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Alexander the Magnus wrote:nation=alexander_the_magnus/detail=factbook/
Hail the Confederation!

[OOC] Suppose I should join in. Also, Major-General Fortin is the supreme commander of the Kleptocratic war effort, Lord Tarlin of Marchand is the Minister of Defense.

Two men walk down a brightly lit hallway somewhere in the Ministry of Defense.
Fortin: “…and 50,000 troops will be shipping out tonight. By tomorrow, sir, enough transport ships will have arrived to load 80,000. In about a month, all 1.2 million troops plus supplies will be there.”

Tarlin: “You confiscated oil tankers like I asked?”

Fortin: laughing “Yes, but they weren’t very happy about it. They didn’t complain too much, though. At least not to my face. Interests of national security and all that. They did make it known that they wouldn’t be able to handle as much oil, though.”

Tarlin: “Figures. They should have known what would happen when they lobbied for intervention in the first place. As for fuel logistics, we’ve already ramped up shipbuilding for the war, so this should be temporary.”

They stop in front of Lord Tarlin’s office.

Fortin: “Anyway, sir, I’ll be leaving tomorrow. Do you have any more orders for me?”

Tarlin: “Not at this moment, but I’ll contact you if I need to. Good luck.”

General Fortin salutes, and leaves to prepare. Tarlin sighs, shakes his head, and, muttering something about oil companies, goes into his office.

[OOC]: I’m contributing 1.2 million troops, as stated above, including logistics, special operations, and mechanized infantry, who are mostly in IFVs and APCs rather than trucks. Armor amounts to 900 MBTs, and there are 1100 artillery pieces, all self propelled, including 200 rocket artillery. Also 500 fighters, mostly carrier-borne for now, and 8 fleet carriers. The number of fighters will probably grow to about 12-1300, and the number of carriers will shrink to 1-3 based on need. There are 30 heavy bombers for now, and they can be armed with cruise missiles. Non-transport support planes (tankers, ASW, AWACS, etc.) amount to 80 or so, expected to grow to 200. Transport planes and ships will be used as needed, there’s no specific number. About 500 attack/scout helicopters and 1200 transport/medevac.

There are 19 destroyers, 10 frigates, 12 cruisers, 18 attack/cruise missile subs, 4 battlecruisers (heavy cruisers, battleships, whatever you want to call them), 7 amphibious assault ships, and a few dozen smaller ships like minesweepers, corvettes and such, the number varies based on availability and need. Submarines and warships larger than frigates are nearly all nuclear powered. Transport ships are universally not, hence the oil company thing.

Hail the Confederation

Alexander the Magnus wrote:-snip-

General Julius, of the Legion VII and Corporal General F33-A3, of the Legion VIII, are standing at a table. The table is a screen, which contains a map of Alexandria. The pair are on a command ship, their light fleet of escort craft taking them and their troops to assist Alexander. They have spent a long time running over the plan of attack. They have decided to land near Hresvelg Manor, and push straight into the cultists. The Legions are made up of Heavy Mechanized Infantry, and regular infantry, in a 40% 40% split, the remaining 20% is made up of mechs and artillery, mostly the later.

These forces, are made up entirely of genetically enhanced clones, they are equipped with the best armour and weapons mass production can afford. These are veterans, from either the Bardia uprising, or the war in Destroyers of Christianity.

The landing ships arrive at the coast and the Legions disembark and march in orderly formation toward the best location to set up camp, erecting anti air guns, some basic tank catchers on the perimeter and living accommodations. Having done their job the fleet returns to GIU. The soldiers, now on their own, will be fed from rations made of dried, salted, and cooked meat strips. Stored in their camp.

Julius is overseeing the camp, busy at work, from his command tent, he comments to one of his lower officers:
"The first wave has arrived."

Hail the Confederation!

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