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The assassins of saint john


Krisberge and Urukian

The assassins of saint john wrote:Hello

[greetings] Salve! Hello! Welcome to the region. As I do not have an offsite forum, I have an idea for the RMB. include a little tag like I have at the start to show the topic. If you have NS++, you can use the search feature to find everything about a topic. 🎂3 <-- dat's a birthday cake. :3

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Winged hussar 06

Judgement has been passed.

Futuristic purple wolf and Shaduru

Winged hussar 06 wrote:Judgement has been passed.

Please include a tag at the start of your post next time.

Winged hussar 06 wrote:Judgement has been passed.

But very true. Judgement has been passed.

hello 21st century rome

Hello Fordana.

we should make a map

Fordana wrote:we should make a map

[map] I have a map. See the WFE.

whats a denario


How to get denarios:
15 free denarios when you arrive.
Win them in celebrations.
Join the military
Serve as an elected official.

Things to buy with denarios:
Land on the map (see map for prices)
Capital on the map (35 denarios)
Place an advertisement on the ballot telegram (10 denarios)
Ads in the Acta Diurna (see the bottom of the paper for pricing)
Extra stuff in a RP (Such as extra soldiers, resources, etc. It depends on the RP)
Found your own Roman Royal House (100 denarios)- Get to name your house (something serious) and have your house included in the houses and founders pinned dispatch, and a link to a homepage dispatch where the heads of the houses can keep track of their house's members and such. You can choose who is a member of your house, including requirements or specific people.
Other? Ask and I'll consider it.

Want to transfer denarios to another nation for some reason? You can, if you will have 20 or more denarios after the transfer.

Read factbook


put me on the map too

never mind

ill buy land

Fordana wrote:put me on the map too

[map] read the information on denarios. If you want a place on the map, send me the locations that you want. I'll deduct the cost from your denarios.

ill buy southern england (25 denarios)

[map] Map updated!

thx dude

You think it's about time for the top half of the WFE to come down?

whats the wfe

World Factbook Entry, the thing at the top.

Want to start some Role Play?

how do you write on the wfe

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