen?"

(Rip Spiderman, may he rest in our hearts in the MCU

Rothella wrote:(Rip Spiderman, may he rest in our hearts in the MCU



"We were discussing the recent Rockport... incident, as well as the riot following the relocation of 300,000 people. However, some of those people did not come peacefully."

"300,000 people? How many can your Emergency camps hold?"

"Individually, not so much. We have relocation camps set up to spread the people around, though, as well as to provide aid. People who were put under arrest will be transported as well."

"Those that lived." Arthur Ney grumbled, "Has it been contained?"

"Ah. Do you need supplies to keep them happy? I am happy to give them."

"I've already explained how it's legal. I will not go into another discussion about it, Ney.." He cleared his throat

"Yes, it has been contained. However, what exactly "it" is, is uncertain at this time. We have plans to send android soldiers into the fray to clear out these things, seeing as they cannot infect something that isn't completely synthetic."

Derika wrote:"Ah. Do you need supplies to keep them happy? I am happy to give them."

"Likely, yes, Acacius."

"Hopefully," Arthur replied, "Have you traced what caused the explosion? The gas?"

"Alright. Be expecting a shipment of supplies shortly."

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