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Me (OOC)

*Flashbacks of the past puppets.*

(Yeah, I love tea! And coffee too)

LinkReinis Kapone - Pagalms

Economic Left/Right: -4.25
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -1.64

Some S L I C K Songs:
• LinkKazagym aj- Gauhartas
• LinkRunning in the 90s
• LinkSkillet- Hero
• LinkIn The End- Linkin Park
• Link02. Field of Memories - Stick Wars soundtrack
• LinkDj Lugovski -

• Link009 Sound System "Killer With A Thousand Faces"
• LinkTrance - 009 Sound System Dreamscape (HD)
• LinkGustavo - Taisna Tiesa
• LinkGee - Zutge
• Link國家 ---張帝 四海之內的中國人永遠在青天白日下
• LinkNe volim te Alija (original)
• LinkSkyforger - Kurshi (official video)
• LinkUgniavijas - Oi Šermukšnio (Oh the Rowan)
• LinkAI 2 - Vibe Mountain
• LinkSabaton - Primo Victoria
• LinkTwo Steps From Hell - Archangel
• Link♩♫ Dramatic Apocalyptic Music ♪♬ - The Wasteland
• LinkTwo Steps From Hell - El Dorado (SkyWorld)
• LinkBuranovskiye Babushki - Party For Everybody

My favourite historical persons:
• LinkKārlis Ulmanis
• LinkChiang Kai Shek
• LinkSun Tzu
• LinkMa Bufang
• LinkWinston Churchill
• LinkOskars Kalpaks
• LinkDalai Lama
• LinkMichael I of Romania
• LinkJānis Balodis
• LinkSweyn Forkbeard
• LinkMustafa Kemal Atatόrk
• LinkFranklin D. Roosevelt
• LinkAntanas Smetona
• LinkEduard Bernstein
• LinkSimσn Bolνvar
• LinkCarl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim
• LinkNameisis
• LinkΙdouard Daladier
• LinkKonstantin Pδts
• LinkGetϊlio Vargas

Great Vids YOU Need To Watch:
• LinkHistory of the Inuit/Eskimos: Every Year

• LinkThe History of Central Asia: Every Year

• LinkThe History of the Horn of Africa: Every Year

• Link240 million years ago to 250 million years in the future

• LinkThe History of the World: Every Year

• LinkHow the Universe Works - Mysteries Of Our Place In The Milky Way

• LinkThe History of Iberia: Every Year

• LinkXinjiang Wars | 3 Minute History

• LinkChinese Civil War Part 1(1927-1936) Every Day

• LinkHuey Long: Share the Wealth

• LinkAlternate Future of the World: The Movie

• LinkArgentina vs United Kingdom: Falklands War 2017


• LinkAll States Independent Until 1 Country Left! | Hearts of Iron 4 [HOI4 Battle Royale Mod]

• LinkBF4 - Oman Pancakes

• LinkThe History of West Africa: Every Year

• LinkThe world's largest salt mine

• LinkINSANE Tavern Transformation With Conquest Texture & Mod!

• LinkEstonian War of Independence animated

Some Paradox (Mostly HOI4) memes:
•LinkHoi4 - When Italy fails the invasion of Greece

•Link[HOI4] When the Allies Pay Germany a Visit

•Link[HOI4] Democratic Germany in a Nutshell

•Link[HOI4] Everytime the Soviet Union Attacks the Allies Late Game

•LinkEu4 - Paradox's DLC Policy In A Nutshell

•LinkEu4 - Lithuania In A Nutshell

•LinkEvery Stellaris run in a Nutshell

•LinkCK2 - When Your Liege Is Terrible


•LinkWhen Someone insults you in Stellaris

•LinkWhen you forget to disable Sunset Invasion in CK2

•Link[HOI4] When the Axis Becomes too Powerful

•LinkEvery Italy Game HOI4 Meme

•LinkEvery Byzantium game ever in EU4

•LinkLet's go, Międzymorze! - Establishing the mighty Intermarum with Poland (HOI4)

•LinkHearts Of Iron 4 - IN A NUTSHELL

•LinkEUIV Battles, Imagination Vs Reality

•LinkWhen Ming Gets the Renaissance First

•Link[HOI4] Switzerland in a Nutshell

•LinkCK2 MEME COMPILATION from r/CrusaderKings

• Xibei-San-Ma (Although way less active, than it was)


NOTE: I'm purging CTEd puppets from the list

• Fox Shogunate

• Silver Commonwealth(Technically not a puppet, but rather a successor of the FAE, which I abandoned, because way too many people seemed to confuse IC name with OOC one.)

