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Post self-deleted by The psychic horns.

Sovereign liberties

Come, let us reason together

Discussions can take place easier on our forum

Are you calling the rest of us stupid? :P

DARGLED and Ragazzini

Power belongs to the people, not to some dictator laying down the law from up above. Let freedom reign!

Post self-deleted by The psychic horns.

Post self-deleted by The psychic horns.

Sovereign liberties

If you want to campaign for the delegacy or you want to know who is running for the delegacy, join our regional forum

We are also going to have the discussion for the government structure there. Our aim is to have a stable, democratic region securely in the hands of the Balderans.

Post self-deleted by The psychic horns.

Wz codgers clowns

Any criticism of any other person would only come from their past histories.

This is the case EXCEPT for Unibot/Robin Hood. The very *first* action here was insult this region sovereignty by posting the first (of what will be many, as the fate of all GCRs) adspam here. Source: page=rmb/postid=686968

I have no comment on Unibot's abilities. I just believe his region is owed an apology as I want a precedent of supporting someone who has trod all over us without repenting for it. That would not be a good beginning.

Posting a recruitment message here isn't an insult to the region's sovereignty at all. This is a Game Created Region (GCR), and the recruiting game rules in this region are obviously exactly the same as they are in Lazarus.

Wz codgers clowns

The rules are what is allowed not what is desirable.

If his goal is to help the region develop, then him posting ad spam is an insult.

Unibot is otherwise a good, if a bit idealistic guy.

Sovereign liberties

And if your goal is to develop the region, then do just that. Our first step is to establish a government. Join the forum to do just that.

Federalist thought

A government must not be hastily formed. We must form a Congress in order to discuss what our Constitution should be, and what the rules governing an election for delegate are to look like. If we act too quickly we run the risk of putting into power a tyrant who will rule based on tradition and will manipulate the drafting of rules and institutions to support himself. I've seen it happen in too many other regions.

What is with these new regions? It appears my nation has missed much in it's slumber.

Jennifer government ns

Yeah! My new sinker region!!!


YaY, more changes!


Hans conrad leipelt

If only I could recruit this quickly... Actually it'd be too quickly for my tastes; not enough time to settle people in. But still.

Augustus here, just coming to hang out and maybe participate in the community once something stable forms

Don't know if some other feeder's done this yet, but good luck to the new guys in town!

Regardless, TEP is interested in establishing diplomatic ties with ya. Got some forums I can carouse around?

Stable forums are obviously essential, but choosing the admin is also very important. I think the plan will be to establish a constitutional convention out of the Balder nations and have them vote on a leader, a forum and begin drafting a rough constitution.

Hello! I think Osiris was a little too conflicted for my tastes...

I work with computers, and have made several websites :3

Only a few Nationstates ones though...

Hi Wreaked, nice to hear you chosen the nicer and more mature sinker. :P

I have to go for classes be back later

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