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Notable Assassins

OOC: This is not a publicly-released document. Your nation probably doesn't know about the assassin's skills very well, other than the remains of their victims.

"We're a family. One giant family whose members have tragic pasts, personality deficits, & mildly concerning behavior that causes social workers and psychologists to look in mild shock, but a family nonetheless."
-Sekka Verndara on the Assassins' Guild

Secretary of the Guild Boudica Debenham
Race: Chess Piece (Queen)
Traits: Motherly towards the other assassins, willing to help anyone who comes to the guild
Recall: If an assassin is injured too severely, Debenham is able to force upon a portal beneath them to call them back to the guild, even if the threat level in the area is at maximum. At most, she will take three days to fully restore her reserved mana batteries for recalling, with each master-rank assassin having a mana battery set aside for this. Rank 4 assassins share a larger mana battery that she can drain all at once to recall several at once or use over several days. At most, each assassin she recalls consumes a day's worth of magical energy if the threat level is at maximum. The difference between costs despite the same threat level is caused by the enhanced portals used for master-rank assassins, which can penetrate through anti-magic countermeasures even better & also stun nearby enemies (& partially to discourage master-rank assassins from undertaking the same operation for a few days, as they are often swiftly healed after returning).

Format: "@@TITLE@@" @@NAME@@ (@@TYPE@@-type @@RANK@@)
Ghost-type: This assassin specializes in getting away with murder. They may not always guarantee a kill, but they will almost always return home safely.
Performer-type: This assassin specializes in joining any performance group that is being hired or seen by the target. Here, the assassin will blend in with their fellow performers before delivering the finishing blow to their target. Performers who work in groups are categorized here.
Luxury service-type: This assassin creates customized goods for their target, using this time up close to assassinate them or the object in question. Single-person performers are categorized here.
Basic service-type: This assassin can act as a maid, butler, servant, chauffeur, teacher, etc... to get close to their target to assassinate them.
Sniper-type: This assassin uses long-range weaponry & stealth to assassinate their target.
Horror-type: This assassin's goal is to horrify & terrorize their target to the point that they lose their sanity or give up. Can be used to kill targets, but more often their target kills themselves.
Brute-type: This assassin jumps into a scene & slaughters everyone present. Useful if you don't want any witnesses whatsoever, or if panic is to be spread.
Trap-type: This assassin impersonates someone close to their target. Often double as spies.

Rank 5 (master)
"The Ghost Flame" Parhelion Shiranui (ghost-type master)
Race: Demon(?)
Traits: A bit naive, has trouble speaking, & usually mesmerized by her fire spheres
Hanging Lanterns: Shiranui's floating fireballs are of unknown origin & are not quite magical, nor scientific, so they can not be disabled by a known method. These fireballs serve as Shranui's weapons & zip around the battlefield to burn their targets down while blinding those near them due to their extreme brightness. If she makes the fireballs go towards her with enough force, she unleashes a fiery explosion whose extreme force knocks down her enemies with a high chance of stunning them. When placed above a target, the fireball can also rain upon them with Greek fire. Any fires caused by Shiranui's fireballs can not be put out by normal water.

Otogi: Spirit Agents, Shiranui

"Living Doll Assassin" Ellen Laraus (performer-type master)
Race: Doll (Psytrine)
Traits: Passionate about her work both assassin & performance, but otherwise a bubbly personality
The Greatest Show: Ellen is the epitome of a performer & can easily fit into any circus, concert, or troupe there is. Towards only her target, Ellen's performance is always the most mesmerizing & they will find themselves almost always looking towards her. Eventually, Ellen slowly drains their life away from them, or if that doesn't work, she will bash their head with her osmium sleeves or slice them with her fan. Because of her illusion magic, most don't realize she has carried out her work until a little after the end of the performance, at which point she will make her escape.
Rejuvenation: For some unknown reason, the wood that composes Ellen additionally produces stem cells of some primordial being, these cells being usable on any person. As a result, brushing a wound against her exposed wooden skin causes the injury to begin to slowly, but visibly, heal, although this only functions on recent wounds from no more than a day ago as the stem cells are enhanced with Evening, which scans the body & heals it based on its prior "best" state.

