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The Shining Purple Light wrote:Liberman said he would vote against a coalition of 60 MKs, because "it would not be a right-wing government but a haredi government that would make Israel into a state of Jewish law instead of a Jewish and democratic state."

It looks highly likely that Netanyahu will not be able to form a majority by the deadline on Wednesday, potentially leading to new elections.

The Shining Purple Light wrote:It looks highly likely that Netanyahu will not be able to form a majority by the deadline on Wednesday, potentially leading to new elections.

Benny Gantz? o>o

Paramountica wrote:Benny Gantz? o>o

It is pretty much impossible for Gantz to reach 61 MKs, even is Yisrael Beytenu and Kulanu defected he'd need to reach a deal with the Arab parties or convince the ultra-Orthodox to join him, both are likely impossible feats to accomplish.



Paramountica wrote:Benny Gantz? o>o

When will you apologize for Amsterwald.



    May 1995

    Cash Dinner, Pt. 1


The late-afternoon glow of the sun seeped through the thin layer of clouds above this inner-city neighborhood of Paris. Belleville wasn't the usual clichť that would usually come to a foreigner's mind when thinking of Paris. Its main street, Belleville Street, was a small and crowded street, winding down a steep hill. It was surrounded by tall, drab buildings, whose facades were decorated with cheap plastic signs advertising stores and restaurants, often in Chinese and French. On busy days, the small sidewalks would often be crowded by an array of different ethnicities, from Asians to North African Muslims and Jews.

It had been settled by its current Chinese inhabitants in the last decade, turning it into the latest "Chinatown" in Paris. Several other neighborhoods were also home to large Chinese communities, which hailed from southern China and northern China but also from Indochina and several other parts of the world where the Chinese had immigrated, and which had emigrated to France in the decades between the 1920s and today. Approximately 400,000 people of Chinese ancestry lived in France.

In the midst of the busy sidewalk, two well-dressed Chinese individuals would walk into an oriental-themed restaurant. The taller, older man was well into his fifties, with graying hair, donning a small mustache, wearing large-frame reading glasses and wearing a beige overcoat. His companion, shorter and much younger, maybe in his twenties, was dressed in a navy blue overcoat and carried two large suitcases. They'd be warmly greeted by men inside the restaurant and showed a door which led to the stairwell. A man would show them to the second floor of the building above the restaurant, inside an unexpectedly well-decorated apartment. The rumble of the street outside could be heard as a middle-aged individual, wearing a leather jacket and blue jeans, his hair neatly combed back, would greet the two others in Mandarin.

    Brother Tchang: "Uncle Ke...Welcome. It's very good to see you. I hope your flight went well."

The older man, Ke, in the beige overcoat, seemed distant.

    Uncle Ke: "Hello, Tchang. Your father in Nantung worries about you. I'll tell him you seem well."

Not minding the remark, Tchang amicably greets Ke's younger companion.

    Brother Tchang: "My, my! If that isn't Brother Sun! How grown up you are...Welcome to Paris. You'll like it here!"

    Brother Sun: "It's a true pleasure to finally see you, Brother Tchang, after all these years."

    Brother Tchang: "Let's sit down, have some tea after your long trip. What are the news in China, Uncle?"

The men sat down around a low table, Ke and Sun taking a leather couch and Tchang a fancy seat. The apartment was messy but ornate with a few modern abstract scupltures, plants, a shiny hi-fi stereo, and a large piece of wooden furniture with a cathodic screen television and VHS player.

    Uncle Ke: "You'd know the news if you visited more often. What is there to say?"

    Brother Tchang: "Uncle Ke! I haven't visited, but I'm hard at work here! You won't believe how much we've grown here in the past few years. And with everything that happened in Shenzhen and Hong Kong, there are many more compatriots looking to come here. I'm not even talking about the refugees who came, but the demand is so high I can barely accomodate anymore. And the people here, it's a piece of cake."

Uncle Ke sips his tea dejectedly.

    Brother Tchang: "Brother Sun, before you leave, let me show you around the best places here. You could even stay. I could need a hand from back in the country. How old are you now, 24? 25?"

    Brother Sun: "I'm 29 now, Brother Tchang."

    Uncle Ke: "The country? You barely know 'the country' these days."

Ignoring the old man's attitude, Tchang and Sun keep chatting. Later, Tchang and Ke start talking business, still around the low table, with a variety of snacks as the night begins to fall on the neighborhood.

Lighting a cigarette, Tchang gestures to Ke.

    Brother Tchang: "...So, as I said, it's become easier here. There wasn't a single brother in this neighborhood twenty years ago. Now look outside: All these shops, restaurants...We protect all of them, and we own a quarter. Not only are we there, but the competition cannot compete. The gangs here are not organized, they fall apart very quickly. And the law enforcement isn't used to us. We've come so rapidly. But this won't last. This is why I'm putting all of our funds, all of our Brothers, constantly on the offensive out there. We have to eat as much as we can while the cops and our enemies don't have a clue. So when they do, we can hibernate and resist safely. Like...bears in the winter, haha."

