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[Outdated] Guide to the Union

[box][b][color=red]This dispatch is no longer being updated.[/color][/b][/box]
[background-block=#367524][color=#367524].[/color][center][floatleft][color=#367524]...[/color][img][/img][color=#367524]...[/color][/floatleft][floatright][color=#367524]...[/color][img][/img][color=#367524]...[/color][/floatright][font=Times New Roman][size=280][url=][color=ffa500]The Union of Democratic States[/color][/url][/size][/font][/center][center][font=Times New Roman][size=125][url=][color=ffa500]Constitution[/color][/url] [color=ffa500] ★ [/color][url=][color=ffa500]Legislature[/color][/url] [color=ffa500] ★ [/color] [url=][color=ffa500]Discord[/color][/url] [color=ffa500] ★ [/color] [url=][color=ffa500]Guide[/color][/url] [color=ffa500] ★ [/color] [url=][color=ffa500]Embassy Policy[/color][/url][color=ffa500] ★ [/color][url=][color=ffa500]Newspaper[/color][/url][/size][/font][/center]

[floatright][box][align=justify][table][tr][center][b][Size=125][font=Times New Roman][region]The Union of Democratic States[/region][/font][/size][/b][/center][hr]

[/tr][tr][center][font=Times New Roman][b]Motto: [/b][i] "Long Live the Union!"[/i][/font][/center][/tr][tr][td][center][img][/img]

[font=Times New Roman][b]Flag[/b][/font][/center]


[font=Times New Roman][b]Coat of Arms[/b][/font][/center]

[/td][/tr][tr][td][center][font=Times New Roman][b]Forum: [/b][/center][/font]

[/td][td][center][font=Times New Roman][url=]Click Here[/url][/center][/font]

[/td][/tr][tr][td][center][font=Times New Roman][b]Discord: [/b][/center][/font]

[/td][td][center][font=Times New Roman][url=]Click Here[/url][/center][/font]

[/td][/tr][tr][td][center][font=Times New Roman][b]Demonym: [/b][/center][/font]

[/td][td][center][font=Times New Roman]Unionist[/center][/font]

[/td][/tr][tr][td][center][font=Times New Roman][b]Government: [/b][/center][/font]

[/td][td][center][font=Times New Roman]Representative Democracy[/center][/font]

[/td][/tr][tr][td][center][font=Times New Roman]Founder: [/center][/font]

[/td][td][center][font=Times New Roman][nation]The Noble Thatcherites[/nation][/center][/font]

[/td][/tr][tr][td][center][font=Times New Roman]WA Delegate: [/center][/font]

[/td][td][center][font=Times New Roman][nation=short]North Plegia[/nation][/center][/font]

[/td][/tr][tr][td][center][font=Times New Roman]Prime Minister: [/center][/font]

[/td][td][center][font=Times New Roman][nation]The Noble Thatcherites[/nation][/center][/font]

[/td][/tr][tr][td][center][font=Times New Roman]Speaker of the Senate: [/center][/font]

[/td][td][center][font=Times New Roman][nation=short]Khevo[/nation][/center][/font]

[/td][/tr][tr][td][center][font=Times New Roman]Attorney General: [/center][/font]

[/td][td][center][font=Times New Roman][nation=short]Second United States Republic[/nation][/center][/font]

[/td][/tr][tr][td][center][font=Times New Roman]Chief Justice: [/center][/font]

[/td][td][center][font=Times New Roman][nation=short]We The People Gouvernor[/nation][/center][/font]


[align=center][font=Times New Roman][b][color=367524][size=250]Regional Guide[/size][/color][/b][/font][/align][hr]

[align=center][color=#367524][font=Times New Roman][size=175]Welcome to the Union of Democratic States![/size][/font][/color][/align]

[font=Times New Roman][tab=45]The Union of Democratic States is a democratic region dedicated to the ideals of freedom, justice, and security for all nations. Guided by these values, the political process is open to all, allowing any player to quickly climb the political ladder. The Union has a very active population at a growing 250+ nations.[/tab][/font]
[font=Times New Roman][tab=45]The community is tightly knit but very diverse in ideology and background. All nations are welcome to join the Union of Democratic States, and to contribute to and advance the growth of this up-and-coming world power.[/tab][/font]

