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Valhalla RMB

WA Delegate (non-executive): The Theory of Happiness 🐙 of Vrolondia (elected )

Founder: The Celestial 🛡️ Realm of GRO II

Last WA Update:

Board Activity History Admin Rank

Most Nations: 382nd Most World Assembly Endorsements: 405th Nudest: 1,096th+4
Most Beautiful Environments: 1,985th Largest Black Market: 1,990th Most Cultured: 2,006th Best Weather: 2,117th
World Factbook Entry

VALHALLA is a well-known defense stronghold. This vast hall has five hundred and forty doors. The rafters are spears, the hall is roofed with shields and breast-plates litter the benches. It is here that the Valkyries, Odin's spirits of war, bring heroes to await the battle of Ragnarok.

"Thors Hammered" is open 24/7 so come on in and join us for a free drink!

Outgoing Delegate: Miporin
Delegate-elect: Vrolondia
Immigration Minister: Illustaria
Development Minister: Vacant

ENDORSE Vrolondia
, the new delegate of Valhalla!
Applications for Development Minister - More Information

Sister Region: YGGDRASIL
Regional Diplomacy: See list of embassies below

FORUM: Link -Join Here-

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Embassies: Yggdrasil, Scandinavia, Kittens Sanctuary, Jethnea, The Council of Narnia, India, The NationStates Holocaust Memorial, New Warsaw Pact, The Crown Federation of Recon, The MT Army, 10000 Islands, Pony Lands, Celtica, Alstroemeria, Mordor, New Utopian World, and 7 others.Eientei Gensokyo, The Glorious Nations of Iwaku, Texas, Terran Blood, The Delegation of Gallifrey, Where anyone can be anything, and Where Anyone Can Be Anything V2.

Tags: Featured, Medium, Silly, Generalite, Offsite Forums, Fantasy Tech, Independent, Map, and Anti-Fascist.

Regional Power: Moderate

Valhalla contains 38 nations, the 382nd most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Most Compassionate Citizens in Valhalla

Exhaustive World Census tests involving kittens revealed the following nations to be the most compassionate.

As a region, Valhalla is ranked 9,836th in the world for Most Compassionate Citizens.

NationWA CategoryMotto
31.The Republic of ShaxariusCivil Rights Lovefest“Fcuk it.”
32.The Holy Conservative Empire of IllustariaNew York Times Democracy“Atheists. YOU CANT EXPLAIN THAT!”
33.The Celestial Realm 🌸 of Goddess Relief OfficeLeft-Leaning College State“Courage, Knowledge, Compassion”
34.The Free Market State of Valdivia XIIIron Fist Consumerists“Working for Valdivia at the expense of everyone else!”
35.The Puffy Cute Dictatorship 💦 of OymyakonPsychotic Dictatorship“💦 I am the one who arranges the blocks! 💦”
36.The Federal Arsenal of IzhmashCapitalist Paradise“Si vis pacem, para bellum”
37.The Sultanate of The UrkerrithDemocratic Socialists“Might Makes Right”
38.The Crusading Holy Empire of YggrCorporate Police State“Fury, terror and the all-father”

Regional Happenings


Valhalla Regional Message Board

We survived 2017! Since its a new year, we have updated the RMB rules.

The RMB (or Regional Message Board) is the common property of everyone in our region. When posting on it, please observe these rules:

Spam are posts that are three words or less, advertisements (including invites to another game), word or story games, and anything that couldn't be responded to in any viable way. Do not deliberately troll for attention, swear excessively, or purposely ask questions that would lead to one or two word answers.

If no one has posted after your initial post and you have something else to say, try using the edit button instead of making a second or third post. This rule applies to your main nation and to any puppet nations.

The edit button appears when you hover over your post. See image below:

The NS admins have given us the SPOILER tag. Please use it when discussing movie endings or the latest anime episode so you don't ruin the plot for others. Very long posts (think essay length) should also be enclosed with spoiler tags to save others from scrolling.

We don't need to hear folks arguing about who is cheating or who is having a baby! Please keep all real life problems within telegrams only! If you are suicidal, injured or have any kind of serious medical condition, call EMS now.

Because Racism, Nazism, religious hatred, homophobia are divisive and can lead to RMB fights.

We don't need to know what dress you are wearing or hear about your sex life.

Posts like "BRB" or "Good night" are not suitable for the RMB as they are difficult to respond to. Don't do them too often.

Posts that convey an action or emotion, such as *hugs*, *me listens quietly*, *me walks in*, *om nom nom* etc. should not stand by themselves. If they appear, they should be accompanied by a body of message that say something. Keep them in moderation.

