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Free guns for all

Oh, by the way, one of my nations is in a practically dead region called Erisopia, and I think a few invaders went through there recently.

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Free guns for all

Luckily my brother remembered the password (he was the founder) so I logged on and kicked 'em out.

Improving wordiness

Nice work Gunny!

Free guns for all

Thanks. If XKI want/need it for anything, let me know.

Matt from wii sports and Dominioan

Post self-deleted by Woonsocket.

Hmmm. No more double posts!

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well, that's pretty nifty!


Posts never go away forever? NOO!!!

God, I read three posts above as 'Post by Self-deleted Woonsocket O_o'

Hurrah for election season!

It's great to be in the 5% most extreme nations club.

Biblical importance

Biblical importance has achieved a population of 4.002 Billion on March 1, 2011.

Congratulations on reaching your population landmark, Biblical Importance! We recently cracked 2 billion ourselves.

Way to procreate Biblical :D

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How does pop increase? I've never figured it out.

It can vary each day but I believe the variaence is defined so that at certain points you will hit specific numbers around anniversary dates. It seems to be 1 billion per calendar year.


So your choices don't matter when it comes to population?

They keep breeding regardless.

Yeah, I just passed that landmark myself, BI, as well as my two year anniversary of the founding of this nation. Two years of NS... sheesh, no wonder I'm crazy.


You're not alone Takaram.

Cerberion I think it's quicker than that because I'm fairly certain NationStates isn't 17 years old :P

So... how to defend?

@Gilnas: 2 billion per year, 1 billion every 6 months.

Matt from wii sports


just 6 months... thats all?

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