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More citizenship policies

CCN Citizenship Requirements:
    Must be a member nation of the CCN for one week to apply for citizenship.

    Must be an active member of the CCN community (RMB posts, factbook entries, games/RP, etc.).

    The definition of active will be at the discretion of the currently sitting Secretary of Interior. If a nation feels they are being treated unfairly by the Secretary of Interior on meeting this requirement, they may choose to elevate the situation privately to the currently sitting Vice President if necessary.

    Upon meeting the one week requirement, a member nation can apply for citizenship by sending a telegram to the currently sitting Secretary of Interior.

    The Secretary of Interior must publicly announce the acceptance of the new citizen into the CCN, or in the case of rejection, inform the member nation privately via telegram.

    In the event of rejection, it is the Secretary of Interior's obligation to inform the member nation why they were rejected, and suggest what steps could be taken to see that citizenship is granted.

Above are the citizenship requirements that Gorhan created, these are not the election requirements

I support these rules and think they should be instated but I also have some things I want opinions about.

    Leaving CCN Citizenship status
      What should happen after a nation leaves the CCN
      -Should the nation lose it citizenship
      -Should it lose its citizenship instantly
      -Should it lose its citizenship after a certain period of time of not being part of the nation
      -Should the nation keep its citizenship
      -If the nation does lose its citizenship
        *should it be easier to get back citizenship
        *should it be harder to get back citizenship
        *should the nation be banned from citizenship

      -Should it be at discretion of Secretary of Interior

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