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Welcome to Lothlórien!

Enjoy the Golden Wood at your leisure. The pace in Lothlórien is unhurried. This is a casual region for people who like J.R.R. Tolkien's stories. You can develop your nation here as you please. See the FAQ for an overview. page=faq

For the Elves the world moves, and it moves both very swift and very slow. Swift, because they themselves change little, and all else fleets by: it is a grief to them. Slow, because they do not count the running years, not for themselves. The passing seasons are but ripples ever repeated in the long long stream. Yet beneath the Sun all things must wear to an end at last.

We like creating and participating in polls related to J.R.R. Tolkien's imaginary world. If you wish to contribute a poll, literary or ludicrous, serious or silly, telegram the founder Lady Galadriel and ask to be appointed with this ability. I'm looking forward to your ideas!

What the region Lothlorien is for
I once wrote a very informal, somewhat goofy regional advertisement thread. It still applies.

A group for Tolkien-themed roleplays can be found here.

World Assembly
You can have as many nations as you please. Only one of them at a time may be in the World Assembly. In this region, you can do as you please, be in the WA or not. A suggestion: Every player can only have one WA nation, and as such it has, at present, a value detached from a player's actual interest in WA discussions, as a mere means to an end. Our neighbour region Middle Earth is one of the ancient founderless regions. It needs every well-intentioned WA member nation it can get. If you create a secondary nation merely for WA membership, you can support the Tolkien fans in Middle Earth in their ability to play as they wish without nonconsensual griefing, by moving it there, and endorsing their elected delegate and the other WA member nations. Once your nation is located in Middle Earth and it has joined the WA, the 'endorse' button can be found at the bottom of each other WA member nation's page.
Middle Earth

If you have any questions about this region, feel free to telegram. Do not let your hearts be troubled.

Best regards,
Lady Galadriel

The Queendom of Lady Galadriel