[align=center][color=#367524][font=Times New Roman][size=175]Thinking of Joining the Union of Democratic States?[/size][/font][/color][/align]

[font=Times New Roman][tab=45]The Union of Democratic States has many things to offer to newcomers. Unlike many regions its size, the Union is very open to new players, offering them many fun and exciting things to do. New players are invited to rise through the ranks of the government, participate in debate, partake in an enjoyable conversation on our discord chat, take part in roleplay, write for one of our regional newspapers, learn at our Union College and much more![/tab][/font]

[align=center][color=#367524][font=Times New Roman][size=175]Ways to get involved[/size][/font][/color][/align]

[list][*][font=Times New Roman][color=#367524][b]Join our Discord –[/b][/color] Discord is the region's primary form of communication. You can chat and hangout with almost anyone in the region on our server. Notable Union officials like our Founder and Prime Minister are available on there. In addition to that, the Prime Minister will occasionally host a Q&A session for all to participate in. Joining Discord is very easy. To do so, follow the instructions listed in this [url=]article[/url]. Our server invite is located [url=]here.[/url][/font]
[*][font=Times New Roman][color=#367524][b]Join our Forum –[/b][/color] Our forums are the one of the Union's epicenters in regional affairs. From government activities, to ambassador requests. Forum games to citizenship applications, many of our region's core processes are located here.  Create an account on our forum by filling out[url=]this page.[/url]. Introduce yourself in [url=]Liberty Square[/url] and participate in fun games under [url=]Forum Games[/url]. [/font]
[*][font=Times New Roman][color=#367524][b]Sign up for Citizenship –[/b][/color] Citizenship is crucial in the Union. By becoming a citizen of the Union, you open yourself to a world of opportunities that are offered here, like voting and running for office to name a few. To file for citizenship, apply by clicking [url=]here[/url]. For more information on citizenship, you can read the official [url=]Ministry of the Census Dispatch[/url][/font]
[*][font=Times New Roman][color=#367524][b]Regional Message Board –[/b][/color] The [url=]Regional Message Board[/url] (RMB) is our region's biggest asset. Many different discussions and important debates take place on our RMB. Make sure to check out![/font]
[*][font=Times New Roman][color=#367524][b]Write for a Regional Newspaper –[/b][/color] The Union has three primary newspapers: The Union Post, The Union Times and The Flaming Truth. All three publications report on the most important events, happenings, and issues facing the Union.[/font][/list]

[align=center][color=#367524][font=Times New Roman][size=175]Institutions[/size][/font][/color][/align]

[list][*][font=Times New Roman][color=#367524][b]The Ministry of the Census –[/b][/color] This Ministry maintains and manages The Union of Democratic States' citizenship registrar. It's their duty to keep track of citizenship, grant/deny citizenship, verify citizenship status of voters in all elections, and enforce existing citizenship laws such as the Citizenship Reformation Act 2017. [/font]
[*][font=Times New Roman][color=#367524][b]The Ministry of Education –[/b][/color]At the Ministry of Education we strive to provide a good education to all residents of the Union of Democratic States. Our Union College is a unique idea which we share with few other regions, and it’s open to everyone who wants to learn more about how the UDS works. The Ministry of Education is headed by Asdersland and employs several advisors and mentors. You can apply for the Union College by going to the UDS Master Dispatch, going to the Ministry of Education page, and then going to the Union College page link. The Ministry of Education was founded when the Education Act, written by the current Minister Asdersland, was passed.[/font]
[*][font=Times New Roman][color=#367524][b]The Ministry of Roleplay –[/b][/color] The Ministry of Roleplay manages the roleplay server on discord and oversees all aspects of roleplay within the Union. [nation=short]Kliev Republic[/nation] is the Minister of Roleplay, meaning that he heads the Ministry and all Ministry affairs. As Minister, he appoints three Mediators to regulate roleplay. The Minister and the mediators, create rules and guidelines for roleplay, and ensure that all parties are enjoying themselves.[/font]
[*][font=Times New Roman][color=#367524][b]The Union Post –[/b][/color] The Union Post is the oldest and the largest newspaper in the Union of Democratic States, having more than 400 reads. The newspaper was established when Relfa became the Domestic Affairs Committee Chairman, a former position that used to deal with domestic issues along with the administration. Relfa wanted to create a regional newspaper for the region. It was named after the first newspaper of the Union, The Union Post written by the Global Capitalist State, one Minister for Communications under Prime Minister The Noble Thatcherites. The Union Post writes issues every month and we need more writers, so if you are interested in joining this respected newspaper telegram [nation=short]Relfa[/nation] or [nation=short]The Noble Thatcherites[/nation], you can also DM them both on discord. [/font]
[*][font=Times New Roman][color=#367524][b]The Union Times –[/b][/color]The Union Times, edited by Asdersland is the Union's premier and independent newspaper which publishes frequently when incidents happen. Currently, the Union Times is in its first year of publication and yet already has a strong subscriber base and a website at All articles and newspaper archives are published there, along with roleplay exchange rates for the Union's currency, the Union Mark. Additionally announcements are posted on the Regional Message Board and Discord when issues of the paper go out.[/font]
[*][font=Times New Roman][color=#367524][b]The Union Tribune –[/b][/color]The Union Tribune, edited by [nation=short]Brittalia[/nation] was the Union's most active and premier news source. Boasting 13 subscribers, the paper published issues on it's website every Tuesday and Friday around 6:00 PM EST, which is located at [url=]here.[/url][/font][/list]

