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Regional Address


My name is Aleister, your former Regent and now Delegate of Lazarus. The King, Funkadelia, has decided to step down from his position after nearly a year of service and leave the region in my hands. As you might have noticed, we are going through a transitional period here in Lazarus. This is to bring further activity and prosperity to the region and to spark new interests in both the government and the region. In the days and weeks to come, we will be implementing radical new changes and encourage all to participate when the time comes.

In the mean time, to ensure the security of the region, please endorse myself, Aleister, as well as our Generals Killer Kitty, Imkiville, Delescluze, & Chef Big Dog! Please ignore any claims from puppets claiming that the region is being "taken over", as these Telegrams are being sent by outside forces trying to take advantage of our delegacy transition and claim the region for themselves.

If you haven't yet, be sure to take a look at our newest regional map and telegram myself if you'd like to reserve a claim:

All claims shall be submitted to Aleister. Please include a brief description of the location.

You must be in the World Assembly and endorsing the Delegate in order to request a claim.

v1.02 - Hail!

List of Nations (by order of admission)

  1. Funkadelia - 294,859 sq mi (763,680 kmē) - approx. Turkey

  2. Aleister - 339,724 sq mi (879,880 kmē) - approx. Pakistan or Venezuela

  3. Imkiville - 30,128 sq mi (78,032 kmē) - approx. Serbia

  4. Chatasunga - 62,441 sq mi (161,722 kmē) - approx. Suriname

  5. Cathringia - 94,402 sq mi (244,500 kmē) - approx. Guinea

  6. Treadwellia - 2,655 sq mi (6,876 kmē) - perfectly rotund

By virtue of Article V of the Chol Covenant and in the spirit of friendship, the West Pacific presents the Khanate of Lazarus with this regional map.

Read factbook

Come hangout with us in our Discord here: LinkClick Me

If you have any specific questions or concerns, feel free to telegram me directly or speak with me in Discord.

Thank you for your attention and understanding, and remember to have fun!



Delegate of Lazarus