Otogi: Spirit Agents, Ohina [Pink]

"Portrait" Jelloucroix Dejani (luxury service-type master)
Race: Elf
Traits: Absent-minded & has difficulties in social situations like Shiranui, but passionate about his work
Savant of Nacre: Jelloucroix can play any instrument asked of him after a few minutes of listening to any song prominently featuring the instrument while his artistic abilities mean that he can be hired to paint portraits. At the same time, his experience working in Renstar has also meant that he can manufacture furniture & similar objects at Steissan levels of mastery. While his target is distracted by his mastery, he rushes in for his kill, which may involve the items he made.

Ayakashi Ghost Guild, Edgar the Writer

"The Passing Memory" Notburga Jégado (basic service-type master)
Race: Human
Traits: Confident, competitive, loves children, caretaker of the other guild members, & able to mask her emotions with others quite well
Eternal Servitude: Notburga can cook, clean, comfort, & teach at unparalleled expertise, which would have guaranteed her a life as a popular caretaker had she not chosen the assassin's path. Nonetheless, her skills ensure that a target who lives a less extravagant lifestyle still won't be safe, especially when she is experienced in making tasteless poisons or covering up such poisons, although she would never dare to injure a child in order to fulfill her contract. She is known to be able to weaponize any object in her hands & is also known to not need to sleep for up to a week at the price of some of her expertise.

Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony, Kirumi Tojo

"Honorable Servant" Sima Karu (classic-type master)
Race: Light-affiliated demon
Traits: Affable & quiet, only speaking when spoken to; loyal to his client
Right to Arms: As expected of his role, Si'ma is a dangerous sniper that uses an assortment of guns that are all magic, all science, or a hybrid, mixing different gun mechanisms from different eras. As such, Si'ma has deadly sniper rifles from any era that he can use to eliminate his target. Supposedly, he can even eliminate targets from miles away & is able to sense any factors that might affect his accuracy, & even cover can be ineffective with portal technology manipulating his bullets. Even counter snipers have great difficulty with him because of his stealth & sheer distance.
SOS: If fired at, Si'ma can magically & mechanically recreate the shot & materialize a bullet identical except in position. Once the bullet is made, he can keep the shot for his own use or use temporal magic to reverse the new bullet in place of the old one, which then goes back to where it was shot from. The bullet can then either pierce the unfortunate sniper or be used to find their approximate location by unleashing a pulse that can detect the target's current position.

Steel Ball Run, Blackmore

"Creeping Tortellini*" Monte Dred (horror-type master)
Race: Robot with magical parts (SupCom Universe)
Traits: Sadistic, but otherwise deceptively polite
Memory of a Lake: Monte's sadistic habit of playing with his enemies by slowly escalating the horror while destroying his target's bonds with their associates ensures a slow death. In particular, he enjoys inverting things that are prominent in or essential to life, such as spirals or water, to terrify his target while also haunting them in their dreams to cause sleep deprivation to exacerbate his illusions with additional hallucinations. Usually, he doesn't materialize himself in front of his victim except for a split second & instead stays hidden where nobody can see him. When confronted, Monte usually confuses his opponent with illusions rather than actually fight, but his conjuration skills means that he can force his illusions to become physical.
Medium: Monte can travel as a shadow, becoming immune to most sources of damage by fully reflecting them back at anyone who sees Monte. Only attacks that use both electricity & magic by breaking through interdimensional barriers can reliably hit him. If light is shined on Monte in his shadow form, he will automatically move away from it, & if he is somehow trapped by numerous lights such that there is no other dark region, he can refract light nearby to prevent it from reaching him or the eyes of those nearby.
*While being giving his title, Sekka somehow mispronounced "tentacles" as "tortellini," probably due to some external force. The name stuck.