Remember this is a Nation RP game. Personal RP is allowed but keep them in moderation.

If someone requests you to stop, do as you are asked.

Three Strikes Policy

Warnings may be in the form of suppressed posts, telegrams from an official, or public warning on the RMB mentioning your nation name. They are cumulative. If you receive a telegram at the same time as your post is suppressed, that counts as one. If they occur in two separate occasions, they count as separate warnings. Nations with 3 warnings are liable to banjection from the region.

Examples of bad posts:

- "Hey I am here, anyone want to chat?"
Why it's bad: We don't need to know you are active, the RMB is not for you to give status updates. It is also not a chain chatting medium like IRC or Instant messenger between two people. Plus, this question has a high possibility of creating a "Yes" or a "No" answer, which is creating spam.

- "*is bleeding profusely*"
Why it's bad: Status update, possibly either a RP of drama, or a real situation. If it is a RP, well we don't want drama. If it's real, you should call EMS right now.

- *nya!*
Why it's bad: From experience, this tends to attract additional "Nya" posts from others.

Read dispatch

Major changes:
- DO NOT CHAIN POST rule remains but time between posts has been removed. (It used to be 15 minute) Instead posters are encouraged to use the EDIT button.
- DO NOT POST JUNK rule has been removed, and replaced by a rule recommending the use of SPOILERS for spoilers and extremely long posts.
- DO NOT POST STATUS UPDATE rule has been downgraded, since even I do that sometimes as well. Posters are now allowed to post status updates, just don't do it too often. (I realise this adds a bit of uncertainty to rule interpretation but I'd ask everyone to just use common sense).

I'd add that the changes have been discussed within Council and will be tested for the next few months, especially rule no. 2. If it doesn't work Council will discuss and revise as necessary.

Puppaffnia II wrote:Hello Valhalla! I'm back as your emissary from the 10000 Islands.

Welcome back Paff! Don't forget you're still our fearless RO! We are in your care. ;)

Happy 2018! I brought rum!!!! Enjoy!

A quick announcement from the 10000 Islands:

Harry Potter and the Festival of Friends

From Thursday, January 18 to Wednesday, January 24, the 10000 Islands and the South Pacific will be hosting a Harry-Potter-themed festival! So many of us have grown up with the magical wizarding world created by J.K. Rowling, and this festival will allow us to engage in games, roleplays, discussions and challenges with fellow fans and festival-goers!

Your ticket to the festival? Here!:

Take this custom-built BuzzFeed quiz on which Hogwarts house you would be sorted into, based on your NationStates and Harry Potter interests, and bring a screen-cap of it with you to be sorted into the festival shenanigans! The screen-cap itself will earn your house 10 points, and the house with the most points at the end of the festival earns a House Cup and gets a shout out on our WFEs, forums, and the magical Discord for this event! Get your wands, charms, and spells ready for a wondrous event!

All friends, allies, and positive vibes welcome!

Again, here is the link to the BuzzFeed quiz which is your ticket!:

If there are any questions, feel free to ask the organizer, The Islands Gazette.

-Allemeine wrote:Just finished Christmas shopping. Now I'm going to get drunk. And you?

Sorry mate, I nearly died :D DEATed but it's okay I'm back. Way too many puppets :D I don't know how Thembria SSR does it

HOW YOU DOING Valllyhalla

Bilge Rat Ronnie wrote:Happy 2018! I brought rum!!!! Enjoy!

Searches Crate Where is the scotch?

Jan Meyen wrote:Sorry mate, I nearly died :D DEATed but it's okay I'm back. Way too many puppets :D I don't know how Thembria SSR does it

HOW YOU DOING Valllyhalla

Searches Crate Where is the scotch?

The Scotch is a bit north of England.

Post self-deleted by Latvara.

Bilge Rat Ronnie wrote:The Scotch is a bit north of England.

IF IT GOES IN ME BELLY I dannae care where its frum

Vrolondia Ben how goes it matey! Are you loving being the Delegate yet?

Question to everyone and Goddess Relief Office, for some reason I can't seem to be able to move to Midgard, even though it isn't password protected.

Saransh wrote:Question to everyone and Goddess Relief Office, for some reason I can't seem to be able to move to Midgard, even though it isn't password protected.

What does it say when you try?

Jan Meyen wrote:IF IT GOES IN ME BELLY I dannae care where its frum

Vrolondia Ben how goes it matey! Are you loving being the Delegate yet?

It is acceptable

Saransh wrote:Question to everyone and Goddess Relief Office, for some reason I can't seem to be able to move to Midgard, even though it isn't password protected.

You can't get in because Midgard IS password protected.

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