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Welcome to Stargate!

Our region is primarly for fans of the Stargate television series and movies, so be prepared for some in-character banter.

Regional Government:
Commanding Officer: Casl
Executive Officer: NTO-08
Secretary of State: vacant
Secretary of Defense: SouthEast Brightonburg
ROTC Recruiter: vacant

*All WA members must endorse our delegate, Casl.

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Embassies: The North Pacific, Firefly, One big Island, The Time vortex, Goauld System Lords, The Galactic Federacy, Kingdom of Alexandria, Stargate Command, and The Joint Systems Alliance.

Tags: Role Player, Founderless, Medium, Future Tech, and Password.

Regional Power: Moderate

Stargate contains 38 nations, the 388th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Smartest Citizens in Stargate

The World Census eavesdropped on conversations in coffee shops, on campuses, and around cinemas in order to determine which nations have the most quick-witted, insightful, and knowledgeable citizens.

As a region, Stargate is ranked 3,621st in the world for Smartest Citizens.

NationWA CategoryMotto
31.The Empire of FinexIron Fist Consumerists“Money is power”
32.The Theocracy of HoneaAuthoritarian Democracy“Alea jacta est!”
33.The Demons of RemtkaraMoralistic Democracy“They didn't call them the Dark Ages because it was dark”
34.The Colony of AntyrDemocratic Socialists“Always”
35.The Disputed Territories of MX-7Authoritarian Democracy“To the stars!”
36.The New TAO Order -NTO- Clone of -TA0-Psychotic Dictatorship“Making the World a Better Place ... just by being here”
37.The Most Serene Republic of StealIron Fist Consumerists“Get it!”
38.The Theocracy of System Lord YuIron Fist Consumerists“You will kneel before your god.”

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Tomorrow is today? You got one of them there Ancient time machines, boi?

Wrapper, you made me want to watch Stargate again :p. Season 1 Pilot Episode here we go.........

Are you a GCR?

Sanjurika wrote:Are you a GCR?

Not a GCR ... but one of the oldest regions in the game created at a time in the ancient Past of pre-2004 NS.

I see you are a marsupial nation ... for the record, I am probably the MOST ANTI-MARSUPIAL nation/player in the NS verse.


NTO-08 wrote:Not a GCR ... but one of the oldest regions in the game created at a time in the ancient Past of pre-2004 NS.

I see you are a marsupial nation ... for the record, I am probably the MOST ANTI-MARSUPIAL nation/player in the NS verse.

Way farther back than you think! Regional founders were added to the game in April 2003, so Stargate was founded sometime between November 2002 and April 2003.

Ronon Dex wrote:Way farther back than you think! Regional founders were added to the game in April 2003, so Stargate was founded sometime between November 2002 and April 2003.

So true. I know founders were in the game by Aug or Sep 2003. On a side note, I was waiting to see if Sanjurika was going to enter into a 'Userite'/'Feederite' diatribe. But then I saw the marsupial connection and realized that is truly the greater evil. Anti-marsupialism was birthed in NS in April 2004.

Beer time!


WaffenBrightonburg wrote:Beer time!

About time!!

Circulation:12 Date: Saturday January 20

New Haudenosaunee Confederacy Condems The North Pacific

After a lengthy argument on Saturday, the New Haudenosaunee Confederacy finally snapped and introduced a WA proposal condemning The North Pacific. Toshavo had refused him entry into the North Pacific Olympic Games since he had included profanity in the names of his athletes. NHC retorted by calling him "racist" and that his culture was being "disrespected". This conflict quickly grew, with the majority of the RMB siding with Toshavo and trying to explain to him that his athletes' names were an OOC matter. NHC continued stubbornly refusing to change his athletes' names and stated that "Myfriendsaregay" was a common last name in the state of New York, where he lives. He also stated that he had a military of over 56 million, and threatened to invade Toshavo, while not realizing that the argument was OOC, or that he had a military spending static of 156, which caps his military at around 3 million, as according to the Treaty on Preventing Godmodding. Eventually, the conflict became enough for him and he decamped to The South Pacific, and wrote the condemnation. An analysis of the condemnation presented to NHC by Kyoki Chudoku is as follows:

I seriously recommend taking a look at the forum thread for the SC if possible.

Anyway, I'm now going to break down the proposal because, well, I'm mentioned in it and therefore feel obligated to do so even though I am doubtful there is much of a point. Italics are quotes from the proposal.

Recognizing that the nations of the North Pacific aren't at all friendly of diplomatic with eachother,

Some are. For example, I have very positive relations with my allies.

Noting that the North Pacific Winter Olympics are an upcoming event,

Not really condemnation material but at least factually correct.

