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Kohharu beats the Nina Islands 3-1

This morning, Layfet's two districts, both participants in the World Cup clashed and what came out of the clash was a complete shock. Kohharu beat the Nina Islands. Going into the game, the Nina Islands were clearly the favorite, even managing to score a goal at the 11 minute mark by long-time Nina Islands striker Jason Maman.

However, unlike previous games between the two districts, Kohharu was able to hold the line and maintain a good defense, keeping the Nina Islanerd team at bay.

This would not be enough to win however, but the Kohharuese team was ready and went on the offense at around the 77 minute mark and to everyone's surprise managed to score three goals before the end of the match.

After the game. Kohharu's team captain Yuri Hejinomi was contacted and asked how the team won. Hejinomi replied simply "We trained hard and we worked hard. Then we won."

The captain for the Nina Islands team, Kevin Naytayi was also reached for a comment. He told reporters: "We underestimated them. The Kohharuese haven't won a game against us in 10 years. But that doesn't mean they couldn't get better and beat us. We let our past victories get to our head and went into the game thinking it was going to be an easy win. Clearly this wasn't the case."

The Nina Islands coach said they plan on rearranging their team and training before they go up against the Layfetian National Team.

Lyonheimer Victorious in Samepo, as they top RISCON

Lyonheimer Mens Team took on Encessia tonight as the first game of the IFA World Cup Qualifiers commenced. At the Medpuri Stadium, Samepo, Lyonheimer arrived as favourites over Encessia, who lack in history of mens football.

The game ended 2-0 as Spartak Pyor's Roland Salloi scored a brace taking Lyonheimer to the top of the table, as they prepare for the game in the following week.

Peoples Revolutionary Army Formed
Today, a large group of protesters and defected soldiers; formed a pro-socialist militia, the Peoples Revolutionary Army (PRA). The militia, formed by Mšnek T‚pes; Is trained by several high ranking Parcelian generals, who recently defected from their ranks. Large amounts of equipment have also been stockpiled by the PRA, taken during previous nighttime raids. Rumours of mass mobilisation and fighting by the Paracell government and the PRA have spread, but have been denied by both parties.

There has been no comment from government officials, other than the denial of mass mobilisation.

East Alyeskan Government declares a week of celebrations commemorating the 13th anniversary of the start of the Alyeskan Civil War

The announcement was made this morning at around 13 years to the hour past the defeat of the Alyeskan National Guard at the hands of southern Alyeskan militiamen who would go on to form the Alyeskan Constitutional Front(ACF), from which the Commander In Chief hails. The conflict began when recently inaugurated Alyeskan President Vasily Donyetsyn ordered a disarmament of southern alyeskan firearm owners in mid 2008, which ultimately led to a confrontation in which local militias and police of the town of Boshetsrak ambushed a motorized column of National guardsman sent to disarm the citizens of their town.

A new addition to the celebrations this year was included in the Executive's declaration, a newly made video portraying the soldiers, leaders and propaganda of the rebel factions that would unite to form the current military government presiding over Alyeska today, along with a rendition of the Alyeskan national anthem, which was itself composed and used by the heroic rebels of 2008. The video is now to be played by all news stations at the beginning and end of their daily programs.

There have been some incidents involving leftists protesting the celebrations out of bitterness over their defeat in the war, with minor riots in the inner districts of Varyslava being put down by police just hours ago. More interestingly a large collection of freelance journalists of the so called "Project Incrimination" have publicly claimed that their interviews with former ordinance officers who served in the civil war has given credence to their accusations that the Alyetsgrad chemical disaster that ended the civil war was caused by a deliberate bombardment of the city with chemical weapons by the ACF.

The Alyeskan government has stated that it's own claim that the disaster was caused by a mishandling of hazardous material by untrained diversity hires in the Alyetsgrad State university has not changed.