Other test results:

(Note: Although tests tend to put me as a ''socialist'', I don't consider myself as a such.)

• Link8values results

• 5 Dimensional Policial Compass: Left-Leaning Pro-Government Multilateralist Humanist Traditionalist
Collectivism score: 33%
Authoritarianism score: 33%
Internationalism score: 67%
Tribalism score: -67%
Liberalism score: -33%

• LinkPolitiScales

• LinkPolitical Sextant results

• LinkKaiserreich ideology test results

• LinkFuhrerreich ideology test results

•LinkPolitical coordinates test results

•Link9Axes test results

• If there is a grammar mistake in one of my factbooks, please TG me!

• If something does not make sense (timeline wise, geographically, or historically) in one of my factbooks, please TG me and tell me what is wrong so I can fix it!

• If you have questions, you're welcome to TG me.

• If you find something cool or like something within my factbooks, do say!

• I acknowledge that the images (and some concepts) used in my factbooks do not belong to me.

''Sometimes when I feel upset, I watch funny video game videos.''

"The more you try to fix loopholes, the more people will find, and complain about them."

"The older you get, the more of a Squidward you become."

"NS is a time vacuum, seriously."

"Is it a coincidence or not, that most of the ones, who support a dictatorship, haven't lived in a dictatorship themselves?"
[If you want to ask me a question and would like it put here, feel free to TG me!]

  • What's your name?: Private information

  • What's your race?: White

  • What's your gender?: Male

  • What's your sexuality?: Heterosexual (But leaning to asexual)

  • What about orientation?: Straight

  • What's your country of origin? What citizenships do you hold?: Latvia, and I only hold Latvian citizenship.

  • Do you have a significant other?: Nope, and for now, I don't want it either.

  • What do you believe in?: I am an Atheist. (Although I was interested in Paganism for a while)

  • Favorite flash games?: Road Trip, Diesel and Death, World Wars, Run 3, Hex Empire, Battle Gear 2, Territory War, etc. List goes on.

  • What historical party do you support?: Latvian Farmer's Union (LZS, don't confuse it with Union of Greens and Farmers, a.k.a ZZS)

  • What current party do you support?: New Conservative Party (JKP)

  • Favorite youtubers?: TheseKnivesOnly, EmperorTigerstar, _C4, Ollie Bye, JOISPOI24, XboxAddictionz, Russkhof, Dysmo, Grafomāns, Conquering History Games

  • Your likes? What about dislikes?:
    I like fast internet speed, soups, memes, various kinds of traditional music, grape juice, chocolate, Madagascar Penguins, countryballs, food, alternate history, Nationstates, Fallout (NV is my favorite, though. :3), Call of Duty, cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, Half-life, secular people, pasta, apples, history, learning English language, Game of Thrones, rap, patriotic songs, Undertale, and its AUs, videos about history, Henry Stickmin series (games), my country, classic art, photos of railway stations, Metro 2033, Warrior Cats, westerns, platonic love.

    I dislike racists, tomato juice, MLP, anime (especially ships), pop music, romantic movies and books, radish, radicals, broccoli, cancerous communities, most of modern music (Except rap), Justin Bieber, internet trolls, SJWs, salty players in game chat, beets, trash talkers, kids, overly political people, squeakers, garlic, weaboos, partisanship in politics, modern art, shipping in general, romance, newbies in particular, fishes, overly ''kawaii'' art.

Political Standpoints:

  • Pro: Civic nationalism, regulated economy, left-leaning policies, republicanism, social conservativism, secularism, patriotism, gun regulations, welfare, universal healthcare, public schools, funding for martial arts, reasonable freedom of speech, higher authority of government, government's involvement in economy, military spending, reduced working hours, net neutrality, puritanism (asides the religious aspect), NATO, Ireland, USA (Although not completely), death penalty (sometimes), Intermarium, two state solution, Palestine, Ukraine, Georgia, science, evolution, green conservatism, Kemalism, ruralism, self-sufficience, New Conservative Party (Latvia).

  • Neutral: LGBTQ, balanced budget, progressivism, religion, UK, Germany, China, IRA, collectivism, anime (decent bunch), world government (As long as it is a republic, obviously).

