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Red Horizon
The Communist Party of Tabulu recently took over the island of Mo'li'auta, a small territory no larger than 16 km^2. The communists have made demands that Tabulu be declared a socialist republic, or they will kill everyone on the island. Unfortunately for the insurgents, they have failed to realise that the island was recently evacuated due to a tropical storm path. As such, they are now stranded on aforementioned island with no hostages and a heavy storm coming through.

The Tabuluan government has offered the insurgents to be cut slack on sentences, as well as to evacuate them off the island as well, provided they give up their arms. So far, the insurgent leader has only said that he will "not surrender to the foolish capital of Tabulu." However, Tabuluan officials have confirmed that the second-in-command has surrendered his arms and brought with him several members of the insurgency. The Tabuluan government has stated that they will do "everything in [their] power to save Tabuluan citizens, insurgent criminal, or not."

Meanwhile, Lankterlerp just exsists. Thats all. Yep.

Police Raid Unveils Arms Cache

A police raid earlier this morning against a flat in the city of Lawdada unveiled a large arms cache believed to have belonged to a drug smuggling gang.

Police say that they seized two 22 calibre handguns and a Kalashnikov-type rifle, along with as many as two hundred and fifty rounds of ammunition. Leading the raid was Superintendent Heskel, who told reporters "These arms would have been used by these gangs to intimidate and terrorise the local community. We have done the community an invaluable service by taking these weapons off the street."

In 2018, there were a total of only six firearms murders in Gassasinia. Help keep firearms crime at an all-time low, and report any illegal weapons distribution or possession immediately on our 24-hour non-emergency hotline 002, or visit to see how YOU can help us take action against violent crime in our communities.

Second Day of the War

As the war enters its second day of combat and Gassasinian involvement now confirmed, the Bakyernian military continues its advance to the port city of Csatorna in Plagyorasia.

Over last night and earlier today, the military has continued its advance towards the port city of Csatorna in Plagyorasia. Combat reports still show no casualties on the Bakyernian side, seeing as all of the damage and casualties being sustained are currently of the Plagyorasian side. But so far, the military has been gaining ground in Plagyorasia, with Csatorna expected to be occupied in a few days once the military arrive.

In other sides of the front, more missile strikes have been confirmed as multiple other military targets such as armored vehicles and fortified positions have been bombed from the missiles launched from warships off the coast. And so far, the city of Csatorna is now under more threat of being occupied as Bakyernian warships gave orders to the city to surrender to the Coalition or face an invasion & possible bombardment from the sea and air.

The Fichmanistan County Elections are approaching. Although county assembly’s don’t hold much power apart from trash collection and planning permission, the election will show how voters might vote in the next presidential and national elections.

Next Marlenki fighter to be reverse-swept wing?

Following rumors that the F/S-45 was to be complemented by another fighter platform, the military has confirmed that the nations will indeed be planning to find a complement for the F/S-45.

the F/S-45 is meant for Interception and ground attack, And as such due to its design is not a good dogfighter.

The new fighter is to prioritize dogfighting capability over all else. 5 Companies are participating.

The Marlenki Alsara-Korikarpka Aircraft Works have unveiled the AK-47, currently in testing.

The Ak-47 is unlike other fighters, is a reverse-swept wing aircraft. This is said to improve manuavrability, shorten take off distance, and increase the chances on an anime villain being its pilot.

While the project is still in testing, many have speculated that it will be the winner.

Siege of Srebrenica
The armed forces of the Legionary Republic of Kaluga putted under siege Srebrenica and isolted her from the rest of the frontline, in the same day the armored forces of Argarzia located on the north-west of the country started the operation VILON to reconquer Konya with the support of the 4th and the 5th Air Squadrons. Onther two operations will starts today : the operation VAMBRACE and the operation GERAT, in the first the remaining armored forces of the 2nd Army Corps and the forces of the 19th light reconnaissance brigade will attack the city of Manisa. In the second operation the 15th infantry brigade and the 9th Assault brigade will launch an offensive to reconquer Tuzla and Belogina. On the kurgan front the things are going for the well, the kurganese forces launched various disorganized attacks to the argarzian lines, the command of the kurgan front organize the operation GELB, the forces of the 12th Army will conquer the cities of Piska, Van, Trebisonda, Berdsk, Visoko and Odessa. On the Air front the situation is better, the 2nd Air Army are going to start the operation GOMORRAH, missile strikes will maked to destroy the rebel resources and squadrons of bombers will bomb the infrastructures of the rebels, making easier the conquest of the enemy territory.

