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thats crap (in my opinion).

Yeah, I'm a bit sceptical about those survey results. I think that they might have just managed to question less drinkers, or more liars, or both, than last time.

I think that the percentage of people that don't take surveys alone skew the results enough to make any survey not worth a whole lot, never mind the numbers that lie about their answers. I guess that is where they use the qualifier of plus or minus three percent 19 times out of twenty or something close to that just to cover that.

A drink sounds good right about now. :)

I reckon

Remember everyone you can have your say on who you want to become WA delegate either King Rankmore or Suratia but you must vote on the forum for it to count.

Before I decide whether or not to vote for myself... :P the thread for the election supposed to be a poll, or just post our votes as replies?

Mcmasterdonia representative

You just post your votes as replies.

Yea thats right.

On another note how about the Premier of NSW resigning today hillarious.

I think it's interesting that the ICAC proceedings were dealing with allegations of corruption in the NSW branch of the ALP, and that it's finding these concerns with Liberal party folks. First Sinodinos, now O'Farrell.

Mcmasterdonia representative

NSW has always had a problem with corruption. I thought Premier Kenneally was pretty good, but she was given a very crappy party to lead and a difficult election to fight.

The pollies are only one side of the corruption story. We shouldn't forget about the lobbyists and who they work for.



*waves* I never did much here, but it's good to be back regardless. :)

Hello and welcome.

Post self-deleted by Alcopop.

Last chance to vote on the WA delegate.

It's currently a tie between King Rankmore and Suratia. If anyone else is going to vote, now's the time to do it.

Mcmasterdonia representative

I am quite surprised. I thought there would be more interest in the WA election.

Me too.

Ok. Right?

I don't think it would be kosher for a non-resident like myself to vote in your poll, but I think recruiting would be a good idea.


Recruiting is a good idea. If we want our region to grow we will have to recruit.

I agree


Juergen wrote:Recruiting is a good idea. If we want our region to grow we will have to recruit.

o rly?

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