Noting that the New Haudenosaunee Confederacy wasn't aloud to compete due to their nation's culture

I have to say, it's allowed. Additionally, no, the reason for that was primarily OOC. Also absolutely nowhere was this aspect of culture mentioned until today to my awareness.

Understanding that the nations of the North Pacific (generally) don't believe that the opinions and voices of some nations don't matter (including the New Haudenosaunee Confederacy and Chillestia)

Technically you used a double negative and therefore are saying we do believe they matter, but that is besides the point. It is true there are some people who's voices are perceived as less important than others. Spammers, for example. Trolls, for example. Also it's ironic you use Chillestia as an example, a nation who you previously tried to condemn and have yourself ignored the voice of by occupying them for some time.

Noting that some nations of the North Pacific claim that the region has strong democracy, even though there are some non-democratic nations (including Kyoki Chudoku)

The region claims democracy in its OOC government. Nowhere does it say "every nation in TNP is a democracy" or "you may only RP as democratic nations in TNP".

Understanding that the nations of the North Pacific don't allow citiznes of any nations to have fun (including themselves),

I cannot even muster the energy to explain how utterly incorrect that is.

Noting that the nations of the North Pacific don't appreciate certain cultures (including the New Haudenosaunee Confederacy),

I'm not sure whether to take that ICly or OOCly. IC, yes true. OOC, perhaps we do dislike some cultures that are perceived as potentially offensive to us.

Condemnation is something reserved for regions and nations that have made a huge impact. Infamous raiders and the absolute best at RPing as villainous nations. Please refrain from trying to condemn everything and everyone you have a negative opinion of. It won't work.

NHC has a history of writing proposals with trivial reasons. He also reported Western Vapia to the NS mods for harassment. One can see the full proposal with its GenSec status here.
-Written by Hong Kong Empire

Akharan Olympic Team Dies In Plane Crash
FRANSHOV - Many of the 92 dead when a Akharan passenger jet crashed onto the Franshov airport tarmac Saturday. Many were athletes of Akharan Olympic team, as they were flying to Toshavo for the Winter Olympics.

A Lahos Airlines passenger jet traveling from Lahos, Akhara crashed while landing Saturday at Franshov International Airport, smashed into pieces and caught fire, killing almost all of the athletes on board.

Smoke billowed out of holes in the fuselage of the Boeing 787 on Saturday afternoon as firefighters rushed to douse the wreckage and passengers scrambled to safety down inflated escape chutes. The plane’s tail, landing gear and one of its engines were ripped off.

“It hit with its nose , spun down the runway, and plumeted,” said one witness, Vasily Gagarich 32. Despite incredible damage to the plane, left dismembered and scarred, with large chunks of its body burned away, some reportedly were still climbing out the wreckage.

No word yet on the rest of the athletic team on the flight were reported. Though as many 92 people were on board, and 80 of them were athletes.

The Akharan state has yet to make a statement on the incident. Though, the International Olympic Group were informed, hours after the crash.

The president of the IOG, an Akharan, says "I mourned when I heard the news. This is the worst time I can talk, but I must say this to everyone... Keep your spirits up, and pray... pray for their safety.

Prime Minsiter Artyom Lesnoft took this situation on a live broadcast from the capital. Saying "I am in despair... It is incredibly hearthbreaking. To the Akharan people and the world, let us all give a moment of silence to those who were lost"

A chilling 30 seconds of silence elapsed, and the broadcast ended.

The Ministry of Transport reported on the incident, saying it did know the cause of the crash at first, and the why it went down. The investigators of the Transport Ministry, after 3 hours led to no conlusion but a statement than anything. Minister Anton Sidorov told the National Investigation Agency (NIA) that the plane had been down due to a mechinical error.

Reports are told that the ATC tower had lost contact with 881 and that the pilots did not maintain instructions. The GPWS was not operative during most of the flight, tells ATC, Yegor Kruschev. "It did not work correctly, therefore the pilots had manually operate the aircraft."

"We also lost frequency with the aircraft when it entered the airspace." Though the Airport's monitors track if any aircraft are lost, some tell us that they shut off, interestingly. Though still, a mechinical error or pilot error, many blame on the air traffic controllers for "not doing their jobs" And that they were the cause of the miscommunication.

The recorded conversation of the flight and the tower is yet to be released, as well as a black box transcript (If recovered)

The aircraft crashed on runway 32, bouncing and spininng into a tarmac sign. The plane slid off to the grass, and the fire caught with it.

Many witnessed the crash, as it was close to the airport terminals. The airport currently is on lockdown, and terminal C, is evacuating.

No reports on the condition of the aircraft as of now.•
-Written by Toshavo

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