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Welcome back, friends old and new. We have risen from the ashes of our former region. No more shall we fear the oppression of invaders nor be bound by the evils of WA legislation. God Bless!

Daloiah and Santimare

Members of Catholic, it is my desire to resign from the WA. I thank you all for the support you have given me over the years, and will still be here as a Non-WA member of the region. God Bless.

Saint phillipe

It feels great to be home!

Alleluia, Alleluia!

May I offer you congratulations on refounding your region! And I hope the friendship between the VRCC regions and you will always be strong.

Devoted Decons, your steadfast devotion to this region has been duly noted.

The spiritan confederacy

That was clever. Good work.

Wagafraga likes pi

Congrats guys. Nice job!

Pechersk lavra

Slava tobi, Bozhe nash, slava tobi!

Great job, DD!
Welcome back everyone!


On behalf of your friends in Vatican II, well done on securing a safe future for Catholic!

Thanks, friends!


Santa sede do rio de janeiro

Good stuff

You guys, sister's back! Shhh!

Welcome back, NN

Greetings! I'm very happy to be part of your Region. I am the former delegate for the Konservative Movement, but am very happy to have a change of scenery here!!

The nunnish nations

Thank you Osbalstium, and Deus tibi benedicat!



This is boring.

Boring because we never have to worry about being raided? LOL

What happened to the population, which was about 60 nations before the invasion?

Saint phillipe

I think a good number are in Catholics still.

The nunnish nations

Do we still have a forum?

Today is Hitler's birthday and 4/20 (unofficial U.S. holiday) . . .

:( :/

May as well keep the old forum

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