Terra Battle, Invincible (Job 3)

"The Bad Name" Akō Frollo (brute-type master)
Race: Oni (a Demon from the Shirnijing Region)
Traits: Belligerent, vengeful, & rough in his manners
Honor of a Name: As expected of his type, Akō is a vicious fighter who uses his "Moon Scythe" weapon to create waves of wind that slice apart his enemies. Using Pipe magic, his tool absorbs air from the nearby area before releasing it when he swings his weapon. At the same time, his mastery over Weather & Ice allows him to freeze or electrify his wind waves as necessary. Using the same physics-breaking witchcraft that characterizes Mac's wrench, Akō is additionally able to throw his weapon to slice down an opponent & also create a deadly whirlwind that would slice apart his targets before returning to him.
Flourishing Monsoon: Akō carries several bowstrings hidden on his person, which he can wrap around his weapon to temporarily turn it into a bow. From there, he can then use the crystal spines of the fans on his face as makeshift arrows that he usually fires high into the air akin to an artillery shell, albeit with far more control as he is able to manipulate the nearby wind to move the arrow around. Once above an enemy, Akō enchants the crystal to take in the air & static electricity around it to create additional glowing electrical arrows of compressed air that can be used to gain intel, brighten up, or deal damage over a wide area. As the crystal is small & does not begin to glow until it is above the enemy, it is often difficult to see.

Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne, Ongyo-Ki

"Lorelei" Mawsy Greed (trap-type master)
Race: Defective Doll (unknown nation of origin & also the only known "defective" doll known; soul belonged to a "Dr Jekyll" from Psytronius)
Traits: Unmatched, patient sadism mixed with a sharp tongue
Loki: No other assassin matches the deceptiveness of Mawsy Greed, whose status as a defective doll lets them imitate others perfectly by consuming part of their soul, partly as an innate ability of being a doll & partly because of the currently unknown soul or composition of Mawsy Greed. As a result, they are nearly undetectable during their missions, having learned to mask their magical leakage with additional magic & science. If their target has no sophisticated ways to detect doll-type persons, Mawsy Greed will be able to easily get close to them, & when the target is within range, Mawsy Greed then takes far too long to slowly execute & abuse their victim, their operations usually lasting hours.

Mawsy Greed has no consistent appearance due to their shapeshifting capabilities, nor do they know what they actually look like. Instead, Mawsy Greed changes their appearance based on who they are speaking to, but they can keep a single form seen by everyone during their operations. Based on the descriptions given by those he was seen by, it seems that his forms are involved with inverting the most important trait of whoever he is speaking to, such as Ellen seeing a paraplegic with Mawsy Greed.

Rank 4 (expert)

"Relay" (previously "Boy Ninja") D'aillisioux (ghost-type expert)
Race: Enigma (unknown nation of origin, possibly "artist" soul type)

Taken to the Assassin's Guild by the Paladin Tsemper Fi, D'aillisioux is by far one of the most mysterious Assassins of Parfuhmerie. He has refused to disclose his past except to the Assassin Parhelion Shiranui, who has also vowed never to speak of it, not that she'd be able to describe it well. Attempts to enter his mind have gone just as poorly — even for callous Psytrine researchers, something about the way he tries to rip open his head when they probe him stops them from further attempts.

Insofar, theories suggest that he was a Doll intended for slavery in the Holy Kingdom of the Syhi, ruled over by the peculiar Vaalkyne, a woman whose motherly aura, though clearly a facade, is too adorable to be opposed, even knowing her flagrant civil rights abuses. However, D'aillisioux is utterly terrified by her presence and freezes up within it, though he has never explained why. Still, it is clear that she and her island are the cause behind his trauma.

Once rescued, Domeses of the The Youth, The Hearth, & The Heart advised putting him on art therapy, allowing him to slowly warm up to the Assassins Guild. In particular, MV Crossbar was a constant supporter of him, and considered D'aillisioux similar to the other children that he had encountered throughout his humanitarian aid journeys. The boy additionally developed a crush on Shiranui, dedicating many of his art pieces to her, though in recent times, the rediscovery of his beloved Hazel has seen this crush mostly vanish.

D'aillisioux has thrown hours into developing his artistic ability, and his existence as a Doll allows him to ignore basic needs in favor of drawing pictures for entire days. In tandem with his desire for isolation and hatred of sleep, which often brings nightmares, D'aillisioux has likely achieved nearly ten thousand hours, and both of his rooms are adorned with posters in his two art aesthetics. One is a desaturated, grisly style expressed in a cartoonish, cutesy manner, whereas the other is a hopeful, vivid burst of colors expressed in a more realistic, dark manner. Sometimes, he merges the two styles — a resplendent dream of colors to hide away a cartoon's murder, or perhaps a sinner looking up at the brilliant childhood dreams that they had discarded yet reaching for them once again.

