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OOC: Meet the mastermind behind Stanier

Personal Info

Birth name:

Sing (yeah, I'm that narcissistic, the president of Stanier is named after me) No-es-peo-tuyo. But for you I'm Lima, and that's final


August 13th, 1993


Maracaibo, Zulia, Venezuela




6'0" (1.83 m or 183 cm in the good kind of measuring system)


Killed off 40 days after I was born.


A really sweet 50-something year-old woman.


Ain't got nobody


Wish I had actual children, but for now my '01 Fiesta is my baby




Formerly Protestant, now I'm just an Agnostic that goes to church just for his mother.

Sexual orientation:


Personality type:

ESFP-T (I strive to entertain!)

"Friend, only I can set the reverse and therefore: Only I can drive this car. Capisci?" - Me, everytime somebody tries to set the reverse in my car unsuccessfully


    "So, how'd you came up with Stanier?"

    "Me salió del forro e' las bolas marico... OK, seriously, I came up with the crazy idea after I found NS with some pals of the Spanish GTA Wiki, at first Stanier was your average liberal democracy but after a while, it was getting boring, and I was playing Mafia 2 at the time and then I told myself 'What if Vito ran my nation?, espera, it can't be Vito, otherwise I'll have to return Stanier to the 1960s... What if it was Vito's grandson?... Eso chamo, Lima, eres un genio'. and that's how I came up with Stanier's second and most known canon. Nowadays however? Stanier is growing up as the serious nation I know it can become"

    "So, which are your political ideals?, does Stanier reflect them?"

    "Actually, Stanier doesn't reflect my political ideals, a matter of fact, I am an Authoritarian Capitalist with some Liberal leanings, here's a couple of quotes that paint an image of my political beliefs in the most important of matters:

    Look, the only leftist ideology that works is Social Democracy, why? Because my country lived under that ideology for forty years and guess what happened? Prosperity, peace and even more prosperity. Anything further than that is doomed to fail. As proven with socialism, also in my country.

    I don't get LGBT activists, sure, the lifestyles of the people they defend are seen as taboo and they are heavily judged, but do they really gotta act like a triggered feminist or SJW for every mishap? For f**ks sake! Get a grip and get on with it! That's how I deal with Chavistas and women!

    Why the hell would we legalize pot for? So drug dealers can go legit? So people become deadbeats 'cause their heads are so high up in the clouds they can't get anything done? Trust me, marihuana is bad news, be it legal or illegal.

    Hey, wanna know why leftists despise capitalism? Because it means anyone, with enough effort, can become wealthier than them. In short: Things like Socialism and communism are selfish and egoist ideologies for those who don't like people having a better life than them. Think about it son.

    Look, I don't oppose democracy, but you have to understand that it has its flaws. Because politicians always have ulterior motives, and constant elections means that anyone, be it good-or-bad intentioned, can get a shot of power. And you must think about what happens when people go mad with power: they turn into heartless dictators who only care about remaining in the seat until they die and that ain't good.

    A government must have a strong understanding of its society. Otherwise, it's doomed to fail before it even gets going.

    I don't want to say I advocate for government surveillance. But I do, because if a government knows what its citizens are thinking or suffering, it means it can put hands to work so it can upgrade the life quality of those who rely on it

    The suppression of free speech is despicable, let me put it like this: If you are a father of three and you force your children to not bother you with their needs, critiques, and suggestions. How the hell are you supposed to know when they are hungry, sick or unhappy so they aren't depressed or worse yet, dead?

    Raising children in religious values is, in my opinion, something ideal. Why? Because it gives them a basic feel of what's good, what's bad and how to act when they see someone in need. Take notice of how some of those 'Faith in humanity restored' moments can be easily grounded in religious values. But sure, we have to edit some scriptures a bit, because if teach everything by the book we'll have people from different religions, atheists, and LGBT movements up in arms because they're either being excluded or because we're teaching hate.

    Look, I'm honestly not a fan of cross-dressers and transgender people, I get their reasons to be the way they are, so I tolerate them. But honestly, they should've gotten counseling before going through the whole surgical procedures or wearing skirts in public

    If ya wanna know anything else. Send me a TG, or hit me up on Discord (Bravado Buffalo A/C#3703), OK? I'm a pretty open guy"

    "So, how do you feel about you country's situation"

    *Brings a suitcase outta nowhere* "Qué la vaina está tan arrecha que me voy a ir pal coño"

    "Do you drink?, like, alcohol?"

    "Si me brindan... Well, actually I do and great part of my income goes towards booze, that I save up to drown my pains later on"

    "Does your drinking have any influence, negative or positive, in your life?"

    "Wait, I'm too drunk to answer that..."

    "¿Maduro es mardito?"

    "Can you describe your country in images?"

    "It's gonna be hard but imma try..."

    Government in a nutshell:

    Economic situation in a nutshell:

    Our streets in a nutshell:

    The people in a nutshell:

    Selling foreign currency in a nutshell:

    Law enforcement in a nutshell:

  • "So how many nations you have, can you give me a description of them?"

    "I used to handle a handful of nations I remember but can't be bothered to list. So yeah, just Stanier for now"

  • "Where do you get the templates for your factbooks?, do you make them?"

    "Well, for the nation overview factbooks I use a simplified version of the one created by Ponderosa, while in the other hand characters use a heavily modified and simplified version of the template created by Napoleonic europa, I got a complaint once about removing the credits on the templates and how I steal the templates, but that I use the template doesn't mean I made it and besides, when people ask me about how I make my factbooks I always redirect them to the forum threads of the templates so they can copy the code, so in short, I ain't stealing nothing"

Favorite quotes from other users about Stanier (IC and OOC)
"Wackiest sh*ts happening in Stanier as usual, this time paranormal." - Kazimir Miroslavsky from Zitravgrad, on the Leader opinion thread in Forum 7

"me: expects fascistbaguette bad, statue of liberty good



- Nouveau quebecois, also in the Leader Opinion thread of F7

How people think I am (A.K.A: Wrong guesses. Updated cuando me de la gana)

Extracted from the forum 7 topic "How do you Imagine the Player Above in Real Life"

Eisenhurst (A.K.A Zitravgrad) guessed:
I already know a lot so here are wild guess

> uses battered Nokia
> likes lime-flavored food
> drives like it's Formula One
> sleep-deprived

Freedlymonia guessed:
I imagine a nerdy gamer version of Tony Montana. "say hello to my li'l friend" shows body pillow (Emoji de una carita que saca la lengua)

Notiapoli guessed:
Northern South American, probably secretly trying to rally the world against Venezuela's Socialist Government (Which is working btw), not that interested in politics otherwise.

Im trying okay guessed:
An italian guy who likes the forties/fifties era culture.

Free american empire- guessed:
A Venezuelan, 15 years old, who likes watching mafia movies a lot, and would rather want to see Maduro overthrown, and that Venezuela would turn towards liberalism, or at least social democracy.

-united republic of freedonia guessed:
De mi reino, 17 yo, has a fedora, ehhhhhh, that's about it i think.

Johnyatta guessed:
Spanish, 17 years old, likes guns.

Anime north america guessed:
I'd reckon Stanier is driven by an older Italian-Irish dude who might've at one point been a used car salesman. Leans towards liberal/leftist politics IRL, but he doesn't really care about it all that much. Has tons of friends, an uncommon appreciation for gangster flicks, and listens to hella electro-swing.

All told, a pretty cool guy. (Emoji de una carita sonriente)

Gratissima guessed:
Italian, 30 something, interested in the mob.