[align=center][color=#367524][font=Times New Roman][size=175]Regional Politics[/size][/font][/color][/align]

The Union of Democratic States is very politically active. We have people from all over the world here with many different political ideologies and viewpoints. As a result, we also have many different political parties.

The Union has three political parties: The Coalition for a Bettter Union (CBU), The Free Conservative Union (FCU), and the Independent Justice Party (IJP).

[list][*][font=Times New Roman][color=#367524][b][url=]The Coalition for a Better Union[/url][/b][/color] is a political party founded by [nation=short]Brittalia[/nation] on 21 April 2017. This party’s core values are Radical Reformation, Quality over Quantity, Freedom to Democracy, Esteemed Leadership, and Truth to Power. It’s founder, [nation=short]Brittalia[/nation], is it’s current Chairman.[/font]

[*][font=Times New Roman][color=#367524][b][url=]The Independent Justice Party[/url][/b][/color] is a political party founded by [nation=short]Lightwoods[/nation] on 26 November 2017. This party’s core values are making the Union an interregional region, having a transparent government, political freedom, cross party cooperation, and building a stable society under a controlled government. There are elections for Chair currently ongoing.[/font]

[*][font=Times New Roman][color=#367524][b][url=]The Free Conservative Union[/url][/b][/color] is a political party founded by [nation=short]Great East Prussia[/nation] on 16 August 2017. This party’s core values are Roleplay, Republicanism, Right-Winged Management, Integrity & Transparency, and having a Capable UDSAF. [nation=short]North Plegia[/nation] is it’s current chairman.[/font]

[align=center][color=#367524][font=Times New Roman][size=175]Contacts[/size][/font][/color][/align]

[center][font=Times New Roman]Have an issue or inquiry? Need to contact us? Don't fret! You can easily reach members of the government via telegram or direct message on Discord. Here is the contact information of the members of our Union’s government:[/font][/center]