He is known in his online art communities as an informal fellow fond of using emoticons and the like, but they are unaware of his troubles as he does not wish to burden anyone with it. However, because of his subservient nature, he has willingly forced himself to work for them despite strokes of despair and apathy. Thus, he is well-known for spamming the forums with artwork, though in recent times he has created "silent posts" so then his followers don't have to see every new piece of artwork that he pumps out. Initially, many of them expressed a significant concern for his lifestyle, though his reassurances that he is a Doll puts these concerns to rest.

His remarkable devotion and artistic talent has naturally drawn the attention of publishers and musicians throughout his world and beyond; he has created music videos of the most profoundly dark subjects, to serving as the illustrator for children's books. However, the former habit has taken a significant toll on his mental health — a toll that he must solve by making art, any art, no matter if it reminds him of the life that he had fled from, no matter if it causes him to relive those memories once more.

That said, his experiences and morbid imagination have resulted in uniquely vivid music videos, and a few of the artists that he worked with were nearly arrested for the disturbing content within them, whereas he himself was asked a few questions by the youthful Assassin-Interrogator. A process that, obviously, ended poorly. Several of his acquaintances have also asked about his mental state, but he has insisted that he is fine, and a few moderators have considered banning him for his own mental health, especially after seeing his state once he makes certain music videos. Still, he persists, and has insofar had the luck to never encounter anyone from his art communities. Or has he?

With others, years of abuse have distorted his self-perception: like Anh Jumin-Shirō, he believes that he is only worthwhile as an asset, and is completely servile to others. However, he is fearful of abandonment and thus requires constant reassurance that he is doing well, but simultaneously worries that constantly pestering his beloved will end up annoying them out of their relationship. Insofar, most of the Assassins have succeeded in befriending him without him feeling like he constantly needs to ask them, though Mawsy Greed in particular maintains a hateful relationship with him.

Hypnagogia: While a part of his type's description, it's not quite certain how D'aillisioux manages to escape from anywhere despite his excessively high capture rate. Even from areas known to have only one heavily-guarded route in, D'aillisioux manages to avoid it all. Perhaps his most peculiar trait is how he leaves absolutely no indication that he was ever anywhere, not leaving behind footprints, residual magical energy, or even shifts in the air around him. Likewise, his portals are known to emit no magical energy, their only presence being indicated by brain activity that matches dreaming occurring in those that are between D'aillisioux & his destination.
Death Rattle: Before assassinating his target or entering battle, D'aillisioux often makes a sound resembling a gasp. Supposedly, this ability severely slows down his time perception to the point that he claims that he can see a modern-day bullet move only slightly faster than his walking speed (since he's not actually moving at its speed though, he can't catch a bullet without being affected by the force it has in actual time). In addition, D'aillisioux claims that his attacks seem to gain a massive increase in power & also a strange tint while time is perceived slower. This ability is innate & emits no magical energy when used.
Oneironaut: Being an enigma, it is believed that D'aillisioux has an unknown ability that may take some time to come out. Recently, the following abilities have been found:

The ability to receive messages from those he refers to by a variety of names.
Protection from those who wish him harm.
Summoning the outline of a near-invisible vessel that he can ride, such as for reconnaissance, & the ability to take it along by a rope to glide with water.
Gliding along the floor with water.
Summoning platforms solid only for him.
The ability to summon fire & powder in his hands, which he can combine to cause a blinding & deafening flashbang.
Being embraced by a butterfly-winged lady.

When greatly frightened, his abilities manifest in more horrifying forms, with this change being seen when he begins to reach for his neck due to some invisible noose & when his hair curls into a spiral:
In order of severity; the closer one gets to the bottom, the more fearful D'aillisioux is:
Gliding along the floor with tiny robotic legs.
Sudden fires.
Smoke from the fires turning into columns with terrified faces that dash into enemies.
Odor of decay.
Invisible nooses flying in.
Creature-sized cracks in the ground.
Aura of decay that rots anything biological in a small radius.