    Uncle Ke: "Yes...Certainly. And the laundering scheme? Is it working?"

    Brother Tchang: "Like a charm, Uncle, don't you worry. We have three foreign exchange counters here. The Brothers on the street collect from the stores and our 'other' ventures every week. They bring the money to the counters, and then we send it all to Shanghai."

    Uncle Ke: "The bosses noticed such, and they're happy with you, Tchang. But there is something you need to know..."

Uncle Ke stands up and walks around, waggling his finger at Tchang while speaking quickly.

    Uncle Ke: "Many are not happy with the way you conduct your business here! Many are afraid that one day, too many will be killed in one place, and our names will be on the papers here in France! This is not the way we usually operate! You are putting at risk not only your Brothers in London, Berlin, Rome and Vienna, but also everyone in the Homeland! This is why I recommend you come back with me to Shanghai when I am done checking your operation here. You need to see how we used to work, and you need to reconnect with your country! You've been here for far too long! All this money and power is no good and you will end up walking down a path of lust and hot-headedness! This will get you in a dangerous position, and the rest of us too!"

Tchang kept staring at Ke. He trashes his cigarette at the end of Ke's tirade. Sun stands on the sidelines, trying to avoid looking at any of his two bosses. Ke was at the top of the hierarchy of the Triad business when he travelled abroad to check on foreign operations - such as Tchang's operation, who was at the head of the Paris branch. But in China, Ke was still a minnow compared to the top bosses who rarely left the Mainland.

Tchang stays seated, but responds harshly:

    Brother Tchang: "Why do you speak to me like that, Uncle? What have I done to wrong you? Money keeps pouring in! What is wrong?"

Uncle Ke dejectedly scoffs and shakes his head, and then points his finger at Tchang, berating him wide-eyed.

    Uncle Ke: "You are proving my point! Since when do you talk like this to me? Do you not remember I was the one who taught you how to fight? Who taught you how to handle business far away from home? You are raking in a lot right now. Be wise, and give back!"

Tchang massaged his forehead and closed his eyes. Uncle Ke and Brother Sun's trip to France didn't start in the best of ways. Then, he looked at his gold-plated watch.

    Brother Tchang: "Alright. It's nearly 8 PM. We're going to be late, I booked a table for three at the best restaurant in the city. I'll go put on a suit."

    Uncle Ke: "Count me out, Tchang. I will be going to my hotel, the flight was exhausting."

Tchang quickly left the living room to dress up in a more fashionable suit. While he was away, Ke and Sun talked near an open window. Below, car models from the 1960s to the 1990s could be seen passing. The sidewalks were less busy, but many restaurants had patrons, dining inside below the signs glowing in the night. Ke lighted a cigarette.

    Brother Sun: "Why berate Brother Tchang like that, when you told me he generated the most profits in Europe?"

    Uncle Ke: "He has forgotten many things! I've been on the phone with some old friends. They tell me he's like a mad dog! He's forgotten respect. He kills too many people, and he will end up being noticed. He's been here for about ten years, and I think he needs to come home. Damnit! He's been here for ten years, so he should know this isn't Shanghai or Los Angeles! The police here aren't used to this! While his early success may be explained in part by that, it will not last. The police will soon notice. Our enemies, too. I'm afraid he is walking into a trap of his own making. Be careful, Su-"

Tchang proudly walked to the door, not hearing the two men's conversation, and shouted to them:

    Brother Tchang: "Hurry up, Brother Sun! We're late!"

Tchang was dazzling in his dark suit, his hair neatly combed back, donning his gold watch and a gold-plated necklace, with well-polished shoes and round sunglasses. Ke nodded his head in disapproval, and said goodbye to Sun for the night. Tchang and Sun left the apartment, apparently in high spirits as the two young men got along well. Ke, on the other hand, ominously turned back to the busy street, lying against the sill of the window, smoking. He sees Tchang and Sun exiting the Chinese restaurant down below, and a car stops by to take them. "Of course, our own places aren't good enough for him anymore", Ke thought to himself as he watched the car drive off down the street.



| The click of gun slides reverberates throughout the van. This is just one of many vans
approaching Zurich International Airport, from all angles. A large number of hostages have been
taken and a counter terrorist response is needed immediately to end the situation. Police have been
surveying the area for hours, and the hostages are being held in the main terminal, surrounded by
gunmen. Police snipers shadow them with high power Austrian SSG 69s, poised to shoot.
The ARD-DDR-DEE, known officially as Army Recon Detatchment 10, do not expect the situation to
end peacefully. |

| The van comes to a stop, and the team spew out one by one. The squad's leader, Sergeant
Emery, runs to the leader of the entire operation.|

    Sergeant A. Emery | What's the plan?