Military Exercises of the YFAF near Lenktgrad
Started today at the 6:35 AM, the troops of the 23rd, 9th, 12th, 4th 1st and 20th Brigades, of the 134th Federal Guard Brigade, of the 4th and 5th mechanized brigades and of the 78th Fusiliers Brigade, in a total of 150 000 soldiers, started a simulation of defense in the case of enemy attack near Lektgrad, a city far 51 km to the foxomexran-yuktobian border. The military exercises will continue until 12 May 2021, to refine the defense techniques of the YFAF.

Budapestic wrote:Hello everyone I'm a newbie

Welcome! If you need any assistance understanding NationStates or Anteria please let me know!

If you want to get involved in roleplay I suggest reading the Roleplay Guide:

Welcome to Anteria, the second planet in the Tendor System, home to humanity and all their beautiful nations!

The Anterian roleplay is a modern tech world completely unrelated to Earth. That means that the roleplay takes place in the current year; 2021, and any real-life countries, as well as the Earth, Solar System, Milky Way, etc simply don't exist. But how does it work?

First things first

    - The No. 1 rule in roleplay and worldbuilding is consent. So before you go and declare war on other countries, you need to understand that in order to include other countries into your roleplay, worldbuilding and lore, you have to get their permission to do so! That's why Anterian roleplay isn't just only acting and reacting, but often creating and discussing scenarios and events together with other members. Of course, foreign policy that includes other nations like for example travel bans, condemnations, or embargoes, which don't necessarily have to directly harm or generally affect the nation, are an exception.

    - Since this is a realtime RP in 2021, please stay realistic, especially when worldbuilding and roleplaying military. If you donít know what is realistic and whatís not, just ask the Director of Roleplay (DoRP), a Councilor, or someone with enough knowledge to advise you.†

    - In order for roleplay-posts to be canon, they have to be posted on the Regional Message Board (RMB), even if you already posted it in #today-in-anteria on the regional Discord!

How does one start roleplaying?

That is fairly simple. Whenever a new nation joins the roleplay, everyone acts like they have always existed. That way people are free to create their lore as they wish. If you don't know what to post or want to contact other roleplayers on a simpler way than having to write telegrams, there are several channels on our regional LinkDiscord server dedicated to roleplay and worldbuilding, which is why I highly recommend joining it!

On the other side, whenever a nation leaves the roleplay, may it be due to inactivity and CTEing (Nations "cease to exist" after 28/60 days of inactivity on NationStates, depending on if they are on Vacation Mode or not), leaving Anteria, or the player changing their nation in the roleplay, everyone acts as if the nation never existed in the first place.

If you want to add some spice to your worldbuilding, you can also create a wikipedia-like article about your nation on a website called LinkIIWiki. Donít know how it works or how to start? Just ask Registrars or people with knowledge for help and take a look in #wiki-requests on Discord. We already have lots of articles, including one about LinkAnteria itself!

(More information to war will be added in some days)
Rules of War

The Map

Of course, roleplaying and worldbuilding without having an idea of where nations are is almost impossible. That is why we maintain a map of Anteria. In order to get a spot on the map, you have to claim the area you want your nation to be. You can do that by either downloading it or taking a screenshot (The latest map is linked on Anteria's World Factbook Entry, as well as in the #map-submissions channel on Discord), marking your claim (make sure it is reasonably sized and consider other maps like climate, tropical storms, etc.), and sending the claim to the Director of Cartography, Foxomexra, either by sending a telegram or posting the claim in #map-submissions on Discord.

When you have claimed a spot, your nation will be added in the next map update, which is every Wednesday and Saturday

White spots on the map are unclaimed land. It is complicated on how much one can interact with it, as there neither a void, nor complete anarchy with no governing structure, but rather some kind of governments noone can roleplay with, since there is no player to roleplay with. That also makes expansion of territory into unclaimed land for roleplay purposes a complicated topic, but not an impossible one. If you have something like that in mind for a roleplay idea, just talk with the Director of Cartography or Roleplay.

