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New william island


The only question is how are we going to go about recruitment.

New william island wrote:Hi!



Mcmasterdonia representative

I would recommend we fundraise for stamps to recruit. We could recruit manually but that is a lot of work and would require using an additional tool or doing it the old fashioned way and refreshing tabs constantly.

If people buy stamps and donate them to King Rankmore or the founder, he could use them to recruit. You need to specify that you're buying the stamps as a gift though before you proceed to payment.

Tanya plibersek

Tanya Plibersek for leader of the Australian Labor Party!

oh my that commission of audit. oh oh my!

Yes I know god help us all!

A debt levy on the rich and giving money to poor working mums... I thought the Liberals were crusaders for capitalism?

Mcmasterdonia representative

The liberal government is a revolting farce. Let's make sure this government will be a one term government and will be nothing more than a line in the history books.

As horrifying as the Commission of Audit report is, you've gotta ask yourself, "Will they have the guts to implement even half this stuff?"

If they try too much too soon from that report, then they're at serious risk of jeopardising their chances at re-election. If they don't care too much about that, then they'll have to do a much better job of communicating the "need" for those measures. At the moment, the way they're going about things is really dragging the country down. It's creating a lot of fear and uncertainty; which is a pretty ineffective way to strengthen the nation.

So the general consensus is that we try to recuit new nations to the region. I look foward to hearing your discussions on the forum.

How did we all fare in the budget?

Mcmasterdonia representative

Not very well it seems! :P

can I just say f u c k the libs and Pyne is a complete f u c k wit

Yeah, Pyne s u c k s :(

You ok Rankmore? How did the budget affect you?

Mcmasterdonia representative

I can't believe Pyne is trying to say he said grub. The two words aren't even similar?

Is there actual footage of what he said?
Personally I think we should see more of it, brighten up our otherwise boring politics here.
And lets be honest, Shorten is the old C word.

Just his attitude sucks and that the government has got its priorities so completly out of wack like lets spend all this money on fighter jets but make massive cuts elsewhere.

I agree, with regards to health care and education.
But the F35 has been budgeted for for quite a while now, since long before Abbott was the Prime Minister and it was selected as the RAAF's next fighter long before Abbott was even a consideration for the Liberal party leadership.

Our only other options are;

a) Buy the latest version of the FA18. Downside to that though is that it's an old design and it's life and support will come to an end in the not too distant future.

b) Buy other western aircraft from Europe. Downside to that is that RAAF will need to change it's logistics supply chain, maintenance etc. Billions more will be needed.

c) Buy Russian jets. Don't think that will ever occur. Downside same as b and then some.

d) Buy the F35. Costly, behind schedule. May not give us that technological edge. Can we buy it in enough numbers given how costly it is, and maintain those aircraft, or whatever the minimum required for operational duties is, at any given time(with pilots given how hard it is to keep personnel)?

c) Scrap the RAAF entirely, and spend the money saving the whales and trees. Which I'm sure the likes of Greens politicians like Sarah Hanson Young would love to see.

So basically our viable options are either continue on with the older western designs, or switch to a new one.
If politics wasn't a part of the decision process, we may well have gone with a European option, possibly the Rafael even, given that RAAF has flown French jets before.

Seen the Daily telegraph tody what a disgrace that paper is an absolute joke.

I am of course refering to the front page.

Mcmasterdonia representative

I wish Bill Shorten would step down and let Tanya Plibersek take over the leadership. Doing well in the polls lately though.

I hope Abbott goes to a double dissolution. I'd love the opportunity to vote again.

I'm back.

welcome back

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