At this point, D'aillisioux's skin begins to crack apart.

Tentacle spikes bursting from the ground.
An even more intense sense of unease & horror.
Loss of balance & sense of direction in anyone nearby.
Planes dropping Deep Sea Lament petals & blank pieces of paper, the former taking root & sprouting into Deep Sea Laments & the latter becoming origami creatures, both of which emit a blue gas that will drain away his stress.

D'aillisioux is on the right, with Uka'ta Sco'ir on the left. By xluminanceo on Instagram (originally based on Otogi: Spirit Agents daemons Mori Ranmaru & Ambergris)

"Dark Comedy" Pâté Chaud (performer-type expert)
Race: Undead Human/Owl (Psytrine Hybrid)
Traits: Calm, kindly, & observant of others' traits; sadistic towards his enemies
Comic Death: Pâté Chaud can summon bombs, knives, & tightropes into his hands, while his sadistic personality means he will be enjoying every moment of his victim's death, be it through explosions, a thousand cuts, or through his tightrope acting as a garrote. In addition, he is also a superb performer whose talent is only interrupted when he suddenly murders his target, using his illusion magic & bombs to escape.

Popee the Performer, Popee

"Luminous Welder" Virginia Pilar (brute-type expert)
Race: Pallouré
Traits: Quiet & religious, but remembers too much of others
Deific Vanity: Virginia's choice of weapons are a pair of lightweight scythes formed out of a bizarre metal that a Psytrine analysis has found to be an alloy of numerous other metals, blood, & alcohol. What use this particular material has is debatable, but it is often assumed to be related to Virginia's past in some way. Still, the scythes are in no way inefficient, & are capable of slicing apart low-quality tanks with a few strikes, especially if she is angered, at which point the scythes are sharpened with magic & also begin to throw out high amounts of gasoline & alcohol, which Virginia can quickly ignite to gain an advantage in combat.

No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle, Margaret Moonlight.

MV Crossbar (basic service-type expert)
Race: Dark-affiliated Demon
Traits: Morbid-minded, yet empathetic. Prone to entering catatonic states, followed by bursts of frantic fervor.
Burning Time: A meticulous humanitarian aid worker at heart, Crossbar first became an assassin after witnessing the slaughter of hundreds of his fellow workers at the hands of Syhilean paladins. Left as one of the few survivors, he swore revenge against all those who might try to ruin his generosity, & thus quickly ascended the ranks of the Assassin's Guild, using his multilinguality & connections to find & kill those he ascertained to be dangers, typically by involving them in fatal setups reminiscent of Rude Goldberg machines. Oftentimes, his targets are already hated, & thus his connections allow him to request for help disguised as odd requests.
Embodiment: Crossbar can absorb the negative emotions of others & disperse it through toxic blood that, when ingested, emotionally overdrives his victim & kills them through the effects of natural emotional duress. However, if he does not cleanse his blood, he will be consumed by the emotional state within it & require immediate attention to prevent him from becoming or expelling a wight that lasts for a short period of time & will attack exclusively him.

Takuto's 焚吐 - 「ナンバーツー」

The Four Muskeeters (brute-type experts)
Races: Light-affiliated Demons
Traits: Motherly (Cse'ar 2), Artistic (Cse'ar 3), Curious (Cse'ar 4), Rebellious (Cse'air 5)
Clear the Area!: The four Muskeeters are all trained in the usage of The Succubal Pistols, which they use to fire out endless barrages of bullets able to clear a battlefield in seconds or to provide an impenetrable screen of projectiles. As their weapons' names suggest, the bullets are also filled with a lethal hatred that will chain onto nearby enemies, albeit with reduced energy versus the prior shots. When any one of them are downed, the other sisters react with an even more lethal vengeance, & their gunfire is improved for each one that gets taken. When all but one have been taken down, the final sister calls upon her fallen siblings' spirits, which surround her & unleash salvo upon salvo of soul-rending gunfire especially dangerous to Dolls & similar things with irreplaceable soul-based identities.

D'artagnan & her three skins from Crusaders Quest. Does not include mugs unless mentioned.

Glasgow (basic-type expert)
Race: Vampire
Traits: Nonchalant