Need more information? Just read the Map Guide

The essentials of your worldbuillding

What you definitely need are the population and GDP of your country. Those are one of the most defining factors of how your country is gonna look like. Since NationStates-stats are highly unrealistic, you will have to come up with your own. For that I recommend the following:

    1. Ask the cartographer Foxomexra about the size of your claim.
    2. Settle on a population density, taking climate and other stuff into account.
    3. Calculate your Population (Pop. Density ◊ Size)
    4. Settle on a GDP per capita (if you plan on being as wealthy as Western/European nations, a 20,000-50,000 ACU range is recommended, 50,000 ACU is really wealthy, and countries even wealthier than that are usually smaller in population, like Switzerland, Qatar, Norway, etc.)
    5. Calculate your GDP (GDP per capita ◊ Population)

For population density and GDP per capita, I suggest taking real-life countries as a reference. If you are wondering what ďACUĒ is, itís an abbreviation for ďAnterian Currency UnitĒ. Though itís not a currency but only a unit of measurement for international trade. 1 ACU is 1 USD.

Any other questions? Send a telegram to the DoRP New Sebronia, or write a message to seb#7878 on Discord! Have fun and enjoy your stay!
Read dispatch

and claiming land on the map after reading the Map Guide:


You can view the LinkCurrent Political Map here.

This LinkGoogle Drive link contains many other maps used by the region, including a climate map, timezone map, as well as a map of several international organizations.

If you ever have a question or problem related to the map, feel free to communicate with the Cartographer (Currently Foxomexra).

The map is updated regularly, every Saturday and Wednesday - the exact time of day the update is posted varies.

Claiming Land

On the map, the eastern-most continents are basically Anteria's "New World."
They are most suitable for nations that desire a colonial or native past.

Before claiming land on the map make sure you look at the current political map for white areas - this means the area is currently unclaimed. I highly recommend you consider the LinkClimate Map when looking for an area to claim, as this is what determines the general environment of your country. Land features within your claim such as mountains and rivers are up to you, but the climate itself is not so easily changed.

In order to get your claim added to the map you need to let the Cartographer know where you would like to claim. You can do this by sending your claim via telegram on NationStates, through DM's on Discord, or in the #map-submissions channel located in the LinkAnterian Discord Server. The best way to send a claim is with an image, either circling the area you want or drawing the borders you want your country to have. When sending an image across a telegram it will be necessary to upload the image elsewhere then send the cartographer a link. Potential image hosting sites include Google Drive or Google Photos, as well as websites like Imgur - Sending images on Discord does not require you to use any other websites. If you are having difficulties getting an image sent you can also describe the area you want to claim, however the cartographer may ask for more information about the claim if needed.

Once the request is sent, and unless there is any issue with your claim, you will see your country on the map on either the next Saturday or Wednesday as that is when the map is updated.

Losing a Claim

The political map of Anteria is constantly changing, with new users being adding constantly. Your country will be removed from the map if your country Ceases to Exist (Commonly referred to as a "CTE"). The way to avoid Ceasing to Exist is by logging into NationStates regularly, as a country only CTE's after 28 days of not doing so. If you will be unable to log into NationStates for an extended period of time, you may want to consider enabling Vacation Mode in the "Settings" tab of NationStates, which changes the CTE timer to 60 days. If your country does end up CTE'ing, you will be removed during the next map update after 4 days have passed - these 4 days are the time you have to refound your country (which you do by simply attempting to sign in again).

If you are banned from the region for the violation of rules, your country will also be removed from the map.


In order to expand you must submit a request to the Cartographer as you would a normal map claim. Generally speaking however, expansion requests are not approved. When you make your claim do not expect to be able to expand later on as territory is not treated as a simple commodity. Any expansion should have a reasonable benefit to the roleplay and worldbuilding of your country, rather than simply being a means of being larger or more powerful. An example of a justifiable reason would be if your country is landlocked, and you are requesting to expand to a nearby coastline. In this example the expansion provides a solid benefit to your ability to roleplay with others, which previously being landlocked may have prevented you from doing.

Expansions (Through Warfare and Diplomacy)

Firstly, it is important to consult the Anterian Roleplay Guide before pursuing any war roleplay. Any expansion, regardless of whether it occurs through war or diplomacy, is still subject to approval from the Cartographer. If you intend for borders to change during a war you must both agree to a territorial exchange, and submit the change request to the Cartographer - preferably before the war begins, although not required.

