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Hammer Britannia (Thatmariohead)

Greater Victora

Cantelo says:

The Rapture Republic wrote:(Does the AN Need a Snickers?)
No, but they’ll eat one anyway.

Auphelia wrote:

A condemnation from DJ Doug!? Oh Hammer Britannia, you've done it now!

Sparka wrote:General Field Marshal Christiana's last words: Well... this was gay. *proceeds to choke on her own breath*

Vespertania wrote:Wait.. No, I wasn't talking about Krual. That 'chill beats' player is who I was talking about. They've got a dispatch made saying they want to behead people here.

Slackoslavania wrote:"This letter is mostly 'A's but I see what they're getting at." -Si'mon Soc


Chill beats llc