Gassasinia wrote:Just a bit of advice:
Things like genocide should be handled very carefully. We've recently had a spate of poorly-planned and vapid civil wars and war crimes which have been poorly handled, and a lot of people are sick of stuff like that. Recreating a real-life massacre does not help. Especially when you're throwing around these huge statistics in the thousands in a matter of /literally/ an hour.

I would advise speaking to Vultesia about military actions. However, as it stands, a lot of people are fed up with civil wars and it might be best even to find something else to do.

Meanwhile I'm just sitting here


Latvia and Saaremaa wrote:Meanwhile I'm just sitting here


Good day everyone, i am new in this region.

Belliniengrad wrote:Good day everyone, i am new in this region.

Hello there, welcome :D

Belliniengrad wrote:Good day everyone, i am new in this region.

Hello and welcome to the wonderful region of Anteria. I hope you have a great time here.

Firstly before you start roleplaying telegram Foxomexra to claim a spot on the regional map. Do join our discord server, the link is on the Region info page. Please read our RP Guide to get an idea of what is allowed and not allowed. Any questions ask me or the directors.

RP guide

Welcome to Anteria, the second planet in the Tendor System, home to humanity and all their beautiful nations!

The Anterian roleplay is a modern tech world completely unrelated to Earth. That means that the roleplay takes place in the current year; 2021, and any real-life countries, as well as the Earth, Solar System, Milky Way, etc simply don't exist. But how does it work?

First things first

    - The No. 1 rule in roleplay and worldbuilding is consent. So before you go and declare war on other countries, you need to understand that in order to include other countries into your roleplay, worldbuilding and lore, you have to get their permission to do so! That's why Anterian roleplay isn't just only acting and reacting, but often creating and discussing scenarios and events together with other members. Of course, foreign policy that includes other nations like for example travel bans, condemnations, or embargoes, which don't necessarily have to directly harm or generally affect the nation, are an exception.

    - Since this is a realtime RP in 2021, please stay realistic, especially when worldbuilding and roleplaying military. If you don’t know what is realistic and what’s not, just ask the Director of Roleplay (DoRP), a Councilor, or someone with enough knowledge to advise you. 

    - In order for roleplay-posts to be canon, they have to be posted on the Regional Message Board (RMB), even if you already posted it in #today-in-anteria on the regional Discord!

How does one start roleplaying?

That is fairly simple. Whenever a new nation joins the roleplay, everyone acts like they have always existed. That way people are free to create their lore as they wish. If you don't know what to post or want to contact other roleplayers on a simpler way than having to write telegrams, there are several channels on our regional LinkDiscord server dedicated to roleplay and worldbuilding, which is why I highly recommend joining it!

On the other side, whenever a nation leaves the roleplay, may it be due to inactivity and CTEing (Nations "cease to exist" after 28/60 days of inactivity on NationStates, depending on if they are on Vacation Mode or not), leaving Anteria, or the player changing their nation in the roleplay, everyone acts as if the nation never existed in the first place.

If you want to add some spice to your worldbuilding, you can also create a wikipedia-like article about your nation on a website called LinkIIWiki. Don’t know how it works or how to start? Just ask Registrars or people with knowledge for help and take a look in #wiki-requests on Discord. We already have lots of articles, including one about LinkAnteria itself!

