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Carver islands

Juergen wrote:Working these days is good. I had picked a good time to start my retirement.

Are you retired?

James bond island

Hello to all I picked this region and it looks like a quiet relaxing region no Discord or Maps ,No political parties.

Thank you for having me and no don't want to be in the World Assembly they tell you what to do. You cant be yourself.

Retirement is an option at my age.



Australia-oceania wrote:Hi!

Happy Long Weekend!

Cool Happy Long weekend too

The australasian peoples union






The ambassadors reception

The Embassy

*Sends you a diplomatic cable*

The Monthly Tabloid

India Official Newsletter
June 2020

Editor: Indusse
Writers: Indusse

Editor's Desk

Dear Readers,
Warm Greetings to all fellow readers of The Monthly Tabloid. This is the first edition of the newsletter. The Monthly Tabloid is the official newsletter of the region of india. The tabloid aims to share the happenings in the region with others. Please read our newsletter and upvote the dispatch.


Regional News

Founder Reigns!!

The most important incident that took place in India on June 2020 is the crowning of the new founder for the region. The founder account Nirupama which was used by former WAD Tripunithura for 9 long years was handed over to former WAD and current Prime minister Indusse. The crowning was done between the WAD elections and Thripunithura retired from the founder's office. He had served India from its re-establishment and before. The Former founder had contributed numerous good remarks to India. Wishing all the best in his future, The Indian Administration ends the article.

NK the new WAD!!!

Neo Kerala was elected the new WAD of India the June elections. He won the Elections easily due to his reputation, activeness and his position in the region. He faced tough competition from the former WAD Indusse. The other rival was Indus Valley Civilization who quit the elections half way. Indus valley civilization who stood as pragjyotishpura couldn't get even 7 votes in the Elections. The founder Nirupama sworned in Neo kerala and his proposed cabinet on 14th June 2020. The region found a great rise in its population after the election reaching the biggest in its history.

Coup De Etat!

The region witnessed a rare incident on 29th June. The regional delegate Neo Kerala was overthrown in a accidental Coup by the prime minister and former WAD Indusse. The coup gained Foreign attention and discussions started in the discord. Later, The administration set up a reverse coup which made Neo Kerala the WAD again. Due to the Coup, the region imposed a temporary Endorsement cap. The admin nations can have upto 20 endorsements whereas others 15. The coup resulted in sudden confusion and debates.

Diplomacy Boost!!

India, a region founded in the Antiquity and liberated and refounded with the help of Texas,10000 islands and Yggdrassil in 2009 planned to open embassies and consulates In reputed regions of Nationstates. The prime minister lodged requests for Consulates in the regions of The East Pacific and The south Pacific. The consulate requests were approved within a day or two and the Regional consulate started it's working then and there. The region reopened embassies with its old Allied Region of Yggdrassil with the help of Goddess Relief Office and Thembria SSR.

Champion de AIFC

After the long interval, sports cycle restarted in India with the second season of All India Football League (AIFL). The tournament was a success and Indusse became the champions defeating Kumbhalgarh in the finals for 1-0. The tournament hosted by Orissa islands which is the puppet of former champions Northwest Kalactin was the exhibition of the soccer spirit and Fanbases in India. Indusse who won the tournament didn't loose a single match this season. The effort of Gilgit and baltistan, sports minister and Orissa islands, Host helped the tournament to be a success and get completed. Special Mention to Kumbhalgarh for their extraordinary sporting spirit and performance in the tournament. The tournament stats can be founded here.

Inter-Ministry Appointment

The Cabinet Members called for a meeting for discussing the establishment of inter-cabinet appointments in the region. Nations wants to participate in the administration and help the ministers to make India great. Upon the requests of Bharat india and Euphrateans, the prime minister called on a meeting of the other ministers. The meeting results have not yet been published and would be done soon. The most awaiting results will be published to all.


The FunBox is the play area of the Monthly Tabloid. From the next editions it will have Fun,Games and Interviews. Nations interested to have a game published please contact the Editor via Telegram or Discord. (Discord tag: Indusse#2211)


A place for Advertising your GE&T businesses, YT channels or Servers.


1. The Monthly Tabloid needs writers and Staff for publishing it's monthly newsletters. Interested candidates please contact the editor via telegram or Discord.
Discord tag: Indusse#2211

2. The Monthly Tabloid needs a newsletter logo (banner type) and banners for sections like Regional News,Funbox and Advertisement from nations from any region. Interested please contact the Editor.

All rights reserved ©MonthlyTabloid2020
Read dispatch

The Region of Save Our Planet welcomes the new embassy with Australia!
It is an honor to establish diplomatic relations with you.
Your nations are always welcome to post on our RMB concerning any issues that affect our Earth.
Please let any of your fellow regions with the Eco-Friendly Tag know about us.

╭━━━━╮ This is meme dog. Help
╰┃ ┣▇━▇ meme dog take over nation-states
 ┃ ┃  ╰━▅╮ by pasting
 ╰┳╯ ╰━━┳╯ him in 10 other
  ╰╮ ┳━━╯ regions or he
 ▕▔▋ ╰╮╭━╮ will never be a meme
▏  ▔▔▔▔▔▔▔  O O┃
 ▏╳▕▇▇▕ ▏╳▕▇▇▕
 ╲▂╱╲▂╱ ╲▂╱╲▂╱

This is not a meme.

Cute puppy

New poll in Gypsy Lands. Hurry, 3 days only.

RU upside down

Pigeonstan wrote:RU upside down

ǝɹɐ ǝɹns ǝM

Concordant Opposition wrote:ǝɹɐ ǝɹns ǝM

well that is awesome

Carver islands

What's with all the embassy closures? Is there something going on?

Nah not really

Happy 5 year embassy-versary! Leaves a basket of lollies

Attention, fair nations of Australia:

The region of APSIA is in dire straits! The once benevolent Nationalist Gold Union has taken a turn towards corruption and greed. He has hatched a dastardly scheme to poach WA delegates from other regions, using them to gain more power for himself. It was the darkest hour, it seemed all hope was lost, but hark! A savior arose as Sietsk, APSIAn WA delegate, rose the colors of rebellion and began a daring plan to depose the despicable despot. The forces of resistance are now rallying around a Security Council proposal to defeat the saucy villain and restore peace and justice.

Please approve this proposal, it is our last hope ---> page=UN_view_proposal/id=sietsk_1597139431

Attention, esteemed nations of Australia,

It seems the trait-I mean, misled nation of Bisingen has gotten his grubby hands on you first, but do not fear! The truth will prevail!

Please do not approve this resolution: page=UN_view_proposal/id=sietsk_1597139431

Please don't. Please. please i'm on my knees here


-"Why should we not approve this resolution?"


-"Why is your own WA delegate, Sietsk, proposing this resolution?"
No comment.

-"Are the allegations against Nationalist Gold Union true?"
Yes. I like corruption and greed.

-"Why are you backing him?"
Corruption and greed.

-"What will happen if this resolution is defeated?"
We will continue to poach WA delegates.

-"And we're supposed to just let that happen?"

-"I'm going to approve the resolution."

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