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Congratulations on being featured, Allied States of the New Europe Union!

-Allemeine, Nikitan, and Anyam


Allied States of the New Europe Union thanks for being featured


Congratulations on being featured!

Anyam and Rmsmcboatymcboatface


Hey Hey! You’re featured today! Congratulations my friends! :D

Lacrimosa peaks

Hi friends, congrats on the feature.


Post self-deleted by Gruber monarchy.

Gruber monarchy

umm how can i get a citizenship and a position on the map. (and where can i see that map)


Hey I just joined and I was thinking: do I get the leadership position now?

Just send me a telegram if you can reply to this.


And we're back this week with tech-oriented debate this time.
Also, if you didn't see last week's post, I would just like to offer my condolences to anyone who may have lost friends or family in the recent mass shootings in the US.

"Should companies be allowed to create their own currencies, digital or otherwise?"


The Washington Post:

Well, break out the economic textbooks because this week we'll be discussing the stock market!

"When do you believe the next recession or perhaps even depression occur, and what do you believe will cause it?"

The Street:

The Daily:

Hello all that is visiting here,

I apologize for not replying. I have decided to disband this region because I do not want to control so many puppet accounts. However, I will post here if I decide to found a new region in future. If anyone has interest in refounding the region, TG my other nation Nikitan.

You're welcome for the feature, anyway. At least we spared the advertisement fee against the extradition bill.

Once again my sincere apologies.

Anyam, on behalf of the entire government

Well, this week we'll be discussing the massive natural disaster currently happening in Brazil:

"How should the world react to and handle massive natural disasters, such as the wildfire in the amazon, that arguably will have an effect on the globe?"




This week we go to good old Albion where we ask:

"Should Boris Johnston be allowed to suspend parliament with the Brexit deadline so close?"

International Business Times:


Hey, I hope everyone is starting to get back into the groove of school. Anyways, this week we will be looking at America's longest war in its history;

"Should the US negotiate with the Taliban to end the Afghanistan War?"

Washington Post:

CBS News:

I'm alive! I've just been settling into college life right now. I apologize for being gone longer than expected, but hopefully things should return to a semi-regular schedule from this point on.

"Should Trump be allowed to use foreign policy for political wants?"

The Guardian:

USA Today: