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Sorry, I had bandcamp and was gone all day

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wow parker changed his flag

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we gonna continue anything RP wise?

Up to you guys

that sounds hot ^^^^

whoa this is very cool

i'd be down

but you said no

The island of Rockport on Arcadia is shut off from the outside for unknown reasons. Citizens are being relocated to the Mu mainland. Police aircraft have been seen heading towards the island.

Arthur ney would ponder this, although he decided it was nothing to wrry about, and continued trade with Arcadia.

So far, the only information obtained by civilians is a large fire on the north-eastern edge of the island.

The Senate for Rothella, calls a vote, and sends a message towards Arcadia, asking if everything is all right and if any help is needed.

A message is relayed back. It only reads, "Conditions normal."

The senate thought this strange, and send a Stealth cruiser (The cloaking one that sends out drones) to Arcadian Orbital space, to see what exactly was happening, if it was caught, it would be called a Drill to make sure the drones were working properly.

The Cruiser is not immediately picked up.

Before being warned to leave the space, it'd pick up some camera images of destroyed buildings and a crater on the northern side. The fire would still be raging on the north-east side. A mysterious green gas is also spotted.

Nacona takes the influx of people. Airways, waterways, and major roadways are clogged.

An explosion rocks the landscape of Stonehill Island. Locals and hikers report seeing dark figures running around the area that are presumed to be the culprits. The curious onlookers and daring people explore the area to find a dead person. Officials arrive to obtain the body and threaten the people with detainment should this story get out.

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