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Unable to respond with military assets, out of fear for being caught, Rothella begins to alert military bases and garrisons are to be put on high alert, while Fire control teams are prepared just in case a fire breaks out and threatens the bases.

Arcadian Air Traffic Control picks up a fast-moving ship heading for the nearest space elevator. After failing to identify themselves to ATC, a fighter is requested to tail the flagged ship and shoot it down if deemed necessary.


The fighter chases down the ship. On the imaging device that every fighter is equipped with, a gun is seen coming out of an access port on the mysterious craft. It is shot down immediately, not even reaching the destination. It crashes into the ocean with no life signs detected.

oh well i wasnt able to see you responded bc typing

The top brass at the bases are informed that should anything happen, the information cannot be released to the public.

Unbeknownst, Rothella sends a carrier over, to provide air support in case of Insurgent attack.
(I'll say I have around 15 bases on your planet since you're a planet.

A Derikan battlecruiser arrives to Arcadia, with a supporting fleet of two cruisers. The captain asks permission to enter Acradian space.

With the situation somewhat contained, spacecraft are allowed to come and go. However, Rockport is a no-fly zone and any unauthorized aircraft will be shot down after one warning.

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The battlecruiser flies into Arcadian airspace, not going towards Rockport, and staying near allowed airspace.

In Nacona, with the excess of people and the unknown reasons people cannot return to their homes in Rockport, various bands of people begin to riot.

Captain Alexius of the battlecruiser, asks military personnel on Arcadia if they need riot police in Nacona

"10-4 to your last. We can't risk in-atmosphere slipspace jumps and our assets are too far away, over."

The Stealth Cruiser, Lupin began to send drones towards Rockport, as well as a small asset to Narcona, to see what in the world was going on.
The drones are about 3 feet wide, and have prototype cloaking devices on them, unable to be tracked by Radar, and mostly visible from sight (It bends the light around it, sort of like a black hole, only it doesn't absorb the light, so all you see, is the sky in its place or a building window, etc.).


Much of the people who hadn't fled the port district of Envil would be fighting against police. After the death of multiple officers, SWAT is deployed to the scene. Most rioters would be holding some form of weaponry, ranging from simply rocks to a few with automatic rifles.

Drone operators watched with horror at the fighting, some had to tear off the headphones and leave the room to prevent themselves from going into shock. The captain orders the Drones to record what they see, (in case it can be used as leverage in order to gain something). And orders the withdrawal of the drones at Nacona.

Green would be seeping within half a mile of the crater now. Damage control fights the raging fires.

Unknown organisms begin to spring out of the crater. Unknown to the on-site people, they are currently being taken out one by one and infecting hosts after brainwashing them.

Immediately, Arthur Ney called for a Quarantine and ceased trade with Arcadia until they stopped, however, he couldn't say that, so instead, he replied,
"We will not trade with a nation that fires on its' own people, for protesting, their rights should not be infringed upon, and Rothella will not make trade with anyone who oppresses their people."
The video by the Drones was obviously produced at the conference, as evidence to the world. This was a tactic to attempt to widen the Quarantine, in order to prevent whatever that was, coming into the Solar System. Whether it worked or not, depended on how neighboring nations reacted.

Jerome Harrel responds. "When you have civilians firing on peace officers, that makes them criminals. It makes them terrorists. By law, criminals can have their rights stripped away. We also cannot ignore the fact that most of the weapons were stolen from police officers who are dead now, adding another charge to those criminals besides capital murder. When the lives of good people are on the line, it's up to them to eliminate the threat."

(also nobody knows the snatcher incident is happening, as all on-site personnel have been infected

Some People on Planet Arcadia wrote:Jerome Harrel responds. "When you have civilians firing on peace officers, that makes them criminals. It makes them terrorists. By law, criminals can have their rights stripped away. When the lives of good people are on the line, it's up to them to eliminate the threat."

(also nobody knows the snatcher incident is happening, as all on-site personnel have been infected

(I meant the drones sent to the Rock Port......OOOOOOOOhhhhhh The ship, I'm a smert boy

(oh i forgot about the drones sent to rockport, void that then

"Regardless, they are still humans, and people, even criminals, should not be treated with brutality, until a fair sense of justice, as in going to court, has been made, ruling whether they are innocent or guilty, is up for a Court to decide. Not an officer on the spot, regardless of what was going on, proper riot weapons should have been there, not weapons bent on fighting criminals, not a crowd of distraught and upset people."

"SWAT was called to the scene. When a person commits a serious felony such as capital murder, it is in the best interest of the police to silence them immediately. City cameras and body cameras caught everything, so the murders of those with weapons was justified. Riot weapons were used against unarmed individuals or others with close-quarters weapons and rocks.

"However there were innocents in the crowd, correct? So if an officer's job is to protect the people, why are they shooting into the crowd? And not using mace, or tear gas, or even a Fire hose, or, ( Insert some other peaceful way of deterring protests in the advanced future we are currently playing in) I understand it's hard to tell who's who, but I do know one thing: an officer shouldn't be firing into a crowd of innocents, regardless of whether or not they know who it is, it risks the lives of innocents and will probably kill them."

"Nobody there was necessarily innocent. That was a violent protest, and shots were only fired at those with weapons. Our troops, and believe it or not our police, are excellent marksmen. That isn't to mention that shots were only taken by officers with rifles from above rooftops.

"Another thing; we needed to save the lives of said 'innocents' before they could be put in danger by those individuals who may not be trained with weaponry."

"So citizens are not allowed to exercise their rights? It's illegal to partake in a protest to show concern about an issue or attempt to get the government's attention so that the problem can be fixed. But no, they've got to be shot for that, right?"

"Incorrect. The citizens were protesting against being evacuated from an island they live and work on for special reason. The protest turned violent soon after, causing police to have to open fire on gun-toting people who endanger the lives of all those around them."

"So now you're killing refugees? People, who are fleeing from danger?"

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