[align=center][spoiler=[font=Times New Roman]Contacts[/font]][table][tr][td][font=Times New Roman]Position[/font][/td][td][font=Times New Roman]Nation[/font][/td][td][font=Times New Roman]Telegram Box[/font][/td][td][font=Times New Roman]Discord Code[/font][/td][/tr]
[tr][td][font=Times New Roman]Founder[/font][/td][td][font=Times New Roman][nation]The Noble Thatcherites[/nation][/font][/td][td][url=][font=Times New Roman]Click Here[/font][/url][/td][td][font=Times New Roman]Thatcher#2163[/font][/td][/tr]
[tr][td][font=Times New Roman]Prime Minister[/font][/td][td][font=Times New Roman][nation]Khevo[/nation][/font][/td][td][url=][font=Times New Roman]Click Here[/font][/url][/td][td][font=Times New Roman]DγΙ#4608[/font][/td][/tr]
[tr][td][font=Times New Roman]WA Delegate[/font][/td][td][font=Times New Roman][nation]North Plegia[/nation][/font][/td][td][url= Plegia][font=Times New Roman]Click Here[/font][/url][/td][td][font=Times New Roman]Josh_The_Jew#2656[/font][/td][/tr]
[tr][td][font=Times New Roman]Speaker[/font][/td][td][font=Times New Roman][nation]Duckstan[/nation][/font][/td][td][url=][font=Times New Roman]Click Here[/font][/url][/td][td][font=Times New Roman]DuckMan#1731[/font][/td][/tr]
[tr][td][font=Times New Roman]Chairperson[/font][/td][td][font=Times New Roman][nation]Zion Imperium[/nation][/font][/td][td][url=][font=Times New Roman]Click Here[/font][/url][/td][td][font=Times New Roman]Zion#7636[/font][/td][/tr]
[tr][td][font=Times New Roman]Minister of the Census[/font][/td][td][font=Times New Roman][nation]The Glorious Hypetrain[/nation][/font][/td][td][url= Glorious Hypetrain][font=Times New Roman]Click Here[/font][/url][/td][td][font=Times New Roman]Redorhcs#6647[/font][/td][/tr]
[tr][td][font=Times New Roman]Minister of Education[/font][/td][td][font=Times New Roman][nation]Asdersland[/nation][/font][/td][td][url=][font=Times New Roman]Click Here[/font][/url][/td][td][font=Times New Roman]TheWorstBen#8249[/font][/td][/tr]
[tr][td][font=Times New Roman]Minister of Roleplay[/font][/td][td][font=Times New Roman][nation]Kliev Republic[/nation][/font][/td][td][url= Republic][font=Times New Roman]Click Here[/font][/url][/td][td][font=Times New Roman]Wonkeyblurts#9925[/font][/td][/tr]
[tr][td][font=Times New Roman]Attorney General[/font][/td][td][font=Times New Roman][nation]Comlogical[/nation][/font][/td][td][url=][font=Times New Roman]Click Here[/font][/url][/td][td][font=Times New Roman]genpasaporte#4975[/font][/td][/tr]
[tr][td][font=Times New Roman]Chief Justice[/font][/td][td][font=Times New Roman][nation]The Diamond Confederacy[/nation][/font][/td][td][url= Diamond Confederacy/][font=Times New Roman]Click Here[/font][/url][/td][td][font=Times New Roman]United Arkadia[/font][/td][/tr]
[tr][td][font=Times New Roman]Associate Justice[/font][/td][td][font=Times New Roman][nation]United Arkadia[/nation][/font][/td][td][url= Arkadia/][font=Times New Roman]Click Here[/font][/url][/td][td][font=Times New Roman]Ark#3495[/font][/td][/tr]
[tr][td][font=Times New Roman]Associate Justice[/font][/td][td][font=Times New Roman][nation]Glaciosia[/nation][/font][/td][td][url=][font=Times New Roman]Click Here[/font][/url][/td][td][font=Times New Roman]jaybeanstalk#4789[/font][/td][/tr][/table][/spoiler][/align]

[align=center][color=#367524][font=Times New Roman][size=175]Acronyms[/size][/font][/color][/align]

[center][font=Times New Roman]Confused? See an acronym you are unfamiliar with? The Union uses many acronyms to make communication as easy as possible. Here is a list of acronyms that you might across within the region and in the wider NS world.[/font][/center]

[align=center][spoiler=[font=Times New Roman]Acronyms[/font]][box]

[align=center][color=#367524][b]UDS –[/b][/color] The Union of Democratic States
[color=#367524][b]SC –[/b][/color] Supreme Court
[color=#367524][b]PM –[/b][/color] Prime Minister
[color=#367524][b]AG –[/b][/color] Attorney General
[color=#367524][b]CL –[/b][/color] Congressional Law
[color=#367524][b]MD –[/b][/color] Master Dispatch
[color=#367524][b]MoC / MotC –[/b][/color] Ministry of the Census
[color=#367524][b]MoE –[/b][/color] Ministry of Education
[color=#367524][b]MoR –[/b][/color] Ministry of Roleplay[/align][/box][/spoiler]

[i][size=75]Credit to [nation=short]The Noble Thatcherites[/nation] for the original version of this guide[/size][/i]