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Robin stone

TheMaritimes wrote:Hello


The holy independent system


Wassup? Hello The holy independent system, I believe we may be coming up for Victoria day, is it the 25th this year?
There will be have fireworks and popcorn galore!

*waves to Robin stone*
I'm not TheMaritimes but hello anyway!

And welcomes also go out to Eastern Roman America, Bowtonia and Jasmineites

The 25th was Queens Victoria's birthday.

Victoria day is the last Monday before the 25th, in this case yesterday, the 20th. I was planning on leaving the feature flag up until at least the 25th, then reverting to the maple leaf. The next feature flag in the pipeline is for National Indigenous Peoples' Day on 21 June.

If anyone has ideas for a Canada-themed flag, please let us know and we'll see what we can come up with. Recurring events are particularly welcome.

Almonaster Nuevo wrote:The 25th was Queens Victoria's birthday.

The 24th, not the 25th. She was born on 24 May 1819.

Schoolchildren's chant in Nova Scotia in olden days:

The 24th of May is the Queen's birthday
If we don't get a holiday, we'll all run away.

My bad - I didn't read far enough into the article. Thanks TheMaritimes.

The rule I quoted - Monday before the 25th - for Victoria day is still correct. That means if her birthday falls on a Monday, then it will also be Victoria day.


The stupid new site won't let me, please

TG me with details, Fin.

Finally decided on a religion -- Pupperism. Totally wasn't inspired by my dog.

Also decided to shake somethings up in Soliysk. Since being founded, Soliysk has identified as a Community. To match with my flag, my nation is now The Rainbow Community of Soliysk!

Rainbow! *nods*


Al it has been TGed....bum....bum...buuuuummmmmm.....I hate new things

Hello anyone here

Deublin wrote:Hello anyone here

Hello...I'm here!

*Starts making breakfast* Who is hungry?

Laughterandsunshine wrote:*Starts making breakfast* Who is hungry?


Time for second breakfast, then.

Pancakes and maple syrup?

Pancakes and maple syrup sounds great!

With coffee at the side

How well you know me.

How's it going up here, in the true North?

The polar bears are playing on the ice floes thanks Renegalle, while the moose swim and cavort in the lakes

Devil Heart wrote:The polar bears are playing on the ice floes thanks Renegalle, while the moose swim and cavort in the lakes

Sounds peaceful and Canadian


Watch out for an Ogopogo sighting.

New okanagan

I'm more afraid of the flying goats!

I'm sincerely thinking about train wrecking my own nation just to be something other than "Inoffensive Centrist Democracy"...

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