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Hey guys! o/

I'm The immortal elysium, Foreign Affairs Minister of The Mystical Council

I decided to make some contests, inter regional, of course, to maybe strengthen our relations or something.

Anywho, here's the dispatch.

Inter-Regional Halloween Contests

by The immortal elysium

Inter-Regional Halloween Contests

As the new Foreign Affairs Minister of The Mystical Council, and to get in the Halloween Spirit, we shall be hosting a couple of contests for anybody to enjoy.

The first of which is a short story contest.

We shall take submissions for a short stories that fit the following requirements, from anybody who wishes to make such a submission.

- Based around Halloween, be it horror, comedy, and anything in between.
- Less than 5k words.

Submissions are limited to one per person, so don't submit it until you are sure that it is ready for submitting. No edits can be made after submitting.

We shall also host a Halloween based flag contest for any graphic designers who wish to make such things.

For the flag contest, you may enter as many entries as you wish, as long as it fits the theme for Halloween.

All entries, for both contests, need to be submitted by Halloween day.

You can telegram me entries for submission as well. I'll compile them all together.

Let me know if you wish to remain anonymous, too.

Read dispatch

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