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Sounds like you guys have things well in hand now.

Mcmasterdonia representative

I think the forum is simple enough to start with. We can add or cut as necessary.

Might as well start signing up.

Hello! I am here to celebrate on of Australia's great cultural practices

Welcome to the region. :)

Congrats on the refound!

Neutral negotiators

Greetings, Australia!

Congratulations on your refounding!

I have been dispatched here by His Excellency, Baron von Hindlicher, ruler of the Barony Dominion. His Excellency is requesting that you consider re-establishing embassies and international relations with our home region, Horses and Bayonets.

I am at your disposal to answer any questions. Thank you!

Neutral negotiators
Ambassador, Barony Dominion

I see King Rankmore is delegate once more. Lovely stuff.

I am happy to accept embassies any objections? Or with any of the others I have just agreed to?

Still early days but looks like we are going to a vote for WA delegate position.

King Rankmore wrote:I am happy to accept embassies any objections? Or with any of the others I have just agreed to?

They all look good. Nice to see the embassy with across the ditch coming back.

Yea hey since they only have embassy with us. Also can everyone join the forum and introduce yourself.


Neutral negotiators

Thank you for re-establishing embassies!

Mcmasterdonia representative

It might be a good idea to get people to apply for citizenship on the regional forum:

This will give you "citizen" masking and recognise you as a resident of the region.


To all,

Malaysia's Prime Minister has issued a statement that Flight MH370 ended in the Southern Indian Ocean.

I would like to express my deepest sympathy during this time of sadness and my heart goes out to those family members and those victims onboard MH370.


Mcmasterdonia representative

We can all read the news. I don't think you needed to spam every single region with that information.

Nonetheless, it is very sad, however I do not think it was unexpected.

Yea true that was the most likely result.

It's unfortunate nonetheless. :(

Welcome new nations to the region.

Since it is looking like we are going to have elections I will call for nominations to be had by WA members but just a heads up it will be conducted on the off site forum. So therefore in order to nominate to be a candidate you must be a member of the forum.

How long will the term of office be for the WA Delegate?

I don't know any suggestions?

The arcadian free commonwealth

Does anyone know what's going on with the missing Malaysians flight..? Front what I heard, the "naval" vessel ocean shield is being sent, but it's not even an official naval vessel. It belongs to Australian customs, not the RAN. The media is pretty stuffed up at the moment.

Skippy the bush kangaroo

Most of the regions Iím familiar with an elected Delegateís term on office will be between 90 and 120 days or the Delegate will serve until thereís a call for a new Delegate. The latter regions will often have Delegates that CTE whilst in office.

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