(More information to war will be added in some days)
Rules of War

The Map

Of course, roleplaying and worldbuilding without having an idea of where nations are is almost impossible. That is why we maintain a map of Anteria. In order to get a spot on the map, you have to claim the area you want your nation to be. You can do that by either downloading it or taking a screenshot (The latest map is linked on Anteria's World Factbook Entry, as well as in the #map-submissions channel on Discord), marking your claim (make sure it is reasonably sized and consider other maps like climate, tropical storms, etc.), and sending the claim to the Director of Cartography, Foxomexra, either by sending a telegram or posting the claim in #map-submissions on Discord.

When you have claimed a spot, your nation will be added in the next map update, which is every Wednesday and Saturday

White spots on the map are unclaimed land. It is complicated on how much one can interact with it, as there neither a void, nor complete anarchy with no governing structure, but rather some kind of governments noone can roleplay with, since there is no player to roleplay with. That also makes expansion of territory into unclaimed land for roleplay purposes a complicated topic, but not an impossible one. If you have something like that in mind for a roleplay idea, just talk with the Director of Cartography or Roleplay.

Need more information? Just read the Map Guide

The essentials of your worldbuillding

What you definitely need are the population and GDP of your country. Those are one of the most defining factors of how your country is gonna look like. Since NationStates-stats are highly unrealistic, you will have to come up with your own. For that I recommend the following:

    1. Ask the cartographer Foxomexra about the size of your claim.
    2. Settle on a population density, taking climate and other stuff into account.
    3. Calculate your Population (Pop. Density × Size)
    4. Settle on a GDP per capita (if you plan on being as wealthy as Western/European nations, a 20,000-50,000 ACU range is recommended, 50,000 ACU is really wealthy, and countries even wealthier than that are usually smaller in population, like Switzerland, Qatar, Norway, etc.)
    5. Calculate your GDP (GDP per capita × Population)

For population density and GDP per capita, I suggest taking real-life countries as a reference. If you are wondering what “ACU” is, it’s an abbreviation for “Anterian Currency Unit”. Though it’s not a currency but only a unit of measurement for international trade. 1 ACU is 1 USD.

Any other questions? Send a telegram to the DoRP New Sebronia, or write a message to seb#7878 on Discord! Have fun and enjoy your stay!
Read dispatch

Sarie Kahrabayiyin "طريق سريع كهربائي":
'Cuirve is progressing very quickly, and with the implementation of high voltage power lines, the dream of homes sprawling over the once extreme ruralities is that close. Power wires already run across two major lines, one on the main Artery, coming through the grid, and another on the north-most side of the grid; Both of which people will eventually be connected up to all the homes and buildings soon to line the streets. We have also chosen to add power lines connecting to the Bitana Estate and install lights that will make it stand out like a star at night. A small note on ...', Written in the 'Book of Cuirve', being drafted by Seipor Basha.

The Plagyorasian Bush War, Day III: Csatorna's Woes

Strange times in a strange land it seems, as the city of Csatorna has descended into urban carnage. Following coalition shelling posturing, the city's legislature announced a vote of no-confidence, ousting the mayor and declaring the city's surrender to the coalition armies. However, this has not gone smoothly, as thousands of Plagyorasian troops, alongside Plagyor ultranationalist militias, remain within city limits, and have begun a campaign to disarm the city's own militias. The resulting fighting has only further damaged the already battered buildings and streets, and the casualty toll has begun rising in the city. Many analysts are worried that the Coalition forces won't arrive in time to assist the Csatorna militants, as heated urban combat continues to ravage the once pristine city.

Greetings from the fledgling nation of Sezway

Sezway wrote:Greetings from the fledgling nation of Sezway

Greetings !

Abjekistan Broadcasting Network | Lastest News

Abjekistan officially changes its license plate

After short debates with other Thrismari Union delegates, delegates decided to introduce an official, trans-thrismari official license plate. Abjekistani delegates accepted to replace the old one with an official TU badged plate, shared with all other TU members.
NOTE TO ABJEKISTANIAN AUTOMOBILE OWNERS: The former Abjekistanian license plate will still be valid until April 15th of 2025

Government announces huge road renovation projects in Düýestan

After the recent conflict opposing the Abjekistanian forces and the terrorist group ''The sons of Hadianism'', many roads in Düýestan have been left in a deplorable state. Abjekistan Ministry of Transporsts take the opportunity to completely renovate the Düýestan road system. In total, more than 50,000 kilometers of roads will be entirely remade. This project is planned to start in July, and is planned to be finished in late-2023-early-2024.

