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ILN Mandate 001 (based on poll results)

Based on the recent poll to help determine the direction of the ILN, we were faced with a 3 way tie. As a result, we believe we have come up with a reasonable solution that will please all nations. (Please note: Only receiving a single vote, the concept of becoming a Vengeful Defender Region is off the table.)

The following each received 3 votes:

1) Isolated Defender: A safe region, unconcerned with the affairs of other nations.
2) Protective Defender: A safe region, willing to help protect our allies, as well.
3) Avenging Defender: A safe region, willing to not only protect our allies, but aggressively take down anyone who threatens those regions.

The results of this poll has provided for the following:

The International League of Nations will become a composite Defender Region, consisting of three separate divisions. Each division will be headed by an officer - either elected or appointed - to such position. Although the exact names and titles have yet to be determined, the concept is in place...

1) Homeland Security. The nations desiring of keeping and maintaining the security of the ILN, without worrying about what our allies are or are not doing.

2) International Security. The nations desiring to protect all ILN embassy nations and their allies.

3) Intelligence Directorate. Something of a Secret Service or Interpol. The nations willing to not only uncover plots against the ILN and her allies, but to infiltrate other regions to uncover plots against our allies, as well. Then, plot/plan to remove any and all threats.

Should any ILN member nation desire to seek office within any of these three divisions, please contact Lindesia or any member of the Royal Council.

Now that we have this issue resolved, we will begin work on our guidelines and Constitution. Input, thoughts and ideas from any and all member nations are welcomed. Feel free to post your thought on the ILN message boards.