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National Committee on Reconstruction - Neo Polisophos' Points

Extinct Importances

As pointed out by Quebecshire, several government institutions are no longer as meaningful as they used to be. Most, in fact, proved to be circumstantial and dependent on one central character who is no longer active in the region. Examples of this are the Armed Forces, which reached their prime during the Andrew Du age, and have been decaying ever after that, the political discussions, which reached their apex during the Icaris age, and have also been decaying ever after that, and few other examples which were never really successful but are suspected to worsen even more soon, like the Department of State, whose programs never managed to get the attention of more than a few specific individuals.

It is clear that everything this region was planned and built for has faded away. Conservatism, which is in the region's name and was initially its primary objective, is no longer a part of the equation that makes the region what it is. Some influential individuals have greatly sharpened their views on Conservatism; due to a lack of centralization, even this philosophy of life is now relativistic among citizens, who seem to disregard their differences in favor of more pacific relationships. The government, never having taken any stance to assure that one form of its preferred ideology was promoted, now rules a region with no core, no soul. In fact, it is visible that a large proportion of active nations doesn't even majorly agree with Conservative concepts. The region went from a carefully constructed spreader of Conservatism, which would even go so far as to regulating how many Communists and Fascists should be given citizenship, to possibly one of the most accepting and neutral places on NationStates.

Having lost its soul, The League of Conservative Nations would more appropriately be called "League of Nations". Since that would require the destruction of our current region, however, it is most acceptable that we keep its name the way it is for symbolism and history. Everything else, however, needs a careful redefinition of its functionalities - some aspects of the region have gone far enough to be on the verge of their own destruction.

What prevails now, thanks to our accepting, democratic principles, is the Regional Role-play. Everything else, excluding the Homeland Security Agency, seems futile now. Since our Third and undisputedly best Constitution is now gone forever because of its obsolescence, it doesn't seem to make sense that we maintain the following:

League of Conservative Nations Armed Forces
Department of State
Juridical System

Casino For All

I would like to see a different policy implemented as the region's new soul. Since it's obvious that our citizens are only seeking entertainment, and there is nothing we can pacifically do to revert that, and understanding that we have managed to reach a level of organization where one person alone can take care of almost all of the government's needs, I believe our best option is to turn the government into a Role-play based institution, with its organizers having all the powers needed to assure its functionality.

We tried to not interfere on the Role-play for a long time, which worked; however, now that the government is losing all the meaning it once had, it seems only natural that it seizes control of at least the main Role-play to itself; that will most certainly boost the experience. As a preventive measure, I believe we should still have at least three of the current chairmen stay in power for an indefinite amount of time. That way we will still have a way to ensure that everything is working correctly.