  • Anti: Both alt-right, and alt-left, communism, stalinism, maoism, ethnic nationalism, fiscal conservativism, monarchism (Both absolute, and constitutional), neoliberalism, religious radicals, expansionism, racism, corruption, exploitation, fascism, nazism, transhumanism, laissez-faire, USSR, Putin, minarchism, United Baltic Duchy, eurofederalism, creationism, article 13, socialism.

Am I a furry? It depends on definition. If it means having a fursuit, using ''OwO'' in conversation, etc, then nope. I don't have a fursuit, because money, that would go for it, would be way more useful for other things. In fact, I don't understand the point of fursuits.

If it means simply liking the art, and a concept of anthropomorphic animals... then I am a furry, I guess?

I am not really good in political debates, so I usually just like to stay in Forum 7, and chill there. General is simply not for me. Also, no hostile debates, please. We can be civil.

My nation is fairly inspired from Hearts of Iron 4, and my own political views. Ma Clique is personally my most favorite warlord faction from Chinese warlord factions, and their backstory is fairly interesting too. Also, most of my puppets are based on 30s- era of history, which I like the most.

TL;DR: I love history. :)

Universe of fascist esque 1984 was inspired from Always War HOI4 AI only video, where all states were fascist, and end result was similar to situation from 1984. I just created that universe due of pure boredom, and I am not a fascist at all- I am a rather boring socdem, who also turns out to be a social conservative. Although, I don't want to align myself with any specific ideology.

And don't be surprised, if I sometimes say weird stuff too.

AU came afterwards, as I was starting getting tired from my three superstates, and tried to find a new flavor.

I am pretty much a history geek, and although I don't know everything well about it, there are some fields, where I am good in it. Also, I have no interests in relationships at all.

Also, I am not a Sinophile, or Weeaboo, just so ya know. I don't like sushi (Although I don't like fishes in general), I can't speak sh*t in Japanese, and I don't watch anime, of course. I am just mildly interested in its history.

I don't really like anime, so I mostly use pictures from 30s, or modern pictures for my leaders. And if I absolutely need, I use drawings.

Besides HOI4, I like EU4, Stellaris, and CK2 too.

And talking about Nationstates... There are three types of nations, which I dislike the most.

1. Nations with large income inequality
2. Monarchies (Especially absolute ones)
3. Countries with totalitarian, and/or narrow minded leaders.

Capitalist Paradise
Compulsory Consumerist State
Corporate Bordello
Corporate Police State
Free Market Paradise
Iron Fist Consumerists
Iron Fist Socialists
Libertarian Police State
Psychotic Dictatorship

Also, I am fairly sh*tty in flag design, so that's the reason, why I find most of my flags in internet.

My English skills are fairly good, but they still need improvements, especially in spelling. Ohh, and I use way too much commas, sorry! (Or not, lol)

I love to drink a cup of coffee, but only with milk, and sugar. Otherwise, coffee is too unsavory for me.

I am neutral on LGBTQ, and don't mind them so much. Come on- we all are people! (Although, some people I hate more than others) Although, I am pretty conservative sometimes. I am fairly chill, and don't really focus on bad things in my life, so I am back in a chilly mood pretty fast.

Tbh, now I don't even care, if someone thinks, if I am a furry, or not. However, I still have a hard time to find ''normal'' art.

As you might notice, I am a very hardline republican, and I would mostly support a republic over monarchy. If republic would be under danger by radicals, or someone else, temporary autocracy should be set up, in order to protect it. However, after danger would be over, it should return back to democracy.

Unlike some other social democrats, I am not really a fan of corporatism, and I would rather support small business model. Also, keep in mind- although I am fairly militant in some stances, I still dislike both sides of far spectrum quite a lot. With democratic ones, I might negotiate, but with authoritarian ones... meh.

Okay, so before we finish, I will clarify a few things:

1. Don't ask me to join your region. If I will want to join it myself, I will join. Also, I am more of a F7 dweller, than a region dweller.

2. I will not acknowledge any declarations of war for both my main nation, and my puppets without telling me that through telegrams first. Besides that, I will most likely not accept them even then, if you TG me.

3. If you want to have a political debate, I am not the best person, with who to talk about that.

“Don't do unto others what you don't want done unto you.”

― Confucius

''My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.''

― John F. Kennedy

“The more I see of Mankind, the more I prefer my dog.”

― Blaise Pascal

''Patriotism demands of us sustained sacrifice.''

― Chiang Kai-shek

''Those accept an obligation lightly who feel lightly about letting it drop.''

― Rainis

''Trololo never dies''

― Russkhof

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