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The West Pacific contains 5,756 nations, the 4th most in the world.

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NationWA CategoryMotto
21.The Nihilist Oligarchy of Corporatist Trusts IncCompulsory Consumerist State“Opulentia Über Alles”
22.The Cyberocracy of KisovecDemocratic Socialists“Welcome in the land of opportunity”
23.The Dominion of HumblicFather Knows Best State“Simple ”
24.The Kingdom of Lemuria IslandsInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Unity in Diversity is Strength!”
25.The Imperium of HunckFather Knows Best State“Set a man on fire, and he is warm for the rest of life”
26.The Grand Hyperpolis of HappySunShineTownInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Adopt a functional paradigm to minimize state mutation.”
27.The Community of AsshatlandCivil Rights Lovefest“That which kills you makes you stronger”
28.The Dominion of No Matter Where You GoCivil Rights Lovefest“There you are.”
29.The Republic of ForestcreekInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Best place for forest people”
30.The Metropolis of AvadonInoffensive Centrist Democracy“We Are Apollo”
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The West Pacific Regional Message Board

The Realm of the Great House of Arotania wrote:So the order in which proposals reach quorum is irrelevant? Interesting. The repeal of the last resolution was put up later but reached quorum earlier. I guess this makes sense as it keeps the system simple and prevents an older but slower proposal from being pushed back by a couple younger proposals that reach quorum faster.

In the event of two or more proposals reaching quorum, the first to be submitted takes precedence.

States of Glory, Arotania, and Serrus

The Snark Lord of Bhang Bhang Duc wrote:On a somewhat divergent tangent, though inspired by your words Ele, what or where is the fun in running?
I mean you see Fun Runs advertised a lot. But where is the fun in running around, getting tired, sweaty and out of breath?
Just don't see it myself. Now if it was a Fun Slob Around I'd be up for that.

I can actually reply to it, from my point of view as an actual amateur and for-entertainment and health runner.

I originally started just walking. I'm too fat to actually run for long, but when I started exercising I was 420 lbs. I'm not in a bad shape FOR MY WEIGHT. I am in bad shape compared to anyone else. So I use to go out to walk and could easily do 1hr of walking at a slowish pace (3km in 1hr). I have good resistance so I can actually work up to 2 or 3 hrs straight, but by that point I'm just overdoing and that is no good.

Then I started to feel the need for SOMETHING more. And so, when I went out to walk I aimed to increase my speed. It has been 3ish years since then and I'm 370~380lbs now and can do 5.5km in 1 hr. Which is quite good.

But that stopped being enough too. I wanted more. So I started jogging for 5 to 10 minutes out of my 1hr of walking. And I got slowly into running* (*=Restrictions Apply). I don't actually RUN now. In a 1hr session I'll run for about 5 minutes - my condition can't really hold more than that - then jog for another 10 minutes and finally walk the rest of the hour. My every other day routine now is a 5km path where I do that, always within 58min to 63min. "But Ele", you'll say, "You say you can walk about 5.5km in 1 hr". Well yes. But with the added running and jogging, I can't hold my fast pace walk for the full hour. And also, my path includes going up and down twice around an artificial 50m high mount in the park near home. I used not to be able to go up at all (when you are my weight, going UP stairs, ladders or just the street is a curse).

So I got into what I call running. And the reason that I found it fun, is cuz I can beat myself. That's what makes it fun for me: making it better. Beating my own marks. Being able to say "I DID IT". I've done a few races too. About 10 of them. Always 6km long. I arrived LAST to all of them. But I arrived. Unassisted, by my own slow means, my own effort. Usually, the people in this sport is QUITE supportive. And they applaude me... Hell, I remember this one time the guy who won the race ran back to me, and stayed by my side till I got to the finish line, giving me support, making me laugh, etc.

Those runs are the only times I've been able to do 6km in 1 hour. Eventually, I'll do 10km. Perhaps in 100min, it doesn't matter.

So yeah... I do understand why they find it fun. I do. I just can't properly explaining without crying a bit.

TAO the Watcher, Bhang Bhang Duc, States of Glory, Big Bad Badger, and 5 othersDavelands, Arotania, Montreonto, Serrus, and Willania Imperium

Oh, I also printed three shirts that I use, that on the front say:

"I Run
I'm slowed than Internet Explorer
But I Run"

And in the back say:

"I'm damn slow
But you are still behind me"

Bhang Bhang Duc, Wickedly evil people, States of Glory, Big Bad Badger, and 7 othersDavelands, Arotania, The Holy Principality of Saint Mark, Serrus, Willania Imperium, Port Solent, and Dwimlley

OK, I have no idea how you people did that, but this is pretty spooky:

"Arotania encountered a new issue: A Lack Of Comma Sense
23 minutes ago"

I just got issue number 721, which is about the Oxford comma.

Port Solent

The Kingdom of Dwimlley wrote:i hate capitalization and punctuation, oh and chocolate too.

This is why we can't have nice things ...


TAO the Watcher, Bhang Bhang Duc, Big Bad Badger, The Holy Principality of Saint Mark, and 1 otherSerrus

The Realm of the Great House of Arotania wrote:OK, I have no idea how you people did that, but this is pretty spooky:
"Arotania encountered a new issue: A Lack Of Comma Sense
23 minutes ago"
I just got issue number 721, which is about the Oxford comma.

*waves hands in a spooky manner*

We work in mysterious ways. You'll get used to it. :)


*jumps around like a hyperactive rocket-fisted villain bunny*
Hi, guys!
*jump, followed by landing*
I'm happy today!
*more jump*
I'm just gonna drop glitter everywhere.
*lands, covering entire RMB in glitter*

Impedric, Port Solent, and 2-D-Gori

The Animal Picture Collector of Serrus wrote:*jumps around like a hyperactive rocket-fisted villain bunny*
Hi, guys!
*jump, followed by landing*
I'm happy today!
*more jump*
I'm just gonna drop glitter everywhere.
*lands, covering entire RMB in glitter*

Somebody get the fire hose!

Mediobogdum, Big Bad Badger, and Sagacious Phoenix

The Snark Lord of Bhang Bhang Duc wrote:Somebody get the fire hose!

*runs away like the frightened potato he is*

Well, it is Friday here.
I'll start with something which has no lyrics but vocal parts:

Ennio Morricone - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (Main Theme)
In the linked video, which features Morricone himself conducting a live orchestra, after the main theme there is "Ecstacy of Gold" from the same film followed by the main theme from "The Mission".

Big Bad Badger

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