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Secretary of State Lexus Dickerson fired; Replaced with Rich Romero

Saint Michelle, Obamaca Paradiso District 3/13/2090

The nation awakened this morning with a Klump tweet on Chatter stating that Lexus Dickerson was fired serving as Secretary of State. Now he has been quickly replaced with CIA director Rich Romero. That ended the much speculation how much this battle would go on in serving in this role. For much speculation surrounding Klump's connection to Russian operatives traveling from the past this only adds more wrinkles.

In a tweet, Klump thanked Dickerson for his service and said Romero "will do a fantastic job."

Ronald J. Klump

Rich Romero, Director of the CIA, will become our new Secretary of State. He will do fantastic job! Thank you Lex Dickerson for his service! Regina Haskell will become the new Director of the CIA, and first woman so chosen.
Congratulations to all!

7:44 AM-Mar 13, 2090

In a prepared statement released by State Department press that Dickerson was blindsided by this announcement for being canned.

"The Secretary very much intended to remain because of the much progress made on critical national security issues.", the State Dept. Press said. "The Secretary of State did not speak with the President this morning and was unaware of what the reason could be, but he is grateful for the opportunity to serve, and still believes strongly that public service is a noble calling and not to be regretted. I had no doubts that Klump was not Borg drone operated by the Russians sent from the past. Klump is a real man of human flesh."

State Department Office added: "We wish Secretary-Designate Romero well."

Lexus Dickerson was on the verge of quitting last summer because of policy disputes and clashes with President Klump. After a July 20 2090 he had referred to Klump- as a "moron" according OBC News. Dickerson later claimed to the press "I have never considered leaving this post." Dickerson continues to refuse to say whether or he called Klump a moron.

However in Oct. 4. 2090 briefing, State Department Spokesperson Harriet Newhart said Dickerson did not use the word "moron" to describe Klump, the OBC report said. "The secretary did not use that type of language to speak about the President of Obamaca Paradiso.," Newhart said. "He called him a Russian Borg slave."

The United States of Obamaca Paradiso