Read dispatch

Yuktobia wrote: Military Exercises of the YFAF near Lenktgrad
Started today at the 6:35 AM, the troops of the 23rd, 9th, 12th, 4th 1st and 20th Brigades, of the 134th Federal Guard Brigade, of the 4th and 5th mechanized brigades and of the 78th Fusiliers Brigade, in a total of 150 000 soldiers, started a simulation of defense in the case of enemy attack near Lektgrad, a city far 51 km to the foxomexran-yuktobian border. The military exercises will continue until 12 May 2021, to refine the defense techniques of the YFAF.

just another marlenki military maneuver

Yuktobia wrote: Military Exercises of the YFAF near Lenktgrad
Started today at the 6:35 AM, the troops of the 23rd, 9th, 12th, 4th 1st and 20th Brigades, of the 134th Federal Guard Brigade, of the 4th and 5th mechanized brigades and of the 78th Fusiliers Brigade, in a total of 150 000 soldiers, started a simulation of defense in the case of enemy attack near Lektgrad, a city far 51 km to the foxomexran-yuktobian border. The military exercises will continue until 12 May 2021, to refine the defense techniques of the YFAF.

Iím sorry to say but 150,000 soldiers in a single exercise is a very excessive amount, not even the largest international NATO exercise has that many troops. Youíre free to continue this idea but please tone it down.

Yuktobian Citizen Arrested Smuggling Arms to Insurgents

Late in the night yesterday, the 6th of May, a citizen of the country Yuktobia (Foxomexra's western neighbour) was caught smuggling weapons to forces of the National Movement for Hereali Liberation (NMHL). For the past several years the NMHL has been engaged in a conflict with Foxomexra mostly within the Province of Hereal as the organization attempts to secure the independence of the Hereali people from the federal government of Foxomexra. Although the conflict has in recent months begun to cool down, occasional operations are conducted by both sides against the other.

Although ownership of the weapons being delivered to the insurgents is not a crime in and of itself, Viktor Shakaev, aged 36 and hailing from Hroda, Yuktobia, was caught in the middle of a transaction with the insurgents by a Hereali special operations team. Mr. Shakaev was arrested and charged by Provincial prosecutors for "violating arms prohibitions in the County of Urlov", "conspiring against the state", and "abusing the hospitality of the Hereali government." It is very likely that he will speedily be found guilty in court given the severity of the crimes committed and the evidence collected on his person at the time of arrest, along with video footage of the engagement recorded by the Hereali forces.

Can any Anterian economists explain the difference between mandatory and discretionary spending to me? I'm trying to figure this out

The Opening of the Season

Football fans across Encessia are celebrating the return of the IFA season and another bright year of tense matches and great victories. Being the time of year that many Encessians have looked forward to, there was a sudden spike in 'sick days' on the date of the opening game against Lyonheimer in Medpuri Stadium, Samepo.

Attendance was slightly larger than last year, showing that the football sector still shows national promise and interest. A set number of foreign spectators from Lyonheimer were allowed to be flown in with 'sport passes', making travel much easier and less rigorously mandated than usual, thanks to mutual TU membership and easy relations. The cheers and commotion was deafening and heard for miles in the old city of Samepo, the modern and sleek design of the Medpuri Stadium rising like a monument above the Abraamasaki age architecture. Family stores and vendors rolled up in vehicles stocked with wares, to peddle their wares and greet all travelers both entering the stadium and watching the match from the parking lot. Due to Red Esako, security was much higher than previous years, yet police forces barely intervened in the much needed and joyous distractions.

Thunder rolled and cheering echoed as the men's game unfolding against Lyonheimer. The visiting team was quick and decisive in their strategies, a big player in the men's league- defeating Encessia 2-0 with an extra goal scored in the last quarter.

However the true excitement arose during the entry of the legendary women's team. Defeating Lyonheimer 4-1 and bringing great pride to the nation. This sparked the hope of perhaps another year of victory for Encessia's womens team, who Autek Beridze commonly refers to as "Encessia's Greatest".

