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Below is a link to the mostly unofficial TWI Discord server. It is meant primarily for non-NS conversations and chill.

Do note that not all TWI members use the Discord. Hence, try to keep RP planning, nation-building efforts, and OOC collaboration in the NS site (RMB and forums), so all TWI member would be able to read and participate. If you do discuss NS related matters - remember to post any important details on the NS site a well.

Chat Rules

  • Swearing is allowed, but please do not go overboard. Derogatory or Racist slurs are not allowed.

  • Nudity and Pornography are not allowed. This is a public server, and many different people of all ages frequent here. Also, avoid saying obscene things.

  • Please keep all discussions relevant to the channel they are in.

  • Advertising or recruiting for other regions isn't allowed here.

  • Do not flame, troll, or bully. Keep spam in the spam channel only.

The State of Ostehaar