2021 Halkfest starts remarkably

This year's Halkfest is taking place in Yerden, the capital of Materikia. Since early this morning, the streets are filled with people from all around the country coming to celebrate the cultural diversity of our great nation. On the menu: dances, folk songs, craft market, shows, cuisine and much more. The festival will last a week, and, like every years, will end with spectacular fireworks.

Thank you for listening to ABN, this was Ismir Masjemankh, good evening and good night!

I will be joining Maricoen soon. I look forward to being in this region.

Hello everyone. I look forward to being here.

Greetings Anteria, I am Maricoen! I have just recently moved here after a region breaking incident in New Eastern Europe. I am ecstatic to join ya'll, and looking forward to a new beginning.

Hi Anteria, I'm Gerbia, I am joining Zanjact and Maricoen in joining Anteria from New Eastern Europe. I hope I can be a good fit for this region. :)

The Wellsenfaile Efreg

A controversial visit

Today Telsruk Haven's plane landed down in Salstil today as the historic visit has started. He was greeted by First Citizen Felics Basztyn and his assistants. Both men were laughing and smiling as they walked towards the podium. All you need to know about the first day of the visit down below.

"Today is a landmark visit in the history books, and I hope it will benefit all of Wellsenfaile in the future". Telsruk Haven's opening sentence sent a message to Wellsenfaile, the visit is for the good of the country. He stood proudly with a blue ribbon on his shirt symbolizing the blue ribbon revolution while wearing the Vultesian knot representing Vultesia. In his speech he said this "Vultesia is our ally and always has been our ally. We need to leave everything that happened in the colonial times, that was 206 years ago. Vultesia has stood with us, so we should stand with them." He also talked about trade hinting that of an arms trade but didn't give away anything else about the visit. He also talked about the worsening situation in Argarzia, saying that Wellsenfaile stands with Argarzia and that if they need any support, military, or aid Wellsenfaile is happy to help. Lastly, Haven said he looks forward to the visit and hopes this visit is a success. For the Empire, For the victory, For Wellsenfaile.

Vultesia's First Citizen Felics Bastyn had to say this: "Vultesia and its citizens welcome President Haven. In this, the year of the Principate's centenary, it's my privilege to host the delegation from the Wellsenfaile to my homeland. It is my sincere hope that our Western neighbors will find their mission to the Principate a fruitful one. Vultesia unto Eternity".

As the first day of the visit starts it seems the visit is going very well as both countries citizens are wondering what the outcome of the visit will be.

Runaway wheelchair

A video on Utube has gone viral in the past few days with about 28 million views on the video. It shows a man in a wheelchair escaping from a police officer in Derhet today. The man in the wheelchair was being confronted by police when he rammed into one of them and started his escape. 4 police officers chased after the man into the local park. One police officer smashed into a lamp post while the other 3 couldn't catch up. The man was seen leaving the park laughing before disappearing into the city. The man has been identified as Hacer Peklan and is accused of stealing 3 chocolate bars, 340 Thuroes, and a My Little Turtle toy. The video has sparked a question, do our policemen need to eat fewer donuts?

Zanjact wrote:Hello everyone. I look forward to being here.

Maricoen wrote:Greetings Anteria, I am Maricoen! I have just recently moved here after a region breaking incident in New Eastern Europe. I am ecstatic to join ya'll, and looking forward to a new beginning.

hello, old friends, i was waiting here for you.

hello Icould not bear to part with Zanjact (Maricoen is here as well, but ya know lifes not perfect) , but I may only reside here temporarily as I mull over my options or I may stay IDK

Hello there, I have just moved from NEE. I am looking forward to our cooperation.

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