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Behold our latest poll!


^ It's a mighty three way battle!

Post by Charli and dixie d amelio suppressed by a moderator.

G'day, Gilakkahandibria doesn't just have stupid name, but we're also the top 1% in the world for Trout Fishing Industry, with our minuscule 14 million people we are a proud nation and are proud to be a part of Aussie.

Room for one more ?
I love Australia.
Well, New South Wales at least. What I knew of it. Sydney.

New Poll time! and its the best yet!!!


^ Pick your wizard powers!

Carver islands

Hey! Anyone awake?


Awake? Not sure if I am awake now. :)

Australian colonial kingdom

G’day mate.

Australian colonial kingdom

-eats vegimite-

G'day all.

The best poll in Human history is here!


^ Best Seasonal Beverage!

¿ɥsnq ǝɥʇ uᴉ ,uᴉop ǝq ǝʎ ʍoɥ 'sɹǝʞuɐM puɐ s8ɯ 'ʎɐp,פ

Cereskia wrote:¿ɥsnq ǝɥʇ uᴉ ,uᴉop ǝq ǝʎ ʍoɥ 'sɹǝʞuɐM puɐ s8ɯ 'ʎɐp,פ

Crikey. A dipstick blow in.

Imperial lands of sulfate

The Imperial Lands

oh god i hope no emus try and kill me

Carver islands and Cereskia

Wooloos wrote:oh god i hope no emus try and kill me

They've been known to attack humans. But it's Cassowaries you need to avoid. An American was killed by one in 2019. It was a good day.


Let loose the Drop Bears!

New Poll time! please ultra enjoy new poll!


Favorite burger joint!

Must've fallen asleep. Good to be back home :)

Sending a token of continued friendship:

**delivers a basket of muffins, pastries, jam and butter, and Hershey's kisses**

Mabuhay! To our embassy partner, ally for peace and sustainable development, we would like to request your support for our Delegate and President, Ariusgrad, as it has recently received a commendation proposal no less from our World Assembly Secretary General.

As the longstanding delegate of a large, founderless region for more than eight years and counting, this nation has demonstrated utmost dedication and unparalleled service for its constituents in the Philippines. In its dream for a shared world, it has kept the region open to all aspiring members despite the increasing demands of ascending in the international stage. Never has it been under an Ariusgrad administration that the region locked itself from invasion, facing the powerful forces head on with incredible skill in consensus building and maintaining alliances. As an integral member of the URA, the region under its exemplary leadership has since been key to many initiatives.

In a day or so, the landmark proposal will be taken up in the Security Council. Every manifestation of support will be most beneficial, for this is not only a recognition for a largely unknown region such as the Philippines, but also an interesting development, a great message, for all regions which may not have marquee reputation relative to the world, but which credentials are nonetheless noteworthy.

Please see the proposal content here: page=UN_view_proposal/id=joan_darc_1604956368

Maraming salamat sa inyong pagtabang!

Hello Australia! Warm greetings from United of Loush Landia


Australian-victorian wrote:hi


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