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"Freedom" is much too watered down of a term to mean anything by now. Liberalism is the political ideology of "freedom". NATO invades a country every couple months, in the name of "freedom". Neo-Nazis are marching through Germany in the name of "freedom". The word has become meaningless.
As an anarchist, I believe in the Stirnerian concept of Ownness or Autonomy ("Eigenheit"). The way I understand it, it's basically the principle of freedom put into practice. What use is your freedom to move wherever you want when you don't have enough money to buy a house? What good is the ideology of socialism when you it doesn't actually improve your life? What good is a consensual agreement when you're bound by it for the rest of your life?
I believe in the abolishing of all forces that put pressure on us. I believe the waning of all hierarchies will allow us to fully enjoy our autonomy and put our freedom into practice.

What an excellent comment! I liken it to how 'freedom' is almost frothed at the mouth by advocates of rampant free market capitalism. Well freedom isn't freedom if we are not all equally free. And as soon as we have power differentials (boss and worker, landlord and renter) we see differences in levels of freedom.

(I saw on another forum recently an American person claiming there was no need for unions as they restricting freedom! And, with a straight face claim that there is no power differential between boss and worker and if one has a horrible boss we can go and find a new one! Except of course that not everyone can just go and get another job so easily...)

I am glad you mentioned autonomy, because under state capitalism we may all be 'equal', equally exploited by a different set of bosses!

It's probably why both the capitalists and the Trotskyists both call state capitalism 'socialism' because one side can say 'socialism restricts freedom', whilst the other side says, 'we are implementing socialism' rather than tyranny

To add to what's already been said, I think it's also important to note that the anarchist concept of "freedom" does not include the freedom to oppress others, whether that's through capital, the state, or any other unjust form of exploitation. As the saying goes, "my rights end where your rights begin" (although the concept of "rights" is itself quite fraught too, of course).

What do you think about constructing embassies with Red and Black International? I'm OK with that.

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