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by The Christian Socialist State of Gospel Power. . 47 reads.

The Van

S-C-P Foundation wrote:Shut it mom Iím giving the s. U c. C

Deerfenland wrote:Nope! I'm out! lol

Gospel Power wrote:What is S.u.c.c

Mzeusia wrote:You don't want to know.

Gospel Power wrote:^ god abandon us

S-C-P Foundation wrote:Sexy

Gospel Power wrote:Filth..

S-C-P Foundation wrote:n0 u

Gospel Power wrote:OK

S-C-P Foundation wrote:Fackin fack

Gospel Power wrote:Hormones

S-C-P Foundation wrote:>:3 ur next
To get the suc- i mean die

Gospel Power wrote:Bad Girl

S-C-P Foundation wrote:Oh, :( hides in corner*

Gospel Power wrote:*finds you* I checked your history...

S-C-P Foundation wrote:Wot, no

Gospel Power wrote:Your turn

S-C-P Foundation wrote:Oh no. No no no * backs into wall

Amblibahdesh wrote:Scuba
U boat
Covert submersible
Cercret submarine

Gospel Power wrote:*put his arms crossed, getting closer*

S-C-P Foundation wrote:No no no nope no nada no no

Gospel Power wrote:Sexy
Filth! *he shouting*

S-C-P Foundation wrote:No please no

Gospel Power wrote:Your turn *stares at you*

S-C-P Foundation wrote:Pulls box over my head pulling cat under the box with me,* n0

S-C-P Foundation wrote:No oh god *gets thrown in the van*

Gospel Power wrote:*driving the Van*

S-C-P Foundation wrote:Hides in corner with cat and box*

Gospel Power wrote:Soon we will arrive, You will see a Wonderful land * listening the USSR anthem while driving,thinking to himself, what the fa** am I going to do with them?

S-C-P Foundation wrote:Halp meh plz *cuddles with cat

Gospel Power wrote:Hi there, stop shouting! *stops the Van, open the door of the van *

S-C-P Foundation wrote:Ok *shrinks into the corner more*

Gospel Power wrote:*stares at you,holding ak-47 rifle at his right hand* could you be quiet? I am trying to kidnap you, here take a bottle of Vodka, we will arrive soon *

S-C-P Foundation wrote:Sips vodka, coughs*

Gospel Power wrote:Oh come on, drink more

S-C-P Foundation wrote:*Tries ,coughs,* no *throws it*

Gospel Power wrote:*smiling* stand, I need to measure you height, stand next to that wall, it is a part of my mission

S-C-P Foundation wrote:If I donít?

Gospel Power wrote:Don't you want to eat? you need to complete some missions, and I will be nice and give you food and water *pulling the AK-47 behind his back* reach his hand to you, my name is slobodan borisovich *he is a tall man, about 6''5, having a blonde hair and blue eyes

S-C-P Foundation wrote:Hmmmmm fine *stands against the wall

Gospel Power wrote:*finishing to measure you* good job, give you a McDonald's lunch and water, before closing the door he said to you "eat, you will need power for that kind of adventure " *closing the door,and drive, 5 km left*

S-C-P Foundation wrote:I swear to god if u fuking try to rape me u wonít have any balls left to rape me

Gospel Power wrote:No, I just want you to visit My nation

S-C-P Foundation wrote:Never, *jumps out of van doing a roll * yes! Hahahha

Crazy Kongo wrote:Christian Socialism? Is that even a real thing?

Gospel Power wrote:*shrug* as you wish, not my fault you get in that van, Gospel Power always need more visitors

Gospel Power wrote:You could be a very good commie in my nation, but you decided to escape

S-C-P Foundation wrote:*suddenly teleports back into the van* fack

Gospel Power wrote:You think that I am monster aren't you? That is very Disappoining

S-C-P Foundation wrote:I mean u are taking me in a van with a fackin ak. Not the best impression

Gospel Power wrote:But that is how tourism works in my nation,
Anyway, if you want, I can bring you back home

East Supple Lund wrote:But is there candy?

Gospel Power wrote:Oh, you want to join to the trip?, my van is open before you

East Supple Lund wrote:Sure!
*jumps in through the closed window*

S-C-P Foundation wrote:Yes please
No there is not

East Supple Lund wrote:Sure!
*jumps in through the closed window*

Gospel Power wrote:OK, take a ticket, a plane will bring you back home

Gospel Power wrote:*Smiling* "Welcome to the USSR " *driving, crossing the border "we are now in gospel power comrade! "

Wahington wrote:can i send you a couple nuclear warheads coming down from orbit?

Gospel Power wrote:OK, I going to work on my hotel factbook East Supple Lund and S-C-P Foundation soon will visit this hotel

S-C-P Foundation wrote:I guess the love of my life will no respond :í(

Gospel Power wrote:Maybe he is busy with your suitcases

S-C-P Foundation wrote:*Turns towards u* maby-*gets a needle stuck in my arm, blacks out*

S-C-P Foundation wrote:*Turns towards u* maby-*gets a needle stuck in my arm, blacks out*

East Supple Lund wrote:Sorry I'm trying to do homework before my class
By the power of the last minute, I will get this done!C H E E K I

Gospel Power wrote:*stupid look* how that is happend? My van is completely clean! Doctor Konstantin! Come here, the lady needs your service!

East Supple Lund wrote:Sorry my bad!
*has like ten shards of glass stuck in him*

S-C-P Foundation wrote:Unconscious laying on the floor*

Gospel Power wrote:*a fat man come towards you* "please Reach your arm miss"

S-C-P Foundation wrote:*awakes scared* WAT!

S-C-P Foundation wrote:*awakes scared* WAT!

Gospel Power wrote:"we losing her" *the fat man said to slobodan*
"well do something or you fired "
slobodan said to Konstantin in the Russian language
"ok" he said, pulling out a bandage, covering her hand with it "here" he said

S-C-P Foundation wrote:Goes unconscious again*

East Supple Lund wrote:So anyone got any vodka?

Gospel Power wrote:*the fat man laughing* this is outlawed here son" *facing lady scp* "crap" he say, "you are idiot" slobodan said to him "again, I need to do everything myself"

Amblibahdesh wrote:you may take my balls BUT YEE WITCH SHALL NEVER TAKE MY SPHERES!!!

S-C-P Foundation wrote:*takes spheres*

East Supple Lund wrote:What kinda communist state doesn't allow vodka?
Oh well
*shakes S-C-P Foundation while dramatically yelling "don't you die on me!"*

S-C-P Foundation wrote:Neerrrg*wkes up* I iz alivez Ha!

Gospel Power wrote:*slobodan pulls out a sacred bottle, which he give to S-C-P Foundation

East Supple Lund wrote:Oh thank goodness!So I don't mean to impose, but as you can see I have multiple shards of glass throughout my body. As it is mildly painful, I was wondering if you might have something to numb this pain?

Gospel Power wrote:She is not replying, anyway she is healthy now

Gospel Power wrote:OK, I am going to create a factbook about that, enjoy at the hotel you two, all the rooms are open before both of you

S-C-P Foundation wrote:Okie thx