"Things are looking bright," said Head Coach Kalkhazi, "the team has worked hard this year and we hope to bring another title to Encessia...take it back from our rivals in Layfet, hah!"

The Tabulu Islands wrote:Can any Anterian economists explain the difference between mandatory and discretionary spending to me? I'm trying to figure this out

If you need more details, this is a good place to start from the US Government:

Basically, discretionary spending is the spending you hear about when Congress passes a budget bill. Mandatory spending is stuff that the government owes to someone (like social programs for Social Security, Medicare, student loans, and so on).

Latvia and Saaremaa wrote:just another marlenki military maneuver


Telrenz testing a new variant of the Renegade

The Telrenz Motor Company's Renegade returned earlier this year after a 25 year hiatus with stunning levels of interest and excitement. The Renegade already has thousands of pre-orders from across Layfet and the rest of world.

Even if with this massive interest, Telrenz is still working on giving us more Renegade and has revealed the Renegade Desierto, a off-road/rally variant of the Renegade.

The Desierto runs a 2.7 liter EcoBoost V6, with 310 horsepower and 400 pound-feet of torque, coupled with a 10-speed automatic transmission. It has performance shocks and a raised platform compared to the base model.

Telrenz Rally Sports Team (TRST) led engineer Thomas Finch said "We are very proud of what we have built. Our main competition (referring to Beren, a Bakyern based but Telrenz owned car manufacturer) may have a leg up in this business, we are positive the Renegade will give them a solid run" to Autospors Magazine.

The Renegade Desierto is currently being tested in the Desierto Blanco, with no details yet on when the public will expect to buy one. Telrenz however plans to race the vehicle at Skyward's rally track and the Desierto Blanco Run later this year.

Talks about selling Bakyern-based but Telrenz owned motor company Beren have broken down. Telrenz will remain sole owners

The Telrenz Motor Company announces that will be a sponsor of the 2022 World Cup

Air Rugido and CervecerŪa Xocoyotzin have announced and confirmed that they will be sponsors of the 2022 IFA World Cup.

The Sebric beer brand Ordeler announces its intention to sponsor the 2022 IFA World Cup

The IFA states that CervecerŪa Xocoyotzin is not a sponsor of the World Cup

Sayida laws vote:
'Yesterday, a vote took place to add restrictions to the age-old Sayida laws. It passed almost unanimously, with slight repeal from the communists and some elites. The CR(DP) managed to pioneer in the fight for the regulation and pulled some words from the Cuirve Channel two news broadcast to show the people's support. With the new appropriate mandates in place, children will be more focused and will reap more rewards than the law first allowed, hopefully. If all goes well, parents will not have to worry about their children about sixteen consuming too much alcohol. Qui Latine certainly knew what it was doing when they made this decision, and our people will grow with it.' شجرة كبيرة said on the 6th of May, giving the public reassurance that their voices perpetuated towards the government.

The Layfetian soda company Laycola announces its intention to sponsor the 2022 IFA World Cup

Today we commemorate The Trilla Gang Mafia on being 1st overall in Anteria for "Rudest Citizens" (according to the World Census) with an *astonishing* rate of 775.81.

The Trilla Gang Mafia wrote:Today we commemorate The Trilla Gang Mafia on being 1st overall in Anteria for "Rudest Citizens" (according to the World Census) with an *astonishing* rate of 775.81.

go heck yourself, congrats now it's 776.81

An end to the Trader?

Eder (pronounced ''edash'') Motor's all time most sold vehicle, the Eder Trader, is a subcompact car that was introduced to the national market in the early 70s, and is still built to this day. It is internationally recognized to be one of the cheapest, sturdiest and most reliable vehicle on the roads. Although, the Trader has recieved only minor facelifts and changes throughout the years, making it questionable for the 21st century's safety standards. Delegates of the Abjekistan Ministry of the Automotive Industry will soon organize a debate to decide if wether or not the production of the vehicle should be stopped.

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