    Lieutenant P. Farina | Our negotiator just got told that they are prepared to execute hostages
    in around 10 minutes time, you have a window of a few minutes to get final preparations done,
    then you are going in with full authorisation to kill on sight. This cannot end in a peaceful manner.

    Sergeant A. Emery | I was told we were going in to make arrests and only shoot as a final

    Lieutenant P. Farina | Well sh-t happens, and that is a pretty serious threat that my
    negotiator was told. You have three minutes then you will go in on my orders.

    Sergeant A. Emery | Clear. Alright people, here's the deal.

|Emery spreads a blueprint of the airport across the tarmac of the runway, covered
in sticky notes and scribbles of the positioning of other teams. He waves his hands wildly,
the team nodding in synchronisation. The final preparations were complete, and
the team was ready to begin the Siege on Zurich International.|

    Sergeant A. Emery | All teams, one minute.

|A member of Emery's team unfolds a pastey-green coloured explosive and secures it onto
the main door of the terminal.|

    Lieutenant P. Farina | All teams, you are cleared to enter, fourty five seconds to go.

|Then gunshots from inside the terminal erupt to the shock of the Lieutenant.|

    Sergeant A. Emery | Breach, go go go!

|The terminal's main doors fly open, and elite operatives flood in firing their weapons at
the hostage takers inside. Screams shroud the noise of the gunshots, as blood, dust and pieces
of fabric take to the sky. People fall, clutching different parts of their body. Then the shooting
ceases, uncovering a horrible truth. A small group of thirteen people are close together,
surrounded by the bodies of fellow airport patrons. Emery throws his radio at the floor in a fit of
anger at his team's failure to secure all of the hostages.|

    Emery's radio | Terminal 2 clear. Terminal 3 clear. Clear on 4. Update us on
    terminal 1, Emery.

|Emery picks up his radio.|

    Sergeant A. Emery Terminal 1 clear. Several hostages and all attackers
    KIA. Lets get these hostages out of here.

Switzerland gay

Kiger wrote:Switzerland gay

like u


Kiger wrote:Switzerland gay

Nay thee.

The Shining Purple Light wrote:like u

Sebenica wrote:Nay thee.



Rodrigo Duerte


Nomakoa wrote:Rodrigo Duerte


Sebenica wrote:Dutertgay.

Thatís it
Iím declaring a drug war against you


Nomakoa wrote:Thatís it
Iím declaring a drug war against you

*burns Filipino money that is in the Swiss banks*

How much longer is RMB search going to be disabled? I canít take it anymore ;-;

July 9th, 1995
Beijing, China
Great Hall of the People
Securing of Sino-Filipino Economic-Security Relationship

    With continual investments and pledging of assistance provided by President Xi Jinping and Madam Peng Liyuan to the people of Nomakoa, it has been announced today that the Philippines has granted the People's Federation general access to Filipino naval bases. Madam Peng Liyuan has hailed this decision by the Philippines as a remarkable example and demonstration of the grounding foundation of trust, solidarity, peace, and cooperation among Asian countries, especially members of the Council of Asia countries. The providing of naval base access to the People's Federation allows for the expansion of potential Chinese naval operations and capabilities as the Navy is no longer subjected just to the territorial waters of the People's Federation. With the decision on the South China Sea and closer developing military relations with the Philippines and Valijun, the People's Federation has declared this a definite victory for Asian unity and cooperation.


more like Asian submission

Kiger wrote:*cough*

more like Asian submission

chinese imperialism is thique

Kiger wrote:*cough*

more like Asian submission

at least im not aligning myself with the western powers who either privately supported or openly tolerated the existence of Amsterwald


Funny how that word is just thrown around.

Kiger wrote:*cough*

more like Asian submission


Valijun wrote:at least im not aligning myself with the western powers who either privately supported or openly tolerated the existence of Amsterwald

I align myself with China and the east for a very good reason.

because the nation that leads the Western world, the USP, openly supported the Waldenian Apartheid regime. Not all western nations supported Amsterwald, which is why Indonesia loves Germany so much, but not all tried to do what Germany did. They either gave up or just decided to tolerate or appease Amsterwald.

it makes the most IC sense for me to be eastern

Valijun wrote:I align myself with China and the east for a very good reason.

because the nation that leads the Western world, the USP, openly supported the Waldenian Apartheid regime. Not all western nations supported Amsterwald, which is why Indonesia loves Germany so much, but not all tried to do what Germany did. They either gave up or just decided to tolerate or appease Amsterwald.

it makes the most IC sense for me to be eastern

I am quite literally in the same position as you diplomatically, and you don't see me aligning with China.

Frankly, I feel like there are numerous reasons you align with China, chief among them being OOC.

Alzarikstan wrote:"imperialism"

Funny how that word is just thrown around.

You literally tried to destroy Hong Kong and seemingly wanted to start a war with Korea.

You have at multiple instances been 'aggressive'. For what reason? To extend your power and influence. How? Through military force.

What is the definition of imperialism? A policy of extending a country's power and influence through colonization, use of military force, or other means.

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