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Everyone join our nice faction Nuke Duders thx - page=faction/fid=123

Groups for the 2018 AstyCup co-hosted by Noordenstaat-Nidwalden, best of luck to all competitors!

Group A: Noordenstaat, Aswick, Khade, Mesoland
Group B: Nidwalden, Kobolis, Rysia, Zitru
Group C: Aquitayne, Jarridia, Kyashi, Red River Free State
Group D: Bungussi, Hindia Belanda, Nikolia, Valkea
Group E: Kayar Var, Andamonia, Ionicus, Scottopian Isles
Group F: Osaka, Arimathea, British Hifax, Ord Caprica
Group G: Casegene, Blackhelm Confederacy, Costa de Ouro, Nova Deseret
Group H: Nynorsk Ostlijord, Aurora Confederacy, Consular, Klemantan-Borneo


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Greater belkan reich

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*waves* we are in Discord

Greater belkan reich

We still have a few more nations to add to the list but for now, those who have previously created teams, the 1st round of AIFA National Cups is posted. Winners of these tournaments will be entered into the AIFA Champions League along with your League Champions next season. Let me know if you would like your nation added to the list or if you need a league scorinated for nations. Thanks


I know we're super behind, but heres Game 1 of the 2018 AstyCup:


AstyCup2018 is complete (in May 2019!), congrats to Nynorsk Ostlijord....

I would like to have the 2019 edition to be held in the summer as usual. Looking for hosts!

Zitru, San Joaquin, Scottopian Isles, Nidwalden & Noordenstaat can not host the games. Send me a message if interested, deadline is June 1st. If multiple interested parties, we will push it to a vote. Games take place July-August!

2019 AIFA AstyCup Hosts are Aswick-Aquitayne! Tournament will be from October 1st through October 11th

Group A: Aswick, Cote de Cuivre, Hifax & Ionicus
Group B: Bungussi, Khade, Morroseta & Nidwalden
Group C: Costa de Ouro, Kobolis, Romberg & Scottopian Isles
Group D: Andamonia, Aurora Confederacy, Blackhelm Confederacy & Stretta
Group E: Kamalbia, Mizialand, Ord Caprica & Red River Free State
Group F: Consular, Maqtajer, Sycoon & Trellin

Group G: Aquitayne, Bankampar, Polaru & Smertolina
Group H: Cassone, Nova Deseret, Nynorsk Ostlijord & Scanonia
Group I: Colchester Landing, Hindia Belanda, Kyashi & San Joaquin Valley
Group J: Albeinland, Mesoland, Nikolia & Serettes
Group K: Bhormakaro, Kelonna, Riysa & Valkea
Group L: Arimathea, Equinoxiale, Great Nortend & Zitru

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