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by The Republic of Hiram Land. . 39 reads.

Regional Sanactions against Northwest Kalactin Act of 2018

To the UNOE Security Council and all of its' Members,

The nation of Northwest Kalactin has caused anger upon the UNOE and its members, with its reasons listed below. Therefore, I am proposing high regional sanactions against Northwest Kalactin.

This nation has:

CREATED major roleplays that have little to no effort put in the threads for the RPs,

CAUSED widespead hate from the UNOE, of which the results are catastrophic,

MADE promises that unfortunately, that nation has not kept up on his or her side,

ATTEMPTED to null and void any roleplay in which his or her nation lost,

REPORTED, falsely, those who were against that nation, with little to no evidence to back him/her up,

CHOSEN to lie to anybody, when he/she knows full well that he/she was lying.

Therefore, I shall propose Northwest Kalactin to be on the DISGRACED list, along with that nation being permanently banned from the region, and major sanactions, including a ban on all exports to Northwest Kalactin, and complete condemnation of whatever NW Kalactin had done, against Northwest Kalactin.

The Republic of Hiram Land